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Brenda Hoffman

This is a difficult day for many of you. The energy patterns are shifting dramatically for those of you ready to receive the new waves. Even though these shifts affect everyone, some will be affected more than others. Today’s discussion addresses that group. Perhaps you feel edgy, tired, nauseous or none of those symptoms – a bit like some can ingest many medications without side effects and others can barely tolerate a baby aspirin. 

Hillis Pugh

I wrote an entry a few years ago about the Power of Creation, little did I know the wisdom I was expressing was only the beginning of a much deeper process. As Divine Souls, we have the power to create and recreate our lives. Each day we wake up we create our life consciously and unconsciously.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

May 2012 is an exceptionally powerful month, and with all of the challenges going on in people’s lives, it is a real opportunity for us to make a positive difference for people everywhere. Individually and collectively we can utilize this amazing influx of Light for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and all Humanity. At this time Humanity is receiving the maximum assistance from On High that Cosmic Law will allow. That means that you and I now have the ability to increase the Light we are adding to the world in unprecedented ways.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Center of the Sun > Pre-flections for 2007

It is the time for the final cut for the Galactic UN Peace Team!  The arrival of the year of 2007 crashed through you like a burning asteroid or shook you like a massive earthquake. It transformed you with a huge tsunami of immaculate energy. If you have made it this far . . .
Judith Coates

Beloved one, in this, your new year, I would speak with you now about the Light that you are. In the beginning when there was, as your scientists have projected for you, the big bang which brought forth the physicality of physical matter, there was a great vibration of Light that went forth into what you call the void, the darkness. And it was a

Jennifer Hoffman

We are each a collection of many different aspects, each of them contributing to our unfolding path of reconnection to Source and re-membering our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies into wholeness.

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > Coming Through the Gate

As we begin to re-align with our very new spaces, some themes can be ever present. This time, physical symptoms are more prevalent than what may be manifesting in our outside realities, but this is only because we are aligning and settling in, and this phase needs to come first.

Cheryl Richardson

We’ve all heard it a bazillion times, that a practice of gratitude can heal and transform. But it’s so easy to forget how powerful it is until we stumble upon these moments.


Selacia > Quickening Requires New View of Time

In today’s quickening of energies, time takes on a new meaning. You understand this, of course, but do you know that most people operate from very outmoded, fixed approach to time?

Carrie Hart

Quado > Take My Hand

You are not alone. You try so hard to reach the light, and it is seen, it is known. You try so hard to light your own torch and hold it aloft for others, and it is seen, it is known.


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