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Gloria Wendroff

Will you do a favor for Me and acknowledge how beautiful you are, and how beautiful you are to Me? Will you acknowledge how lovely you are and that you are a blessing on Earth? If you are reading this, you can know you are a blessing. And if you are not reading this, you may not know, yet still you are. Would I make anything but blessings?

Lee Carroll

Kryon > Becoming Quantum

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Twenty years ago I said those words to my partner. Do you know what he said to me? "You're going to have to change your name. It's not fluffy enough. It's not angelic enough... and who ever heard of a magnetic angel?" It's what he said, 20 years ago.

Every past lifetime leading to this one has prepared you for these moments. Each experience you had, each time you learned to love more, and each time you let go of dysfunctional habits ... you were in preparation to benefit from the expanded enlightenment potentials available now.

Kara Schallock

As some of you might know, during this Full Moon the second Harmonic Convergence took place. The first one was in 1987, and while it had a great effect on me personally, I noticed that after that auspicious date, many of us noticed that there was more of a serious nature to our spirituality. It was like the Universe said, “OK, time to grow up and begin to remember who exactly you are.”

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3060 A Vision More like God's

If you would believe in your own goodness and beauty, you would be so relieved. A great weight would be taken off you, do you agree? Yet you have held on to the idea ever since you remember that you are not quite worthy. You may see yourself as a sluggard or one who is almost invariably mistaken. I wonder what is the comfort in thinking less of yourself than I do.

Meredith Murphy

Expect Wonderful > The Implications of Embracing Wholeness & Money

During this past year, there has been a huge focus on re-orienting you to your heart.  This was necessary for balance in the progressive movement toward wholeness.  So many of you had for years lived primarily within your minds that re-orienting you to the heart was critical to facilitating a felt sense of Unity and the desire to BE-love.  Now, beyond the 10-10-10 Stargate, we have emerged into a domain of wholeness.  Within wholeness, we re-claim the vital and beautiful aspect of the mind, incorporating and aligning it in harmonious balance with the heart!

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Your Greatest Gift

The words you speak are powerful forces of creation. If you could see the energy behind your words and how they command, are responded to and manifest, you would use them very carefully. Yet you use words as a method of communicating with each other, unaware that you are also communicating on many other levels each time you speak. How would you use your words if you knew that they were your tool for manifestation?

Jennifer Hoffman

How would your life change if you woke up one day and realized that the purpose of your life is merely one potential and that whenever you change how you view your purpose you also change its path? What? Does that mean it's not your life purpose to experience pain, have lack, be poor, confused or alone?

Carrie Hart

Quado > Angel Energy Charge

There are so many of you are who are tired, who are exhausted from the pressures of your lives, from keeping so many balls in the air, from just getting by.  And so today, we will see if we can find some help for you and ease the exhaustion in your bones. Too often your energy is dissipated across time, taken away by the regrets and blame you are dragging along behind you and the heavy burden of worry you are carrying on your back.  Right here, right now, let go of the future, whether in worry or in dreams.  For sometimes even those dreams can be as exhausting as your worries, for they are still pulling you out of now.  And right here, right now, is the only place of energy, the only place of action, the only place that is real.
Rev. Angela Peregoff

With potent cosmic patterning pounding your usual human assuredness into bits and pieces this week it will behoove you to just allow the energy to melt your set boundaries, instead of trying to control what you fear or clarify what confuses. What came to you in June must now pour through you in order to bring you into a space of deeper, more authentic self-awareness that can be used in service to self, humanity and universality.


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