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Rev. Angela Peregoff

We are now officially operating with the transformative energetic frequencies of 2011.  At this time personal and collective perspectives are searching for opportunities to become more aware of a much greater reality. Nowhere has this been more evident than the riots in Africa and the Middle East.  If you have been experiencing a shift in priorities or a feeling of wanting to "get on with it" then you are in the hailing energies of 2011.

Celia Fenn
So, today is the day of the Full Moon in Leo. As the Sun moves into Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer, so the Full Moon falls in the opposite sign, that of Leo. Leo is a Fire Sign, and Fire Moons are often emotionally unstable times, as Fire (Leo) and Air (Aquarius) and Water (the Moon), are a volatile mix, with little to Earth them.
Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Understand that many of you are in a phase of moving forward into a whole new way of living - a way of life that embraces God's truth, embraces the fact that you are loved, cared for, and guided. Many of you are finding that you no longer want to complicate your lives with mindless activities and meaningless interactions, but instead are craving action borne of the heart's guidance and desires, and interactions that deepen your experience of love upon planet earth.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the light lines up for this special holiday season all aspects of stellar light seems to be a little brighter, a little more magical. The Spirit of love seems to be alive knocking upon the hearts of lots of closet scrooges. If you were given one day to live over what would it be?

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Embrace Your Human Experience

This channel is about opening to a greater perspective of you as a human.  For so long, people have been striving to manifest more of their divinity, to be less in the ego or their personality.  The next phase of integration is about a deeper acceptance of yourself as the human you are.  The greater your understanding, acceptance and integration; the greater amount of your divinity you can manifest. The Goddess goes on to talk about the various energy bodies that make up who we are as a person; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and lightbody. 

Celia Fenn
Dear Fellow Lightworkers, the channel that Archangel Michael gave on this topic was originally a private channel for a client in Europe. She had asked about her role in the New Earth energies and the important grid work that she was doing. Michael's answer explains much of the work that is happening. Many of the new Lightworkers who have just awakened are unaware that this grid work has been ongoing for many years. It began in 1987 with Harmonic Convergence. The new grid system began to be laid down by the "creator angels", that is lightworkers with the help of Spirit. Then, in 1998, when the Crystal children had created enough "critical mass" with their special energy, the process of "Ascension" began. This is the process of "lifting" consciousness onto the new grids, so that the New Earth can be created. That process has now been completed. The grids are "online" and the New Earth is ready to manifest as we create it.
Celia Fenn

Starchild Global > Is it REALLY what you want?

So, here we are, moving into the final month of 2009. I can't believe that the year is almost over and that Christmas is just a few weeks away...again! If you are like me, you will be thinking of the year that has passed and all the experiences of that year!

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Each and everyday you are given pebbles of worry.  Whether real or illusionary they land in your body as solid granules of confusion and pain.  They sit heavy and you feel less buoyant and denser.  Everyday you go forth and you collect more of these pebbles of worry and confusion allowing them to collect in the body anchoring you like a rusty anchor on a sunken pirate’s ship.  You blindly walk through the passageways of your life entering each door, and each situation without joy only an anxiety.

Lynette Leckie-Clark

Kuthumi School of Wisdom > Coming Home To Your Soul

My love and peace to you at this time as you traverse the final stages in this ascension level. Only when you pause and look back on your milestone year of development, will you see how you have advanced in that process. Of course how you managed the process will either assist you through the great portal of December, or stand as an obstacle to be cleared before you.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Life and love lie beneath it all..

There is upon your planet earth an energy that is prompting each one of you to get in touch with your hearts, your dreams, and the dearest wishes of your soul. Some of you say, "But I know what I want! I want love! I want money! I want a beautiful home!" And while these things are indeed part of the greater manifestation dear ones, what you truly want is to experience God's love in every aspect of your life!


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