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Jennifer Hoffman

Everything in your life serves a purpose and plays a role on your healing journey, beginning with your thoughts and beliefs. Even the energies you use to create your life serve a purpose and there is a time when they are no longer useful or appropriate. Each thing that you no longer enjoy has fulfilled its purpose in your life and is something you no longer need.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Breaking Free in This Moment

Every time you give your heart to Me, every time you open to this Love, every time you lift into the consciousness of God -- every time you are returned to the fullness of your true nature. All that you are is made available to you, and the moment stretches infinitely until the power of your heart pulses through you and you recognize again who you really are.

Celia Fenn
Well, here I am back home again. It is good to be back in Africa, even with all its problems and issues. I am still coping with jet lag, which means I get to go to sleep at about 2 am and I wake up at 10 in the morning. It's ok, but I hope that my body will soon return to its
Rebecca Couch
Beloved Ones,

Ahhhhh...the early fall arrives soon and so the time of year when we begin to nest for the hibernation of winter; a time for going within.
Ann Albers

Ann Albers > What do you want right now?

So many times in my life my angels have reminded me to create my life from the inside out. Looking back I realize that I only feel lack when I fail to acknowledge my abundance. If I take time to admire my flowers, or the beautiful sky or the songs of the birds, I feel rich. After all, isn't that why we all want more money... to enjoy life! Why not enjoy it now.

Shanta Gabriel

In the interest of the old saying, “we teach what we need to learn,”I have been focused recently on all the different ways I have been working with Light over the past 30 + years. When I met my guru, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, back in 1977, he taught us about the power of Light through meditation and ancient Hindu spiritual practices.

Karen Bishop

As more and more is becoming aligned to the higher frequencies we are now being embraced within, much movement is occurring which is creating a barrage of varied manifestations on the planet, within and without.

Hillis Pugh

On this special day, Thanksgiving, not only be thankful for things past, but have gratitude for what is to come. Have joy in all things!

Jennifer Hoffman
When you focus on the next thing being better than what you have, you are missing the value of the moment and not allowing yourself to experience what you have already created. Each time you focus on what is next you forget that there is only now, this moment, which is important for you. For each 'next thing' that occurs on your path is based on what you are experiencing in the present. When you focus on the future being better you are losing sight of what is happening now and inviting the lessons to repeat themselves. You have already experienced what happens when you lose hope in a situation, when you long for change to happen and are ready to accept anything that you believe will make the current situation better. More often than not, the 'next thing' is a repeat of your current experience. This is not to punish you but to remind you that the lessons you are learning are overcome when you accept the responsibility for the situation, the outcome and the future.
Esther and Jerry Hicks

Abraham Hicks > Good Feels Good And Bad Feels Bad

Because you do not understand the Law of Attraction, you have picked up utterly illogical beliefs. And then you try to make those illogical beliefs fit into the framework of where you stand, moment by moment.


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