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Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello friends. Well I’m pretty excited about this Full Moon. The Leo moon is associated with fun, magnetism, creativity and celebration. Physically it rules the Heart. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun, which gives a Leo moon a unique flair; as it seems to represent a cosmic union of the yin/yang and divine masculine/feminine.

Pepper Lewis
A few months ago, sandwiched in between all of the questions posed to Gaia, she put forth a question of her own.
Jennifer Hoffman

Nothing in our life happens by accident, from 'out of nowhere' or without some sort of input from us. The Universe never creates a reality that is different from our most unconscious intention. No matter what is happening, we have set that energy in motion by a thought, word, action or belief. And everything we think, say and do has relevance. So why are we so surprised when something happens that we don't expect?

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Center of the Sun > Energy Update 12th July 2013

After my last energy update post, I received a lot of emails. I am quite sure that we had a huge breakthrough on Friday afternoon (7/6/2013). This sparked some interesting symptoms. It is wild what is going on out there.

Gloria Wendroff
God said: Wake up to this new day as if you never had one day of life on Earth before this one. Like a first day at camp, it will be exciting. All the wonders to behold! And, beloveds, there are wonders before you that you have not even glanced at. You haven’t paid them mind. They were just there, and you were on your way to somewhere else. You may have been thinking, but you weren’t looking. You were preoccupied with what comes next rather than the jewels right before you. Look at your hands, the fingers so perfectly splayed, fingernails and all. You can point with your fingers. You can eat with them. You can type with them. You can knit with them. Your mind will move them in an instant. Your hands have palms that you can cup and drink water from. You can turn your hands every which way.  
Rev. Angela Peregoff

There is a song written by John Denver that goes "Come dance with the west wind and touch all the mountain tops. Sail o'er the canyons and up to the stars. Reach for the heavens and hope for the future and all that we can be is not what we are." The energy for your month of December 2012 is much like this.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > The Language of the Heart Is Simple

Thank you for your Love, for the power of your devotion and the purity of your heart, and know that in this Love we share, the truth is always revealed. Thus, should you seek to know the truth about anything, simply place it in the heart of our communion and hold it in the glory, in the flame of your Twin Flame Love.
Ailia Mira

Expect Wonderful > Passing through the Energetic Gateway

You faithful, devoted beings, joining one another and all of US in this amazing and auspicious NOW-moment; I am honored to be in your company.  And I am delighted to have this time to share with you some reflections on the current context in which you find yourselves, and hopefully encourage you.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! We are at the launching pad now, perfectly poised for an incredible blast off. As all necessary stages needed to be completed and there were still energies to clear away, so this created then, a sort of rocky time for us. With the arriving energies of March and the beginning of April supporting the release of even more of our ego identity, this time created some interesting feelings for us. Feelings of loss of confidence, vulnerability, going back to the old, much doubt about things as well as self doubt, and even a let down of hope were created by this current stage. When we experience and reach much higher states and become more and more present in the higher realms, it feels oh so good, exciting and perfectly right! Going back through the now quite large chasm to any old realities can be quite a let down.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! Well, I'm not quite sure where to begin this time. Again, we are in “racing” energy and this is creating much for us, so the manifestations can vary. Generally speaking we are in “crashing” energy with feelings of being overwhelmed and most certainly that we can no longer do it all ourselves. We recently went through a period of “darkness” as we were preparing for the next stage and readying to enter a new “portal” to ever higher realms. Going through what feels like darkness is a natural part of the process. Then we found ourselves in a great mismatching stage with the energies, as we had begun to vibrate higher and differently, and the “outside” manifestations no longer fit. During this time, no matter what we did seemed to make a difference, as we were most certainly being “held back” until all was lined up again.


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