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Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman > You Don’t Dis Your Mother

We are heading into another busy week energetically that will focus on communications with yourself and others. Do you say what you mean or ask for what you really want? 

Cheryl Richardson

During stressful times, one of the things that sees us through is self-confidence - confidence in our ability to do whatever it takes to weather a storm; trust in ourselves enough to know that we'll take the necessary actions that will honor our self-care; and courage to do the tough stuff even when everything inside us wants to run and hide.

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Arrival Tips

Beloved ones – isn’t this the most amazing time to have your eyes and ears and all of your senses awake to all that is taking place? It is like being on a roller coaster ride, for sure, but while you are there - why not appreciate every twist and turn while being fully present in the moment? Just decide that you are okay and that you are willfully participating, and it will be so much more enjoyable.
Kate Spreckley
"Service to humanity is service to God. Let the love and light of the Kingdom radiate through you until all who look upon you shall be illumined by its reflection." Abdu'l Baha
Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > The Central Spiritual Sun & Love

The Goddess speaks at great length and gives you several opportunities to look at your life from different perspectives. She allows these opportunities to occur as a means of teaching yet another way to shift energy. This channel is also about love and bringing up our lives.

Gloria Wendroff

Savor life to the fullest. Listen to its messages. Life is supporting you in every way. And when life seems to leave you in the lurch, then it is supporting you most of all. Life is nudging you to get up and out of where you have been sitting.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #4009 Free Will Belongs to Everyone

When you let go of resistance, life will be easier for you. You have a long list of what you welcome and a longer list of what you are sure you have to push away. Meanwhile, life comes to you heedlessly of what you think should or should not be. When what you refuse to have happen happens, then there is a crash, beloveds. What happens does not cause the crash. Your resistance causes the crash.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > The Journey Home

Each of you is on a journey home but that does not mean that you are leaving this planet or plane. Your journey home does not involve your death and return to your spiritual home.
Celia Fenn

Well, here I am in Buenos Aires. I like this city, and having been here several times before, it almost feels like home from home. My Spanish is improving and I can get around without too much difficulty. But, this time truly feels different. For one thing, Buenos Aires is in the grip of an historic heat wave, with searing and muggy days and storms at night.

Gloria Wendroff

Let go of conditions as best you can. Let go of old stories you tell yourself. You tend to make rules where there are no rules. You make certain conditions necessary. You tie together cause and effect as if they were hitched, as if cause and effect were a pair of yoked oxen pulling a cart, as if one thing must follow another as if by law. There is no rule, and, when you make up a rule, it does not necessarily follow.


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