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Eckhart Tolle

Question: Most spiritual traditions have a strong emphasis on morality.  What role does morality play in your teachings?

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > Necessary Creativity

Enter The Gateway of The Muse!

The Muse were birthed to inspire creativity, music, writing, art, and just pure inspiration! The year that comes will be a year of grandness and a-muse-ment as humanity enters a doorway of necessary creativity, at a level never before embraced.

Dana Mrkich

Eclipse season is always powerful under ordinary circumstances but this one, with tonight's Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse following in a couple of weeks, is extraordinary in that it is happening in skies that are currently playing host to a Cardinal Cross.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Your Garden

Today, build a garden within, a garden so bountiful and wondrous, so irresistible, that joy will be enticed to enter and then settle in to stay. 

You will find the soil within you, in the peaceful center of your body. Go there first and feel the peace, endless peace, like deep and dark soil that can nurture dreams. 

Rev. Angela Peregoff

My dear Grounded One, may I remind you that one of the biggest challenges in 2011 will be to remain aware that YOU are the creator of your reality. As such YOU can create a reality where you live in the survival mode and "do without" in order to ride out the storm or you can choose the reality were "consciousness is your only eternal treasure."

Jennifer Hoffman
You came into this life in a state of grace, perfect in every way. And although you do not always see yourselves as perfect, you live each day of your life in grace. The fears and doubts that you have about yourselves, your path, your purpose and even your reason for being here cause you to step outside of grace. Each time you see yourselves as imperfect you fall from grace, not in the eyes of the Creator or Source, but in your own eyes. The state of grace is always yours and it is available to you because you have the unconditional love of the Creator available to you at all times. When you doubt your perfection, you shut off the flow of Love and of grace.
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > 2011 New Year’s Message: Your Hearts Are Now Cleared

Beloved one, the heart of humanity has been cleared. The veil of the ego that has been held before them is now burned away and you are ready to open to the Love you are, right now, this instant, if you hear the call. The call is loud and clear.

Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Releasing The Dark Side

The dark side is simply the collective Ego and those souls who use the Ego as a means for manipulation. This can include the Ego inside of each soul, if they allow it. If you have ever knowingly or unknowingly mislead or misguided someone, then for that moment, you have participated in the dark side.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Opening & Expanding Communication

There was a lot that took place during this channel! On August 8, 2012 there was a large portal that opened into the earth. As we began this journey, the Goddess spoke of some of the changes and that it’s affecting things on earth, the universe, the omniverse and the All That Is. While this new portal brought with it changes on many levels, one level is about communication.

Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, it is our greatest pleasure to commune with you each month as we share our wisdom and our loving energy with you. We wish you to be aware that we are always near, both within and around you, for just as our Father/Mother God dwells within your Sacred Heart Core, so do we of the archangelic realms. Within your Diamond Core God Cell are all the wondrous Seeds of Creation which contain the attributes, virtues and qualities of the twelve Rays of Creator Consciousness. My love for you and the qualities I bear are contained within one of those precious seeds of Light, and I will become more real and I will participate more in your daily life (if you will allow me to do so) as you activate and radiate the power and qualities of your personal Divine God Cell.


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