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Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: November 9 - 15, 2014

11/10 ~ Mars (desires) ~conjunct~ Pluto (transformation): This is an extremely powerful combination of energy.  If it is properly channeled, magical results are possible.

Mirri Rocks

The Archive of the Universe > Breathing in and out

Your breath can heal you, the wink of an eye can heal. Everything reminds us of the wholeness and the grand creators that we really are. We think we live in a place of illusion, if that is so, we created the illusion in the first place. It’s like the holodeck at Star Trek. We create the rules of our game.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > God Is Your Source

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Take heart, dear ones, for so many of you are concerned about money and yet God is always and forever your source and supply. His love never fluctuates and His assistance is without price. The economy of His heart is dependent only on your willingness to put your faith and trust in Him and to receive His love.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Would you like to be able to see into the future? Some people say they would, and others say they would prefer not to. Different responses are driven by different motives. Some want to see into the future so that if they see something they don't like, they can do something about it. Others don't want to see into the future, because they believe if they saw something they didn't like, they would have no power to change it.

Lauren C. Gorgo

Lauren C. Gorgo > Creating With Mastery: Tools for the Trade

Greetings blessed ones! I Am Maitreya, world teacher for the Spiritual Hierarchy and in divine union with you this day.

On behalf of the councils of light we would like to offer you a timely response to so many questions you ponder during this time of great shifting into oneness and personal mastery.
Yael and Doug Powell

Just as the sun brings life unto the world, so do your hearts bring life to Creation, that everything the rays of life that are your heart touch is brought to life in magnificent ways, responding to the fires of Love. Your hearts, beloved ones, contain all of it, and every ray of Love that is the truth of you now shining is meant to be a source of glorious creation, of bringing new life out of the essence of this endless life we share.

Meredith Murphy

Expect Wonderful > Victory Embodied: Claim Your Life as Light

You are approaching the entry to the pivotal alignments of 2012. The Venus Transit in June is the key to balancing the inner energies of humanity and will initiate vast transformation in planetary life. I am well aware of the difficulty you are experiencing lately as the energies intensify and the feeling of wanting to express yourself authentically is met by the sluggishness of an evolving physical body.  As you transition to living foods in larger proportion in your diet, you will discover a balance that suits you and your aliveness now, and be able to energize yourself appropriately in harmony with the incoming energies.

Celia Fenn
I have been quiet the last few days, because I have been on an "organizational mission". Well, Archangel Michael did say that this year we would be focussing more on the Masculine energy, and indeed so I have.
Lynda Hill

December's new Moon falls on December 13, and it has a fabulously rich message. The Sabian Symbol is Sagittarius 22: A CHINESE LAUNDRY. The questions this Symbol often ask include - Do you like what you're doing? Do you get well rewarded and respected for it? Are you shutting yourself away and not allowing yourself a better life? Do you do menial work and wonder why you continue to do it?

Lee Carroll

Kryon > The Story of Mary - One Life

A note from Lee Carroll: Kryon is not proprietary. This means that many can channel this loving being. In the past years, many have begun to do this, mainly in Europe. In April on this date, we invited five other Kryon channels to join with us in Hamburg, Germany, for the First International Kryon Konferenz (German spelling). They came from other parts of Germany, from South


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