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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2887 God Does Not Play Hide-and-Seek

You have often wondered where you belong. Not here, not there, you have thought. Wherever you may be, whatever you have been thinking and whatever you have been doing, no matter, you belong with Me. It's as simple as that. Be at Home with Me. I make room for you. A spot is reserved for you. This is always so, and it is inevitable that you come. The space you occupy is here with Me.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! I have been especially excited to release the June issue, as so much energy and information have poured in since June 1st! Because of this very pivotal shift in energy for June, this will be a long issue, and predominantly informational in content, but a timely one. Future issues will follow the usual format with stories and examples for living in the new higher vibration along with a higher perspective of the current state of our human and planetary evolution.
Ann Albers

Ann Albers > The Majesty of Nature

As you ring in the new year, remember that in every moment, with every breath you breathe - your life begins anew. With every thought you think, you have the capacity to change your entire future. With every moment you can choose to place your focus you can look at what is beautiful and true, or what is difficult and impermanent. With every second in time, you truly begin to recreate your own reality. No matter what you have experience in the year, or indeed years past, you begin your life anew each and every moment in time.

Jennifer Hoffman
Everything on the earth plane and in the world of spirit is yours. It is yours by divine right and is always available to you. It is not the nature of the Creator to deny, all abundance is a wellspring that you can draw from at any time. Are you aware of this wellspring?
Jennifer Hoffman

June begins, quite auspiciously, with a Mercury retrograde that lasts until June 30, and some other activity that will give us lots of energetic support for our final energetic and emotional house cleaning.

Neale Donald Walsch

Every so often I have an exchange on the Ask Neale feature of my personal website that I intuitively feel deserves to be shared with a larger audience. A week or so ago, I had such an exchange.

Sarah-Jane Grace

Welcome. Willkommen. Aloha. Bienvenue. The list goes on and on, although sadly my knowledge of languages is a little limited! On looking at the possible different translations of ‘welcome’ into other languages, it is fascinating to see the similarities, as well as the differences, around the world. 

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > For the Benefit of All

Whatever you ask for yourself, you also ask for the benefit of all. When you create a reality where you live in peace, joy and unconditional love exist, it becomes a possibility for everyone. Asking for yourself is not selfish or limiting, it creates an energetic possibility for all to experience life in this way. Each thing that you ask for creates a vibration that resonates throughout the Universe, expanding that energy and creating ever larger openings for it to become part of the earth's energetic imprint.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2373 Beautiful

God said:

Sunshine is good. Rain is good. The secret is to be happy regardless of the weather. This is how to win the jackpot of life. Once again, I reiterate that life, your life, is not made of what occurs in it. Your life is made of you. It is made of what you make of it.

Sonia Barrett

There is tremendous distortion around the concept of abundance. It has been understood for quite sometime now that we are in the age of enlightenment. It is clear that we are also in the age of abundance according to the current hyped concept to which minds are being herded. People in desperation are jumping on the bandwagon of the next feel good ride without embarking on an in depth understanding of where it all leads.


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