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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Don't despair if life appears to be rather wacky, crazy, and bizarre as we spiral into the transfiguring energetic templates of October. We are about to enter a time/space of adventure filled to the brim with new possibilities, new connections, and new ways of being as Self-sufficient and Powerful. 

Jamye Price

Following your heart is learned behavior on Earth.  Most societies and parents do not teach it.  To understand the process, most begin with learning to find the true voice of the heart.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Bye Bye 2014, Hello New Cycle

Everything in our lives, from this point forward, has to be aligned with our intention, resonate with our energy, expand our potential, serve us in joyous ways, be part of our joyful purpose, and empower us.

Jennifer Hoffman
Our soul’s journey is focused on learning to be in alignment, where our spiritual and material worlds become one, where we live a life of effortless manifestation, filled with joy, unconditional love and abundance. Most of us wonder what that is like, for it may not be the state of our lives at the present moment. We may have issues or problems, we are unhappy, unfulfilled and discontent. Or, if we do manage to create some magical moments of alignment, they do not last long. Is it possible for us to be in alignment all of the time and still be human, living in the material world? Are there sacrifices that we must make to achieve this?  
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Everything You Need Is Within

First, beloved ones, it must live in you and it is this that is before you now. Everything that you perceive as necessary for your life to be the full expression of the joyous creative power of God I Am, all of it, is alive within you. The source is present as your heart and the blazing power of the universe of Love is pulsing forth to sustain you now and is ever ready to sustain all of humanity, as the One Heart of God.

Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Why Choose To Struggle?

So many times we see souls get frustrated because they do not fit into a box of what they think others expect them to be. These type of opinions and expectations can create much inner turmoil within an individual. Each soul came for a unique experience, to be the individual they choose to be, not to be a cookie-cutter version of someone else. What a boring world that would be!

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Your Heart Is In Service

Each one of you is invaluable. Each of you is a teacher, a Master, a being that cannot be replaced, a doorway to the wonders of Love. So, as well as looking for guidance, for the blessings that come to you through another --look, dearest ones, at yourselves and find what it is that you bring to the world. Each of you is a path of Love that makes of this awakening a beautiful mantra of beauty and grace that embraces and encompasses all.

Celia Fenn

Well, two subjects that come up at the same time - the changing energy of Christmas and the resurgence of Light in the form of a huge Solar Wave that is reaching the Earth now and causing physical disorientation and discomfort for some people.

Lynette Leckie-Clark
I greet you in the Light Rays of the Universe, and the stillness of the Great One. I am Sanat Kumara who comes to you.

I come to speak of a responsibility you hold, an act which is required of you, and others who wish to co-create the New Earth.

Jennifer Hoffman

Dear Jennifer:  I have been diligently cutting cords and releasing members of my soul group. These have been very painful relationships and I realize that by embodying the martyred healer paradigm I have been stuck in healing cycles for many years. Now I’m ready to let that go and to become more powerful and purposeful in my life. The problem is that everyone I have cut cords with has stopped talking to me and my children won’t even let me see my grandchildren. Have I done something wrong?


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