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Celia Fenn
After all the recent creativity, I have been feeling seriously mellow about life, and have found it difficult to focus on much. However, the theme that seems to be running right now, for me, is the Ocean and how we interact with the Cetaceans. This was represented for me by two mails that I received yesterday.
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > You Believe What you See

One of three central themes for the year is alignment, as I wrote in the 2012 predictions. While we are always in alignment with something, as this is the mirror of our reality, we will start questioning whether what we are in alignment with reflects the best use of our energetic resources. Alignment flows from our beliefs and what we see around us and there is a continuous in and out flow of energy that accepts or rejects, confirms or denies our reality and what we are aligned with.

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Breathe deeply and know that you are all so tenderly loved. God loves all of you dear ones, each and every one without exception. God loves you always and constantly, whether or not you are in a good frame of mind, whether or not you are proud of your life, whether or not you even believe in Him.

Judith Coates

All of the masters, ascended and those who walk amongst you, are feeling great excitement, because you are ready. You have been asking, you have been pleading, you have been praying to want to know, “Who am I? Why am I? What is happening? I want to know all of me; not just the separated ego that says I have problems and challenges and that I have issues, that I have things that I have to just trust are going to work out alright. But I want to know all of me. I want to know the good stuff.”

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Even the Inchworm Eventually Arrives at its Destination

I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine when I saw a little inchworm moving up the side of my house. It moved slowly, drawing its body up and forward, one tiny step at a time. It did not stop or falter, did not look around, it just kept moving slowly, ignoring everything but the side of the house and its destination. Now my house is tall and I am not sure what the inchworm was going to do when it got to the roof but it kept moving.
Celia Fenn

I have been trying to write something for most of this month, but every time I sit dowm to write I feel as though something is saying no, stop, not that way. The Changes in the last few weeks have been so immense and so profound that it seems hardly appropriate to go on doing things in the same old way. Something new is birthing, some new consciousness and some new way of Being...

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Accept or Decline

Every circumstance in our reality exists because we chose to accept or decline a gift. Now the word ‘gift’ has to be considered in the right context because in this instance, it means learning, growth and healing experiences, which are gifts because they are opportunities for us to resolve and release misaligned energies, karma, trauma and soul wounds. They do not always appear in our lives as things that make us feel good, bring us joy and inspire warm and fuzzy feelings.


Selacia > Transforming Yourself in 2012 and Beyond

The year 2012 will come with its own unique set of energies. Right now, as you are contemplating what's in store, you are likely considering how the energies will unfold, how they will affect you, and what you can do to prepare. Change is definitely in the air, and you will be feeling the momentum of change even more as this year ends and the new one starts. As you prepare for the start of a new year, it's normal to consider what you want to change about yourself and the world.

Brenda Hoffman

You do not need to negate who you are to move into and possibly through the New Age – you merely have to be more than you have been. When you were born on earth in this lifetime, you possessed a sliver of the totality of you. There was much more of you floating about in what you call space or the spiritual world. Your being did not find the need to expend all your energy in the heavy and difficult earth environment – even though extremely beautiful. 

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Peace Amidst Change

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As you world prepares for change, there is no cause for fear. God's love remains steadfast - always and forever the same. It is the nature of human beings and all in the material world to learn, grow, and evolve. Sometimes this growth is easy and at other times challenging, but then again, learning to walk as an infant was no small task.


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