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Carrie Hart

Quado > How are we to move into this state of holiness?

Carrie: How are we to move into this state of holiness?

The answer:

You will be guided, of course. And the guidance has already begun.

The keys are meditation and contemplation. And we will continue to produce meditations that will lift people into higher energies, energies of holiness.

Sarah-Jane Grace

There are several eclipses in 2011, and today we have a Geminian New Moon and partial solar eclipse (visible from east Asia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland).

Lisa Renee

More than ever it’s All about the Spin! Spinning out these new realities, birthing us like a newborn star, the Universe is spiraling us outside of the “time matrix”. The Cosmic Birther has indeed been busy. About now those on the Ascension wave timeline are “really” feeling the spiraling energies changing our consciousness.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2836 Breathe

There is not a moment wasted. All the moments you think you waste are okay. They provide ballast for you. They are spacers. They are called for. You cannot be going full-steam every moment. You are entitled to some idle time. You are entitled to time in between. You are entitled to breathe. Perhaps no one ever told you that before. Breathe, My children, breathe.

Brenda Hoffman

Fear. That terrible word that continues to haunt many of you in both your wake state and your sleep state. Not that it has to anymore – fear is not part of the New Age.  Even though many of you know that both through your readings and intuitively, fear remains an instrumental portion of your life.

Brenda Hoffman

New moon, new energies, new thoughts. Perhaps – perhaps not. Please remember that as your being shifts, so do your life markers. What is real? That what you make real. Because there were so many unknowns in the Old Age, tales, beliefs and ideas needed to be established. Similar to the thoughts of earlier generations that the earth was flat.

Leonard Jacobson
We made choices in early childhood, which were appropriate then, but are not appropriate now, and yet they continue to govern our experience of life at an unconscious level. It would be wise to review those choices made in childhood.

Here is a list of choices typically made when we were very young. Can you

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > The Energies of February 2014

There is a lot happening this month energy-wise and much of it will be happening on an internal level. Before you groan, ‘not again’, take heart because it won’t be the grueling internal work of the last few years, this will be much lighter and flowing although I won’t use the word ‘easier’ because not only is it subjective, it also implies a comparison that can’t be used.

David R. Hamilton PhD

I’ve had a lot of help from friends and family recently, from having help with my latest book on self-love, to having supportive and encouraging conversations, to having help with moving house.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > New Energy Relationships Begin within You

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the whole


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