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Yael and Doug Powell

I Am always here. I Am the Love that you live in. I Am the air that you breathe and I Am holding you perfectly in the resonance of Love in which you were made. As you allow this shift to Love, as you become the open heart of God, as you fall back in trust into My arms, then you will find that the turn that you have been waiting for is as natural as taking your next breath -- breathing in your true identity, bathing in your Real nature and allowing this Love that we are to gently replace the ego, to wash the mind with the consciousness of God that when you say "I Am," I Am speaking here as you and there is no longer a division between us.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We come forth to unseal the envelope of your light. We ask you as you sit on this threshold of starriness and to see each and every one of your selves as a galaxy, as a constellation, as a star in the heavens.  For one day each one of you will be exactly that. Just As Mother Earth is on her way to becoming a star through all of her seven  billion plus children, you too are programmed to seek to become more. One day you will become as an Earth or a planetary event that ascends through all of your inhabitants. 

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

In the sacred site of Palenque Mexico, we can see the light returning in a very powerful way. It is a sparkly, kind of weird, iridescent, almost see-through kind of light. This is all very familiar to me as this was the same kind of energy I felt 20 years ago in this very site when the Star Elders shared a prophecy, a vision of the future, with me. I had forgotten about this, because I have been waiting so long to see this manifest. I had given up on the dream of this vision. But it is clear that Palenque is coming alive, being birthed into a new world, and so are we. This is going to trigger things in us that are totally unexpected and new to us.

Jennifer Hoffman

We all have potential, which is the limitless field of possibilities that we can create our life from. Our potential is the small voice of our heart which calls us to explore opportunities, to create a reality from a long held dream, to become the powerful, joyful person we know we can be.

Neale Donald Walsch

I woke up this morning in my hotel room in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a heart bursting with gratitude. So much gratitude that my eyes were filling up with tears. And right behind the gratitude was a question. A searing question that burned into me. So now let me tell you my story and let me ask you my question. The question first...

Cheryl Richardson

This week, after taking some time off to spend with a friend visiting from London, I was reminded of something important: I need to stay focused on solutions rather than problems.  One morning, after discussing the gulf oil disaster at length, I noticed that I felt exhausted and depressed for the remainder of the day.  When I thought about it, I realized that this has been happening more and more as I’ve watched the story unfold.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Humanity is experiencing a quantum shift this year in every facet of our lives. The end result of this acceleration of energy, vibration, and consciousness will be an extremely positive event for everyone. Unfortunately, due to the challenges surfacing in people’s lives to be healed, many do not realize the opportunity at hand. Instead of empowering their hopes and dreams during this unique opportunity, people are being overwhelmed with fear and feelings of helplessness. For this reason, the Company of Heaven is asking Lightworkers around the world to redouble our efforts.


Selacia > Wesak Blessings for Your Ascension

What if during these moments of rare planetary lineups you could begin tapping a vast energy field of blessings to accelerate your ascension?

Steve Rother

Lightworker > Leaving The Shadow World

There is magic in the air today and I hope you can carry a little piece of it with you wherever you go, because it is enough for everybody. You have created something magical here—there is hope everywhere.

Hillis Pugh

The lows of life are not the illusion we create, where all seems lost or hopeless. The lows of life are essentially a reset. We come to a point in our life to where we choose to stay in the reset cycle until we learn what is desired, or we transform our life to welcome new energies. The lows of life bring varying distractions, disappointments, and even depression. However, what gets us through the will of self and hope for something better.


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