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Harold W. Becker

The Love Foundation > Freedom to Love

We are born into this world with limitless potential, unbridled creativity and the capacity to love without measure.  Long before our first breath we are a part of something grand and have an infinite array of options before us.  Not only is our birth a miracle of amazing proportions, we continue to develop throughout life from that first cell with every option, path and possibili

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

The moments in NOW are beckoning you to be as clear as possible. Your vibrations are rising with each piece of debris that you decide to release and toss in the waste can to be transmuted.  The higher vibrations are needed at this time My Beloveds. The negativity is being pushed out but it takes a lot of power, a lot of energy for that to be accomplished.

Cheryl Richardson

In last week's newsletter, I shared the video of a young man who mastered the art of riding a bicycle just about anywhere - over the tops of fences or on bridge railings. It was an amazing example of mastery and it reminded me of a prior newsletter I'd written about squirrels and the genius of persistence. If you need a little motivation to stay true to a dream or goal, or to master something new, you might want to take a page from squirrels.

Celia Fenn
Yesterday was quite a day. After the Peace of Christmas, the chaos of yesterday was in marked contrast!

People reported "symptoms" ranging from extreme tiredness and inability to wake up, to overstimulation and bouncing off the walls.

Neale Donald Walsch

I promised last week that I would comment here on the reason that 'temporary amnesia' (forgetting Who We Really Are) is a part of the process of the evolution of the human soul. I'm aware that most people who have read the Conversations with God material closely already understand what I am going to say here.

Nancy Leilah Ward

The year 2008 is a 1 year – a year of new beginnings.

Brenda Hoffman

Today we wish to remind you that while you create energy shifts, you have done so – at least until now – on a subconscious level. Someone announces a date, such as yesterday’s 11/11, and others rally to the call creating information about what is to happen and why. You have united as one in this arena.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Lightbody As Abstract Energy

This next step with the Lightbody energies is about becoming more abstract. Essentially what the Goddess meant by this is to release control. We are so busy with our lives that sometimes we go directly from one thing to next rarely enjoying the moment. During this journey, as you release the control and focus that has so long been your intention, you will find that you can actually allow a much greater amount of the lightbody energies in. How many times do you manifest in life by focusing on what's not there or what hasn't happened?

Lynda Hill

December's Sagittarius new Moon falls on December 2 in the United States and December 3 in Australia. This is bound to be a very interesting new Moon, with Uranus trining it, bringing the desire or a much-needed sense of freedom and creativity. 

Hillis Pugh

The circle of life is the cycle of each incarnation with evolution or devolution. With each life lived, we have the choice to follow the choices made, our purpose, or live in the opposite manner and struggle the whole life until circle is complete. The end of the completed circle will result in how the next circle will start. The next circle can start off where the last one left off or revert back until the lesson is learned, then leap forward to live the life desired in current circle. Before our soul incarnates, we choose the life desired to give us the best opportunity to grow as Spirits. The circle is what we make of it, through preconceived choices, creating the best life on Earth possible.


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