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Lauren C. Gorgo

It has recently come to my attention that we are beginning to mentally align with (become aware of) the great shift in perception that the unseens have been talking a lot about lately and this shift is apparently the result of some massive global (energetic) re-balancing that took place over the last 3-4 weeks in the form of a magnetic pole shift.

Sarah-Jane Grace

As the Sun and the Moon prepare for a beautiful celestial dance, each of us can expect to feel the beginning of some powerful and profound shifts within. This process has already begun in earnest as we can feel buoyant and full of optimism one moment, but lost and despondent the next. Some may call this ascension syndrome, others call it evolution; either way, we can each expect to feel euphoric, empty, blissful, hollow and peaceful all at the same time.

Judith Coates

Beloved one, you can relax and know that the divine Self of you is participating in a plan that you have agreed to. You may not know it consciously, but you have agreed to it, and it is a most divine plan. It is a plan which brings forth the remembrance of all that you are, all that you have ever been as you measure time, and all that you will

Judith Coates

Oakbridge University > The Christmas Story

Beloved One, I would speak with you now about a story well-known in yourculture. It is the Christmas Story.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2539 Your God-Given Love

If you never had hurt feelings, you would love unconditionally. It is thoughts about yourself that prevent you from loving with your whole heart. You believe that someone loves you one minute and not the next, and so conditions are born, and you respond accordingly. You believe that love can be withdrawn, and so you withdraw.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Ask and You Shall Receive

Today is a day to ask. To ask for guidance. To ask for help. To ask what you should do to move yourself along the path toward the fulfillment of your most cherished desires.

Ask and it shall be answered. Knock and the door shall be opened. All of this is so. All of this is true. All of this is within your power.

Karen Bishop

Today brought in another wave of higher energy, and along with it more beautiful manifestations and experiences. Heart palpitations and symptoms of overloaded circuits, sleepiness, and even a great sense of peace could be felt as a result of new and higher energies arriving once again. When we are experiencing a break from an energy influx, it can be easy to catapult into the lower vibrations.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Serve from Where You Are

Many of you have questions about where you should do your work and how you can be of service to others. You are waiting for the right moment where you feel that you are in the right place and sometimes believe that it is anywhere but where you are at the present
Rev. Angela Peregoff

Somewhere within the days of Eternal Time you got an idea. You said, "Let me play a game. I will place myself into the illusion of being finite. I will begin to define myself by moving into the illusion of a linear time frame with a past, present, and future.Here I will get to play a wonderful game as a Spirit of Infinite Design expressing myself in a linear fashion."

Karen Bishop

I recently moved into a house which needed a lot of work, but the rent was extremely low, and it was a very unusual find, directly across the road from my newly acquired property. Being that I will be living here while I build a home across the road (or rather a studio above a barn, until


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