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Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace > I am Infinite Potential

This is a time for connecting to the power and intention behind our thoughts, beliefs and affirmations. The ways in which we think are becoming increasingly important as we realise that we do shape our own lives. Our thoughts and beliefs play a huge role in creating our realities, as does the energy or power behind those thoughts and beliefs.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Abundant Living

Each of us wants abundance in our life—we want to have plenty of money, love, succe

Jamye Price

Jamye Price > The Energies of November 2012

There are two main directives for November, energy is ‘clicking into place,’ and, ‘the consumption begins.’  We will discus both in detail.  You know this has been occurring before now; it just begins a collective momentum, though not everyone will have the same experience.

Brenda Hoffman

This past week has been a bumpy road for many. Like Brenda, you may have expected joy and instead found confusion. The joy we spoke of last week was the welcoming of your future slivers into your earth being. Even though time as you understand it is a somewhat circular continuum, you have only allowed yourself to experience your past and present.

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. While your world appears to be in turmoil, we celebrate the fact that so many of you are in a state of peace! While your economies appear to be in 'recession' we celebrate the fact that your hearts are in a state of expansion. While your weather is chaotic and destructive at times, we celebrate the fact that you seek to bring greater order and kindness into your own lives.

Lynda Hill

August's Virgo new Moon occurs on August 25 in the United States and August 26 in Australia. This is a very interesting new Moon in that it contains strong Saturnian and Neptunian energies

Jennifer Hoffman
What is necessary in your life? Is it the house you live in, the car you drive, the job that you have? If you were able to remove the unnecessary material elements, what would you choose? Now, on an emotional level, what is necessary for you? And on a spiritual level? When we speak about what is necessary, the reference is always made to the material. But few ever move past that and look at the other aspects of life, such as the emotional or spiritual and look at now necessary the existing energies are for them. In truth, very little of anything that you currently have is necessary for the only necessary item in your life is your connection with Source. When you have a strong connection with Source everything that is necessary emanates from that so anything else that would serve to replace what is coming from source would be unnecessary.
Celia Fenn
So, in these last few days of the old cycle of energy, we can say that we are truly feeling the pressure of the new energy that arrives.

In many ways, as I look back, I can feel a sadness for all that has gone and all that we have been through, and at the same time, I can feel a great

Judith Coates

Judith Coates > The Healing Power of Peace

Part of the essence of humanhood is to breathe. With the deep breath you allow yourself to abide for a moment in peace. Allow yourself to take another deep breath, just an easy breath, just to feel the peace that comes with it, because there is healing that comes with peace. For a moment or so you can set aside all of the worries. You can set aside all of the demands of the world.

Dana Mrkich

Dana Mrkich > The Eclipses: God Time

As I re-read a text message I’d just sent about the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (April 25/26) I had to have a little chuckle. Instead of saying ‘good time for inner healing’, the auto spell-check had changed it to ‘god time for inner healing.’ Indeed it is.


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