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Jennifer Hoffman
2008 has been a year of closure, balance, connecting to our power and releasing many old paradigms. 2009 will be a much different kind of year, one that will bring many surprises, among them changes in the kind of work that we do, new opportunities to participate in the changing corporate model and new ways to bring spirit to our work.
Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann > Cosmic Wind Report - Full Moon March 27, 2013

Today I have been feeling jittery and impatient. I decided to have a look at the astrology of this full moon. What I found made me want to give you a "heads up".

Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Souls Passing On

When it comes time for someone to pass on, it is important to remember how that soul touched humanity. As long as a soul brought happiness and Love to just one other individual, then their life has been worth living. So often humanity waits for a soul to pass to celebrate that soul's life, however this should be a daily occurrence. It is truly sad that so much of humanity does not express their joy and hope each day to those that they love.

Debbie Milam

Although each of us is different, the one thing all of us will experience is the loss of a loved one.  As so many are choosing to leave the planet there is a collective sadness that is filling the air.  In the past our family has experienced so much loss. So much at one time that we were never able to fully process one loss before experiencing another one.

Jennifer Hoffman

The path of becoming is a microcosm of our life journey as we are in the process of becoming in response to some aspect of our energy in each moment. Most of that journey is based on unconscious choices and we use our emotions to judge both the choices we make and the results we obtain. But the use of emotions tends to make us avoid anything that makes us feel ‘bad’ and embrace what makes us feel good. However, the best choices, those which involve choosing a higher energetic vibration, don’t make us feel good.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Just as the Star Elders predicted, we are in a huge integration period initiated by grand alignments, eclipses, the solstice and the accelerating energies of the Maya calendars. The cycles are quickening and intensifying at a multiplying rate of speed. Many people feel exhausted, and we need to sleep more and do less. Many of us are having little health scares in various forms. We are feeling emotional for no apparent reason. Our bodies are under great pressure to assimilate the energy pulses from tsunami size waves of heightened frequencies of light.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! Well, January finally arrived with all its anticipation and the energies have been every which way, to say the least. What is all the turmoil, chaos and depression about? Why aren't many of us feeling oh so wonderful now that we have arrived in the higher realms? Perhaps you can't seem to get anything done as something very important to you is taking what seems like forever . Or maybe you or others around you are continually canceling or changing plans, creating a lot of instability. Or just maybe something you had in the works just very suddenly falls apart and the bottom falls out. Emotions running high? Apparent frustration? Feeling deflated, powerless, confused or acutely disappointed? Too many sudden changes? Not sure where you are? Can't get comfortable anywhere? Nothing to hold onto or nowhere to go that feels right?
Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Perspectives

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Owen Waters

Here is Chapter 5 of my new e-book, Soul Awakening. This vital and timely e-book is being released in parts each Sunday through this newsletter as a public service to spiritual seekers everywhere.

Step 1. Turn your attention away from the outside world and focus within.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Our hearts are the portals for the physical manifestation of All That Is. Our mighty I Am Presence has recently opened. An Open Heart is the key to transformation, and it is the path into the Realms of Light and Love that leads to Higher Dimensions of Consciousness


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