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Neale Donald Walsch

It takes an enormous amount of courage to get through life. I never realized that it did, but it does. I mean, when I was young, it didn't seem to me that life required bravery, in particular. Determination, perhaps. Stick-to-it-iveness, perhaps. A lot of tolerance for older people who didn't understand anything at all, perhaps. But not necessarily a whole bunch of bravery. 

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #4567 As You Are

I like to say that it is good to be the human person that you are. What gives you joy? Who from the outside is to say where your joy lies?

Cheryl Richardson

I'm sitting in my hotel room having just finished my talk on The Art of Extreme Self Care here at the I Can Do It conference. In my conversations with people it's clear that many need tools to take good care of themselves during this powerful time of individual and global shifting.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > The Transparent Heart

When you live as a transparent heart, your heart becomes the window through which all others may see Me and may know the power and beauty of the love they are. 

Neale Donald Walsch

Question: I've read your explanation about why one does not get what one asks for-and correct me if i am wrong-because the universe creates for you the situation of wanting and not having.There have been times in my life where I have visualized myself having a desired outcome, and GETTING it. But then there have also been times in

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. We hear your prayers and know your worries dear ones, but if you knew the truth of God's love for you and the reality of life on earth you would never have to worry again. You would trust that wherever you find yourself, all is in perfection. You would know that whatever anyone else is experiencing is exactly what they need at that point for their soul's education.

Hillis Pugh

When most of us think of temples, we think of a gathering place of worship, a place to pay homage to God or "God Like Figure". The true temple is the light in us. The place where we go within to pray and receive answers to the prayers prayed. When we meditate or pray, we sit in our temple to commune with the Divine Source. We sit in the sanctum of oneness to voice our intentions. Our intentions are carried on light waves to be heard and shared with the Divine Source.

Brenda Hoffman

Today is a day of great importance. It is the day you accept energy into your heart. Prior energy surges were not necessarily specified. Think of those energy surges as a bit like the general energy entering your house. Until that general energy reaches a specific socket, your lamp will not light and your oven will not heat to a specified temperature.

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Beloved Blue Ray, Angelic human, light bearer, YOU, we wish to address an energetic wave that is permeating Gaia. In some circles it has been termed as Revelations. We use the term revelations to show you what this term truly means energetically. It is not to be feared, as the true meaning is hidden. Truths and holy alignments of God will be revealed that have not been previously as a great cleansing of the light takes place.

Lee Carroll

Kryon > DNA's Healing Layer Nine

Here are some profound revelations about how cellular structure works in the Human body. In addition, Kryon talks about the mechanics of how cells divide, how they are tricked by a virus, and how cancers can attach. All this to point out a very beautiful attribute that had hidden, but we all knew about... the body's ability to heal itself without massive chemical alteration. It's about "information, and not allopathic reaction." This is a nice pre-cursor to Kryon Book Twelve, the Twelve Layers of DNA. But this channelling will NOT be in the book! Enjoy.



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