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Selacia > Humanity's New Chapter

Your wise self knows that this unique cycle of time is not the end of life but a transition into new beginnings. Your everyday self, however, may be doubtful. That conditioned part of you remains immersed in linear illusions about what is possible. You have learned to doubt things that you could not prove with your eyes or by other physical means.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > Saints Alive!

Sometimes people wonder where I get such detailed information about the nature of The Shift and other metaphysical topics. I have a confession to make: I take a shortcut. However, I had to change my ways in order to have that shortcut available to me.


Selacia > Tips for Riding June's Roller Coaster

This message from The Council of 12 is intended to address the unusual cycle this month and next - with 3 eclipses occurring within just 6 weeks. During even 1 eclipse there tends to be significant balancing energy occurring and great catalysts for change. As divine changemakers we are here to help create positive changes for a more light-filled world. It's also our role to help others work with the changes and to be voices of sanity in a world that seems turned upside down. The Council's message gives key suggestions for how we can approach this cycle and find more peace

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > Released!

We're in the midst of some interesting energies unusual combination that we may perhaps, not be used to. In times past when we encountered waves of light, we may have experienced a strong sense that it was indeed here, with miracles abounding, surges felt in our physical bodies, or even waves of overload and tension.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! This Mercury retrograde has been quite exciting, I must say. But the pattern is perfect, so here we go. To recap: The second wave of ascenders made their leaps in April, May and June. We reached critical mass in August. We had a period of “stop sign” energy, as we could not move forward while things were being adjusted and readied for us. November 11 (11:11) opened a stargate to the higher realms, only this time, because of the critical mass, an overlay occurred with a total merging of the planet and all her inhabitants with the higher realms. So we are now in the higher realms to stay.
Kelly M. Beard

*Cancer* time, this year (2010) and next (2011), will bring us face-to-face with some major choices and decisions (Eclipses) which will likely require some form of *Assimilation* and *Elimination*. Cancer's gift is *Processing* all that passes through your *system*, taking in the nutrient (that makes the system work) and any excess or toxins that cannot be "assimilated" must be "eliminated". If you do not eliminate them, then blockages (and some form of dis-ease or discomfort) will occur.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3186 Bye bye, Judgment

However, your need to judge, no matter how mistaken, came from a good intention in your heart. You wanted to do right and good. You wanted to serve. The best you knew was to call in judgment.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > The Spiritual Age

The Spiritual Age is not just another age to be documented in the pages of history books. The Spiritual Age is a quantum leap in the evolution of humankind. There are 12 distinct stages in the evolution of human consciousness. There is a lower tier of six material stages followed by a higher tier of six spiritual stages.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

This is the last week before Christmas arrives and I can imagine that increasing stress and mental strain from trying to maintain order and organization during this hectic time is affecting many. If you are reading these words and you are the one in your family that is responsible for setting the tempo and tone the holidays then this is the week that you want to pay extra attention to balance and self-care.

Hillis Pugh

The lows of life are not the illusion we create, where all seems lost or hopeless. The lows of life are essentially a reset. We come to a point in our life to where we choose to stay in the reset cycle until we learn what is desired, or we transform our life to welcome new energies. The lows of life bring varying distractions, disappointments, and even depression. However, what gets us through the will of self and hope for something better.


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