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Brenda Hoffman

Let us look at an issue that is seldom discussed among lightworkers. Many of you firmly believe that power corrupts. And so it can. But love can also corrupt. Ah. That is a difficult thought for many of you, is it not? You note politicians haggling over this and that. You have worked for and with power-hungry people.

Celia Fenn
This is truly a wonderful moment. The Journey of Planetary Ascension has begun. The Collective Consciousness of Humanity has moved into the Fifth Dimension, we have reconnected with the Elemental and Natural kingdoms and we have opened to the Cosmic Heart and the flow of the Diamond Light. The Earth is once again moving towards the Light through the newly activated Ascension portals.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! The intense energies of the past two weeks have finally subsided. As the higher frequency dial was turned further and further to the right, we finally adjusted to and integrated these New and higher frequencies.  One thing that these higher frequencies served to accomplish was a last bit of purging and releasing of the denser energies, but they also created an environment of instant manifestation. In regard to the purging of the last (well, not quite the last) bit of darker and denser energies, this manifested in several ways. Many experienced wild, strange, and confusing dreams that had a bit of horror to them. And in the physical, North Korea decided to launch some missiles. Even though they did not go anywhere, this darker and denser energy was activated and began moving.
Celia Fenn

Leaving Western Canada, I travelled across the country by air to arrive in Toronto, on the eastern side of Canada. Canada certainly is a very big country, and the east is very different to the west. Being in the Rockies and the National Parks is like being in Paradise, with the Mountains, the Forests and the Rivers and Lakes. The Eastern part of the country is

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Don't Put Off Life

Your life is happening now, dear ones, not tomorrow, not some day in the future, but right now. There will always be reasons to put off your joy. There will always be very good excuses

Celia Fenn
April will be a month in which you will be asked to clearly make your choice. Are you moving into higher consciousness, or are you staying in your old energy? The month of April will provide a shift or "turning point" in the current energy cycle. Events will unfold in such a way that every human on the planet will be asked to make their choice. Moving into higher consciousness is equivalent to making a commitment to be part of the rebirthing and renewal process of the planet. To use your energy to be a conscious "parent" of the New Earth. Those who accept this role will "ascend" into the new energy and will help to co-create the New Earth. Those who refuse will spin down into more and more chaos and anger as the old forms disintegrate and dissolve into nothing.
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > An Electromagnetic Storm

Do you know that our angels and guides are around us all of the time, giving us hints, support and guidance on a constant basis? They often do this in subtle ways, by bringing certain topics, ideas of thoughts to our attention. This past week I was tired to the point where I felt drained, totally exhausted and unable to meet my usual productive schedule. More than once I had to lie down and take a nap. I couldn't think clearly and began to think my health was compromised. "What is wrong with me," I kept asking and I did not receive a direct answer but I kept thinking about the Philadelphia Experiment movie.

Meredith Murphy

Expect Wonderful > March 2013: Keys to Participating in the New Reality

The ability to listen to yourself and hear your inner wisdom and know it's guidance is the source of self-confidence and real personal power. The power of life is love.

Jamye Price

Jamye Price > Weekly LightBlast: Fast Paced Peace

It seems like an oxymoron, yet peace can be fast paced! Those that trance dance know the peace of rapid movement, always changing, unplanned, following the collective beat, yet unique through each being. 

Karen Bishop

Things remain mostly the same, as we are still settling in to a very new existence and reality which will complete for the most part in January (referring to the settling in and on-going changes).


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