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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2185 Grow Heavenward

God said: When you look up at Me, you are not looking down. World influence often tends to pull you down. My influence, by its very nature, lifts you up. The world has gotten in the habit of denigrating you. The world gives you a false picture. It would cut you off at the start, wanting to keep you indentured to it. I would have you rise to the heights where you rightfully belong. Come, look up. Come see a truer picture of you. In its efforts to keep you small, the world would squash you. I would unleash you. Do not think I am in competition with the world. There is no competition when it comes to Me. Only, life in the world travels on the surface. It twirls itself around and wants to keep you captive. I want to free you from the arbitrary restraints of the world.
Cheryl Richardson

There are some days when I feel like a fraud. I catch myself teaching one thing and practicing another. I forget what I know to be true, get scared or knocked off track, and fall into old habits that don't work.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

This is an incredibly powerful week. We began with Palm Sunday, and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Now we will experience the Vernal Equinox, the Full Moon, Passover, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Celia Fenn

I think by now most people will have become aware that we are passing through a very powerful series of Energy Adjustments and Recalibrations. These commenced with the Equinox in March and have been ongoing, building towards the Venus Transit on the 6th of June. Archangel Michael did say in the January transmission that the Venus Transit would be one of the two power points in this year, and it is surely proving to be just so.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

"Spend a few minutes every day reminding yourself of all the things you have going for you and the special qualities you have to offer." - Abigail Van Buren.

Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: September 15 - 21, 2013

This energy tends to make your mind work in over-drive. Not that you think too much, you will think and speak faster than usual, making others seem slow to you. However, when you are moving that fast, sometimes you can overlook something important. 

Leonard Jacobson

It is important to know that there are levels of Presence. It is as if Presence exists on a vertical scale or axis. As you deepen into Presence, you cross a point on the vertical axis where time disappears. Now you are in the Eternal realm. There is no time. Life does not exist outside of the moment, and you do not exist outside of the moment.

Gloria Wendroff

Your dream of dreams is about to come true. I am not speaking of your surface dreams. I am speaking of the deep-lying dreams within your soul. You may not even know what your real dreams are, beloveds, so immersed in the material world are you, yet you might as well know that something so amazingly wonderful is on its way to you, and you will know it when you see it. Look for it lightly.

Gloria Wendroff

You know, you were not born for yourself. You were born for Me. I put Myself on Earth in the form of you. Too often you mistake yourself for the form. The form is a drawing, beloved. It is not the real thing.

Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann > The New Energy Template for our Bodies

The low magnetic fields perfectly describe what so many of us are experiencing right now. We are more able to access the energies and Beings that are outside of the magnetic field (the Veils of Illusion or Earth Game programming). This is really exciting, because we can feel so many amazing potentials, yet at the same time we are feeling stuck, exhausted and frustrated. We know something new is coming, but we can't get there yet. This also relates to the 09/09/09 energy. The words that go with the number 9 are completion, compassion, spirituality, forgiveness and brotherhood or community


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