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Ailia Mira

Expect Wonderful > Challenges of the New Human

The shift in your own openness to your soul connection and to trusting in your own divinity has changed many aspects of your experience, and it is profoundly, lately, affected your mood and your experience of conflict-you find yourself increasingly triggered by others around you and many of you are awakening with just an incredible sense of sadness or depression that seems unexplainable.

Emmanuel Dagher

I wasn't expecting to write another energy forecast so soon, however we are currently in the middle of a huge powerful influx of light energies that are pouring into every cell and fiber of Earth, meaning every cell and fiber of our being whether we are aware of it or not. What this wave of light does is it stirs up and brings everything that no longer serves us to the surface. All worries, doubts, fears, anxieties, feelings of lack and separation, etc., are all being pulled out from our deepest core and literally are being washed away with this massive tide of light!

Lynda Hill

Lynda Hill > Getting The Message Straight And Clear: November's Taurus Full Moon

Occurring on November 17 in the US and November 18 in Australia, this Taurus full Moon is somewhat of a mixed blessing. With Venus conjuncting Pluto and Mercury conjuncting the Moon's north node, this can be quite a transformational time and one that can see people having all kinds of breakthroughs in relationships, realisations about love, being clear with others about their boundaries and finding where one truly belongs.

Esther and Jerry Hicks
Guest: Is there such a thing as an economic cycle? Is there a natural law to economics, like summer is summer, and fall is fall Abraham: Your economics are, in terms of your individual success, your exposure to contrast which gives you your idea of desire, and then your success has to do with your alignment. So, the alignment of your own Energy is the only thing that causes anything to affect you. Of course, your Energy is affected by what you think about other things. And so, your economy is the consensus of the mass consciousness thought, because, as you have become a global world, and as you are all tied into the same media information, you can simultaneously be affected -- and therefore mass consciousness is affected -- therefore your economic conditions are more worldwide experiences.
Lee Harris

(Transcribed and edited from Lee's live video message.)

Hello everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2015.

Gloria Wendroff

When you see snow on tree branches, you admire the snow-covered branches. It's a lovely sight. Yet, after a while, you may not even notice the snow-covered branches. They get taken for granted.

Sarah Varcas

As the Sun/Uranus/Pluto T Square settles in for the coming days we are once again reminded of the recent past – the end of August to be precise – and the adjustments we had to make as the cosmos itself shifted into patterns and paradigms not previously encountered.

Sarah Varcas

Sarah Varcas > Making a Mind/Heart Shift

The intensity of the energies around at the moment is really something else!! Everywhere I see people struggling to get through the day, make ends meet, manage relationships, deal with health issues, keep things together, put that face on everyday and walk out the door looking like you’re not on the verge of insanity.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! There is so much going on! We are certainly in exciting and eventful times! Much is moving out and much is moving in, resulting in a sense of great activity, overwhelm and stress. Again, the activity in the Middle East is just the darkness imploding upon itself, representing only a small percentage of the overall energy of the planet. It is only the residue of the lower vibrational energy at the top (in the limelight so to speak) as it is moving out. Each time I attend my meditation group, the same images come in. They show that everything is already in place, everything is OK and as it should be, and there is nothing to change, fix or move. We have already reached critical mass of light. By far, there is considerably more light, well-being and higher vibrational energy present and moving. The light has "taken over" so to speak. All is well.
Dana Mrkich

Whatever aspects and emotions of ourselves that we put 'on ice' because we didn't know at the time how to adequately deal with them are now on thaw mode, melting, melting. And when I say now, I'm meaning specifically now, today, tonight, this week, and tomorrow with the energy of this very powerful (is there any other kind?) Lunar Eclipse!  


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