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Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > You Are My Prayer of Gratitude

Beloved ones, you are pure Love, open, endless and alive. You are pure joy in the experience of being one with life. You are also pure gratitude. It is the truth of your awareness of the gift of life, of relationship, of the miracle of this moment that is – this moment that contains your limitless freedom and contains your communion with All That Is.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Whenever we have the opportunity to join in consciousness with the masses of Humanity, we can add to the Light of the world in very significant ways. This weekend is one of those opportunities. Tomorrow night, February 12, 2010, we will witness the Opening Ceremonies for the XXI Winter Olympic Games.

Celia Fenn

Yes indeed, this is a grand whammy! A very powerful moment in time....Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn with a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

In the United States of America we are in the midst of a Presidential election that is modeling to the world the antithesis of our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love. The candidates at national, state, and local levels have spent billions of dollars to have the media bombard us 24-hours a day with every conceivable negative thoughtform about their opponent.

Steve Rother

Lightworker > Afraid of the Dark - Fear and Darkness

From Steve: We are on the plane heading back home after a trip to our second home Holland. We spent two very wonderful and busy weeks with the family there. It was very emotional for both Barbara and I. All of these trainings are emotional but this was the Metaphysicians Ordination and we bonded very closely with this beautiful group of dedicated Lightworkers.
Jamye Price

We are preparing for a massive opening with the 11/11/11. Neptune is nurturing the salty disappointments, fears, misperceptions and abuses that have separated us from ourselves, each other and the full creative flow of Love. Within the depths are the last vestiges of disconnection reaching out to be embraced in the powerful strength of forgiveness and love. You see it in the eyes, you feel it in the heart; the gushing relief of I love you just as you are.

Yael and Doug Powell

The Entrainment of Hearts To the Bridge World of Love Through Our Magnetic Hearts

Rev. Angela Peregoff

As we move into a week of Thanksgiving let us remember that without our conscious connection with God, we are an empty shell of nothingness, trying to get fulfillment from outside effects. This typically leaves us trying to get more and more "things" to fill that void of "nothingness," forgetting that the feeling of happiness that the new things give is what we truly were in quest of, not the things themselves.  

Hillis Pugh

We all have gifts and natural abilities, but it is how we use them to make a difference. We all at some point or another did something to truly amaze self or someone else, however not much what was done in the performing of the act, it is more so how we did it. The quality and control we use adds to the extravagance of the gift or ability.

Jennifer Hoffman
When you limit your knowing to what you can see before you, your vision is limited to a small part of a vast reality that is available to you. Every limitation you experience is a small part of a much larger potential for your life. Everything you believe as truth, if based in the material world, is the reflection of your own knowing and not your spiritual truth.


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