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Cheryl Richardson

It’s tax time here in the states, a time when most people feel enormous pressure to get their financial act together.  So, this week, I thought I’d rerun a tried-and-true process for overcoming procrastination.  Whether you need to complete your taxes, a college application, or writing a book, here are six steps that will help you succeed:

Gloria Wendroff

To have peace, there must be honesty. Pretend peace isn't peace. It is good you want to live up to your ideals, but a pretense of living up to your ideals is a far cry from living them. I know you want to feel loving, and you don't always feel loving.

Karen Bishop
Greetings!     In this New vibrational space we are now residing in, it can, at times, feel as though we are nowhere. Like a ship bobbing along with no anchor, or perhaps feeling as though there is nothing firm to hold onto, or maybe simply a general sense of no direction or place to ground to…we may be wondering what life is really going to be like in the higher realms. If you are one who is feeling like a bobbing apple in a tub, or floating about in a limbo land, it is simply because you have successfully dis-connected from the old world or lower vibrating reality and are now residing elsewhere.
Brenda Hoffman

We wish for you to look beyond the upcoming Spring Equinox. Even though that day will introduce many new shifts and directions, it is only one day. How are the shifts of the 2010 Spring Equinox going to affect your  ongoing life? What does it mean for you that a Spring Equinox is about new beginnings?

Celia Fenn

Starchild Global > The Energies for October 2009

Beloved Lightworkers, so now you enter into the flow of energy that will create the month of October! Indeed, you have passed through the powerful "portal" or dimensional gateway of the 9:9 on the 9th of September, and now you are flowing towards the 10:10 on the 10th of October. At the 9:9 you were able to experience an ending and a new beginning.

Kara Schallock

Especially since the Spring Equinox, we have experienced a huge leap forward, which has brought much more Light into us, along with the revealing of dark energies. The dark has come in the form of old energies/illusions, dark people, and the release of much chaos. It is not to say that “dark” is a judgment; it simply is old energies that are flying around, like pesky flies, for they have nothing to attach to. 

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > Energy Update: Dreams

Has this been an intense week or what? My experience of this past week, not yet resting from the urgency of September and with the energies of expansive Jupiter and the Full Moon Equinox breathing down my neck, has been one of explosive movement and color. You, too?

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3310 Proof of Love

You have a tendency to crave proof of love. You tend to see that yesterday you were loved by the one you love, and today you perceive that the love given you is less. It is not demonstrated as well. You long for the sweet words of yesterday. You feel that you must have it. Your longing for love may be insatiable.

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Guilty Schmilty

What is the nature of guilt, you ask? It is insidious - in fact contagious - as it is spread from one to another. It is a form of abuse. It is birthed by lack of true power, but one’s feeling of inadequacy and inferiority. Of course, intellectually this is not true, but the young child or innocent or unaware One does not know this within themselves to block it from its inception.

Lee Harris

Lee Harris > October 2013 Energy Forecast - Diversity, Up Close

Behind me you can see the rocks and the mud which were part of a landslide that happened here in the Colorado flash floods in September.


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