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Jennifer Hoffman

My son passed away recently, he was only 30 years old and while I know it is a choice, I can’t believe that this gifted, wonderful young man chose death over life. Was this part of our soul contract and did I do my part because I feel like I let him down since he didn’t choose to live. Will I ever recover from my grief?

Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: January 11 - 17, 2015

Take advantage of this week's energy to tap into areas you may not have realized were available to you before.

Neale Donald Walsch

When I was a child, machines were made to last forever. That was one of their chief selling points. If you bought a Kenmore washing machine, you could count on it lasting a lifetime. If you bought a Maytag, you could include your children's lifetime. That was before Planned Obsolescence.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2584 The Wise Know How Little They Know

It's better that you consider yourself a novice rather than an expert.

Novices are open to learning. They know they don't know everything.

There is a tendency for experts to think they have it all down pat, so they speak and do not listen.

Karen Bishop
Greetings!     The Solstice Pain We have just completed an amazing cleansing and re-calibration, and now we are poised to move onward after this most recent “wrap up.” Solstices place us in energy where we have the opportunity to reach far and go deep, and this most recent solstice of December 21 was a very intense one. The days surrounding it, whether before or after, brought in some interesting manifestations, and the holidays only added to (while actually supporting) this process. Emotionally, these energies elicited what I can only describe as deep pain . It was a painful feeling relating to all that has not yet changed. It was a deep pain that cried out for all the suffering and for all the ways of lower vibration that were so barely tolerable. It was a deep pain that wondered if anything would ever change. And it hurt. The energies were going deep and magnifying what was left of the old.
Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann > Three biggies unite in the sky

There is a fabulous aspect in the sky right now (it's exact today but will be active for weeks) Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius. Basically, this is taking us into an unknown area of freedom. Anything can happen and we probably won't see the results of this alignment for months or years.
Owen Waters

Your soul is your immortal inner being. It existed before time began and it will always exist, even when you merge back in your ultimate spiritual home as a conscious aspect of Infinite Being. 

Gloria Wendroff
There is not one thing in your life that is not interconnected with another. Nothing is disconnected. You simply do not see the interwoven threads. You see events and people as separate strings when not even one string is separate. You simply do not see the weaving of the threads of life. You see the tips of the threads. Every once in a while you may see a few threads looped together.
Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As you learn to surrender your worries, your fears, and your need to know how everything in your life must work, you release your spirit unto God, and you make room for miracles to unfold in your life. Your spirit dear ones is free. Your spirit is free to focus upon anything it wants but your human mind has a a tendancy to hold on to beliefs, ideas, and patterns of thinking that limit you.

Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne W. Dyer > Authentic wisdom

Every single thought you have can be assessed in terms of whether it strengthens or weakens you. Authentic wisdom is the ability to monitor yourself at all times to determine your relative state of weakness or strength, and to shift out of those thoughts that weaken you. In this way, you keep yourself in an upbeat, higher state of consciousness, and you prevent your thoughts from weakening every single organ of your body. When you use your mind to empower you, you're appealing to that which uplifts and raises your spirits.


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