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Kelly M. Beard

This energy will push you toward some serious thinking. You may find yourself asking what your truth and purpose really are or you may be concerned about how to provide for your very basic, essential needs and why you have been constantly limited in that way.

Lauren C. Gorgo

Happy New Year my dear friends and readers!!! Did you make any resolutions? I did... for the first time ever...  My resolution was to never, ever think about or remember 2009, ever, ever again.  Ever. And tho most of us made it out alive...I am still not completely convinced that this was the right choice.

Kara Schallock

As you probably feel, we and Gaia have evolved to a much higher vibration…and it continues. This helps us take a leap in consciousness, which as you know, is at the core of all that life presents.

Ann Albers

In any situation in life dear ones you can look to the sun or focus on the storms. The sun is always there, even when hiding behind the clouds. So too, whether you look for the dark or look to the light, the light is always there. Why not focus on the light? There is always something good happening in your lives even when you can't quite see it. Search for the good dear friends. Seek it out.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am the light of Quan Yin. I come on this day to escort you into your blessedness, for you are blessings to me. You are blessings to me because you continue to pray as I pray against all odds.

Jamye Price
Blessed Being, change is constant in life. It is the fact that Time marks. You see change around you and happening to you. You see that the passage of Time has an effect.
Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Can it be said enough times? All that which you fear is illusion. All that which you fear is illusion. All that which you fear is nothing but illusion. Even when your worst fears seem to come true, that is also illusion, beloveds.


Selacia > Energy Update - Lightness of Being

With lighter energies in the air now, it's time to create in some brand-new ways and leave behind old habits developed during more rocky cycles. Ready?!

Kelly M. Beard

This is a great energy for imagination, consciousness and intuition, however, keeping a good filter to distinguish between your own perceptions and what you are picking up from those around you will be crucial to success.

Alexandra and Dan

Joy and Clarity > The Stillness Before Our Birthing

How have we been feeling recently? Bored? Apathetic? Listless? Without purpose or meaning? Are we feeling unfulfilled? Wondering where our energy has gone?


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