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Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, What does Spirit look like? Gaze into a mirror and see the reflection of Spirit in your eyes. Gaze into the eyes of a child and see Spirit looking back at you. Gaze at the sun, the moon, the stars, a mountain, lake, tree, flower, a bird or an animal and know that the Creator is radiating the Love/Light of Its Spiritual Essence to you through ALL of Its Creations.
Judith Coates

Oakbridge University > What Do You Want For Christmas?

Beloved one, many of you are approaching your holy days, the holy days that you have decreed in order to remember not the birth of one Yeshua, but truly the birth of the Christ. You do this annually so that you have opportunity that one of these years perhaps you will remember it is your own birth as the Christ child that you are celebrating.

David R. Hamilton PhD

Yes! It’s doing it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s impossible, actually, to disentangle your mind from your genes.

Kelly M. Beard

Mars Retrograde in LEO: 2009-2010 ~ Replenish Your Energy & Redefine Your Heart's Desire ~ Mars is the motivating force within you that pushes you to do anything in the world.  It's your personal will and connection to power on a mundane level, and most of all, it's the part of you that needs something to *DO*.  "Idle time is the devil's workshop" is never truer than a Mars with no purpose or direction.  To accomplish anything, you must first have the desire, then the energy and ultimately, the action you take dictates the results you'll receive.

Sonia Barrett

Time- it forms a loop creating an illusion of being the only potential reality and of being the only timeline. The movement of energy is based on potentials and potentials are mapped on scattered points forming other timelines. Potentials are experienced based on choice. We choose according to the vibration of our consciousness or awareness.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Returning Home

There is a certainty underneath all the questioning.  There is a truth that rings out no matter how many times it is denied.  There is a beauty that shines true, no matter how much suffering or destruction is laid across it.  There is a heart of the universe that is solid and stays, a core that burns with beingness and connection, a center that holds no matter how fast it spins.

Pepper Lewis
Is it my imagination or have you been strangely silent on the subject of the declining honeybee population?
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Self-Healing

Each lifetime is a journey in self healing and the world is a mirror of the healing that each one of you has come to accomplish. The world does not need to be healed as much as it needs to experience your healing. Then it experiences the higher vibrations and moves into its healed potential. Each person in your life is a mirror of your own healing. Those you believe come to you for healing are a mirror of the healing you have agreed to complete. If you heal them you are not healed. But if you heal yourself they can become a mirror of your healing.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > The Journey Home

Each of you is on a journey home but that does not mean that you are leaving this planet or plane. Your journey home does not involve your death and return to your spiritual home.
Mirri Rocks

There are so many levels of energy, so many dimensions where we tap into everyday. We don't even have to choose what enters our core reality.  It just happens in playing. It happens when we connect with our soul. So we can get real here. And surrender to the experience of our soul,  of our manifestation here on planet earth and in other dimensions and realities.


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