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Sonia Barrett

There is an interesting paradox in the divineness of all things. A number of people have said that everything is divine and we need not do anything. Let’s first define the word “divine” to the best of our ability

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > On Anxiety

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Last week we spoke to you about worry. This week we wish to address the topic of anxiety because so very many of you are experiencing anxiety at this time. Worry and anxiety are close cousins. When you worry, typically you are projecting a specific fear out into the future. When you are anxious, the fears are often unidentified and muddled in your mind.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Dive Into Life!

You are the creators of your own existence dear ones, and by that we mean that you have been gifted with free will. You can make your choices in accordance with your heart in each moment.

Neale Donald Walsch

As you know if you have been visiting here regularly, we have been looking at the question of what it is, exactly, that God wants from all of us, and from each of us. And in our last post we revealed what I deeply believe (and have been told by God) is the truth: God wants nothing at all. Today, we’ll continue this exploration with a question: Can there be any kind of meaningful theology if we have a God who wants nothing?

Karen Bishop
Greetings! There is exciting news to share! Hold onto your hats as August will bring in some incredible and unusual energy. For the past month, I have been feeling very intense energy of "the end", no particular future for our planet, "everything has stopped", and "where are we going?". Things I had created thus far no longer fit and were of no interest to me. (I am currently in the process of buying a house and began to wonder why I was buying it!) Not much seemed to matter anymore, and I began to wonder what I was doing here. I felt it was time to go back home. It was a very strange and different energy with a sense of "finality". Here is the good news: August will bring in some very pivotal energy. The world AS WE KNOW IT will be ending. It's over. We get to go home, but home will be here. It is as if a decision has finally been made, and we will be doing an about face in a totally new direction.
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Uriel's Message--Relax

Many of you are preparing for great change in your life. You know it, you can feel it, you have been preparing for it and yet the actual events seem to come together very slowly. Relax, there is no way for you to rush this part of the journey. At times it may seem that the pieces of your life are being put together in reverse order but know that they are not. Each thing happens in exactly the proper order. You can feel the energetic changes on an emotional level which is why you alternately feel joy and sadness, elation and fear. Perhaps the next part of your life will be more joyful, more abundance, more satisfying. It will reflect the spiritual growth that you have achieved during this part of the Shift. If you worry, instead, that things are not occurring in the proper order, you will delay the final outcome. Your task during this process is to relax and enjoy the moment.
Cathy Olsen

Cathy Olsen > We Are Here

Hillis Pugh

Be thankful this day for personal evolution. 

Jennifer Hoffman
Many people live their lives fearing the day of judgment, when they stand before their Creator and are judged for what they have done, or not done, in their lives. There is a review of the soul's journey during the lifetime but there is no judgment, for the Creator does not judge. And with the Shift things have changed; there is a different process now because you are no longer so far removed from the spiritual world. Each of you is responsible for your own judgment and review and it occurs in the present moment. What this means is your soul journey is constantly being assessed and guided and you have the opportunity to change your path at any time in your lives.
Neale Donald Walsch

We conclude today our review of what humanity has been taught by its various teachers and religions about WHAT GOD WANTS regarding every area of our life. I hope you have been clipping and pasting these last few entries in your personal files, for great future reference when anybody wants to chat with you about traditional religious teachings.


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