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Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Retooling, Refining

Much more is happening within your being than you realize. Even though many channelers have stated something similar the past few weeks, we wish you to understand how instrumental this time in your transition truly is.

Jamye Price

You are becoming accustomed to a state of Being as you allow Life to flow with you and direct your creative focus toward your desires with a detached observance. 

Jamye Price

All Life comes from Love. The connective force that continues Life is an experience of giving of the Self so that Life continues. You see it in nature constantly.

Sarah Varcas

Throughout the first six months of 2013 Mars remains close to the Sun, sharing the same sign much of the time. This alliance between our unifying force (Sun) and our personal motivation (Mars) alerts us to the importance of careful reflection on issues of ambition and desire.

Celia Fenn

Yes indeed, this is a grand whammy! A very powerful moment in time....Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn with a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: November 29 - December 5, 2015

11/29 ~ Sun (core-identity) ~conjunct~ Saturn (responsibility): This energy gives you a strong dose of purpose & direction, but also reminds you that those big dreams require a solid foundation in order to flourish.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Looking Inward Always

In this dawn of your new life I come to lift you every moment into your true awareness of your Real consciousness, your Christ heart, your true self as Spirit, and I come now to reorient you that your life is lived, beloved one, each of you, from the living Spirit and that the realms of Love now become your one and only Home. So deep within you, you find the longing of your Real heart to be one life undivided, living each Now in joy, and awareness springs from the fountain of eternal life said to you, “You must be divided no more.” Every level of your being now says “Yes,” beloved one, and this, as you must know, is a crossroads of great magnitude. For the journey in this world is the belief in separation, and a belief in many levels and areas of the self. But your heart now cries for its home, its unity, its remembrance every moment of the Love that you are.
Rev. Angela Peregoff

As you open this email I will be jetting off with family and friends for a playful break from the "usual". Because of that I want to let you know that there will not be an energy read next Monday. I'll go ahead and outline the month ahead for you now. The energies will still be following a transdimensional pathway that continues to streamline and focus in a way that concentrates them like we have never seen. This isn't bad; just different. What will happen is that things will begin to open for you in ways you haven't seen coming.

Judith Coates

Beloved one, for generations of time the collective consciousness has been held back by generational thinking, old thinking: “This is the way our family has always done it; this is the way our family has always seen things.” And, therefore, the small ones are brought up with teaching. Sometimes it is outright teaching, but a lot of times it is subliminal, subconscious teaching.

Judith Coates

Oakbridge University > The Parable of the Multi-colored Cloak

Beloved one, when your news media brings you news of fresh disasters, which it loves to do, allow yourself to see the appearances, yes; do not deny appearances, but look a little further and ask, “How can I see this differently? What is beyond what seems to be apparent right away? How can this be for good?”


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