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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2590 Listening for God in One's Heart

When you hear Me so faintly saying to do something or not to do something, or to stay or to leave, will you kindly give some credence to the message you hear even if so faintly? Will you let not the moment pass?

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > October 2007: Creating Clarity

What I remember most about my early adult years is being confused all of the time.

Talyaa Liera

We have been as yet somewhat incomplete in our explanation of what we mean when we say "Love".

David R. Hamilton PhD

Scientists at Ohio State University, Ronald Glaser and Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, created small blisters on the skin of volunteers who were married to each other. First they asked the married couples to discuss a neutral topic, then they monitored the levels of a protein that is produced during wound healing over the next 3 weeks.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

The last Monday of October is here and I am pleased to again join your reality! The reconnecting tides of the October 22nd full moon are still influencing all souls who will be living on planet Earth after 2012. The New particles of Grace, Peace, Wisdom and Light of the next resonant era upon planet Earth are awakening another layer within her field of Life.

Harold W. Becker

The Love Foundation > Ever Expanding Love

Love is such an amazingly simple, elegant and universal expression of the very nature of life itself. It is present in every life-giving heartbeat and intrinsic in nebulas swirling with potential in far distant galaxies. It is felt in the beauty of each sunrise and in the gentle embrace of a smile. It is the sublime connection that does more than connect. It is the essence of all that we experience and in that which we have yet to imagine.

Jennifer Hoffman

It has been an interesting year so far and hasn't it gone by quickly? I can't believe that this is the first week of September and 2009 is nearly over. Have you accomplished what you wanted to yet? Do you feel like the healing just continues and the end is nowhere in sight?

Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman > Becoming a Cosmic Telepath

Beloved masters, we have given this information in the past; however, we must refresh your memory so that you will understand how the preparations of the past have led to the stage in the evolutionary process you are currently experiencing.

Meredith Murphy

Expect Wonderful > The Emergence of Beauty

The blossoming of the new heart, the emergence of the trusting, wide perspective; the emergence of the new human.  A vessel for the Soul, aligned and connected consciously to the host planet, to all-that-is, to the inner desires of the Omniverse, filtered through and attended to by the unique focal point of one specific soul incarnate: YOU.

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > The Power of Perspective: See with new eyes

This morning, I sat on a stool in my bathroom for almost thirty minutes watching my cat, Poupon, study the faucet on our tub. Just before I walked into the room, he somehow managed to turn the knob just enough for the handheld shower to slowly drip, drip, drip water into the tub below. By the time I arrived, he was sitting on the windowsill next to the faucet, trying to figure out where the water was coming from.


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