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Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika, Venia Benya    I AM the one;  I AM the whole I greet you my beloved family of the light. We are a family that is filled with individuals who are walking the earth plane. All of you who have come together within this room, all the individuals who are not consciously present but are energetically present with us. This family is growing all the time. There are new people becoming aware of the different shifts in energies that are happening around them and they are seeking ways in which they can expand and grow through their own personal journey. We are holding the space that allows for these individuals to find any of you within this group. We are holding the space for each of you to grow and expand upon your personal journey; allowing you to move in whichever direction brings you joy, excitement, and a greater amount of balance within your life.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! The Venus Transit brought in a New foundation and a New energy, resulting in many adjustments and changes and there is much to tell! We have arrived in a New World and we are learning its New language and ways of being. The foundation now beneath us, the New air that we breathe, and the life force that pulses through our veins and sustains us is now of the feminine, of love and of abundance. We must adjust to this and “become” this New blueprint if we are to prosper and thrive, and what a wonderful New way to have to adjust to!
Steve Rother
I have been presenting the Beacons of Light Reminders from Home every month since February of 1996. All of our work at Lightworker is founded on the empowering information given in these channels. The message you are about to read was the first time we have presented the Beacons of Light channel in front of a live audience. We give live channels all over the globe every two weeks but this was the first time the Beacons of Light ~ Re-minder from Home was presented in this way. We are now attempting to take the Beacons LIVE on the road whenever possible. This will allow us to share with you our experience of this great family of Light that we experience when we travel. When Barbara and I go to a ‘foreign’ country we get first hand experience at seeing that we are in fact all the same and all looking for the same answers. The Group says the joke is on us. . . we are all the same.
David Brown

Kryon (South Africa) > "The Whole Inner Child"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service. It is wonderful to be with this group this night. In lives gone by you have all worked together as healers; not only on this planet but on many others and in many other universes too.
Karen Bishop

With all this New “love” energy abounding, why are we not feeling so good? “Are things EVER going to get better?” you might be asking yourself. Are things EVER going to change? The Venus Transit brought in the “love and abundance” energy, moving us toward higher consciousness.

Celia Fenn
Beloved Ones - you are moving through a window of siginificant opportunity at this time. For many of you there is the possibility of fully aligning yourselves into the Present by healing your Past Lives to center in the Present and create the Future. In your 3D world of the recent past, you incarnated into human bodies unaware of your past lives. This was another of the "veils" that hid your real identity from you. But as these veils are lifted now, you begin to see how many of you have lived out soul "habits" and "addictions" , whose source you could not locate. These "soul dramas" you called "life", and you became fearful of "life", feeling that so often bad or unhappy things happened to you for no reason.
Celia Fenn
This is indeed a wonderful message that we bring you today. We wish you to know that the first "wave" of Transitioners has now arrived at "New Earth" frequency. Many of you are ready to stabilize into this frequency. And to experience the joy and peace that is to be found there. And as you stabilize - you will hold this frequency for those who come after you. And more and more people will arrive. In fact, as you hold this frequncy for the planet, you enable more and more to begin their transition, their souls safe in the knowledge that you are "holding" them in their shift. And because of this, and because of your work, it will become easier and easier for people to make the transition. Understand, dearest citizens of New Earth, that this frequency is high and fine and clear. You will have to work to maintain it at first, since those around you will not yet be "there". We advise you to avoid all "dramas" and hold your centre in peace and calm.
Kate Spreckley

The world as a whole is changing so rapidly that many of you are battling to keep up. What happened yesterday is no longer relevant to today and what happened today will not be relevant tomorrow. The future doesn't exist except in our minds where most of you spend so much time thinking, planning and worrying.

Celia Fenn
Dearest Ones, it is time to speak of the initiation that many of you are passing through at this time. Especially those of you who are lightworkers and leaders. You are being asked to release and heal all traces of spiritual ego, both from this life and past lives. This is so important right now, because you are about to embark on the great adventure of creating the New Earth. This project will be a group venture and all will be required to work together under the guidance of Spirit. You will be required to assist, share with and support others. Spiritual ego often gets in the way. What is Spiritual Ego Spiritual ego may be defined as excessive pride in ones's spiritual achievements (which is not the same as self-worth or self-esteem). Or it may be felt negatively, as a sense of not being "good enough" to undertake the tasks defined to you by Spirit.


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