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Pamela Kribbe

I am Mary, mother of Jeshua.  I am here to reach out to you and bring to you the female aspect of the Christ energy. It is direly needed for most of you right now.  You are going through a deep process of transformation. There’s a large group of lightworkers on Earth right now and they have partly awakened, partly remembered who they are.  In fact one can distinguish between three groups of lightworkers, or three stages in which they may find themselves in this transformation process.

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > July 2010: Divergence

We spoke last month about a divergence in energy — internal vs. external — which continues on in the present month, deepening and becoming more plainly evident. Last September there was a significant nexus or choice point made which resulted in some noticeable change for many of you.

Celia Fenn

Since the Grand Cross Alignment of June, you have been in a "window of opportunity" where you are given the chance to use the powerful incoming Diamond Light Energy to illuminate any patterns of illusion and deception that remain in your life. As you release these old patterns on deep levels of your being, you create space and release energy for more creative possibilities in your present and future.

Elleke Rocks

“We are with you when you open your eye, your other yet closed. We are with you when you take your first conscious breath of the day. We are the angels you have been asking for. When you had your nightmares, and couldn't resist falling into fear. We heard you every step of the way.

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. We hear your prayers and know your worries dear ones, but if you knew the truth of God's love for you and the reality of life on earth you would never have to worry again. You would trust that wherever you find yourself, all is in perfection. You would know that whatever anyone else is experiencing is exactly what they need at that point for their soul's education.

Ailia Mira

There have been so many months and these rolled into years when we were isolated, and profoundly challenged.  We felt our energy and our mental focus slipping away.  We lost jobs, relationships, a sense of energetic purpose and began to realize we were going through this complete metamorphosis of our physical bodies.  We embraced this and learned about becoming crystalline; re-wired to carry, anchor and flow higher vibration light.

Jennifer Hoffman

An echo is created when sound waves are reflected off of a hard surface, which results in the continuous repetition of the sound until the sound waves lose momentum and finally become so faint they can no longer be heard. The volume of the echo depends on the strength of the original sound and the distance between its source and the hard surface. If you have ever created and then listened to an echo, you know two things about it:  it repeats exactly what is said (and no more) and does so until there is no more energy in the sound waves, at which time it just fades away.

Mirri Rocks

The Archive of the Universe > Molecules DNA and Freedom - Signs

Our body is the portal to everything inside and outside ourselves. Everything is connected with each other, everything is in essence the same. It carries the imprint of the alien-codes, that creates time and space. Like a memory storage device. We are ancient beings that contain all knowledge of the universe in our DNA.

Doreen Virtue

This week, in response to my prayers, I received visions and messages about the mechanics of how our reoccurring thoughts manifest into reality. This is so exciting, because the angels showed both the energetic basis AND the solution for reoccurring negative patterns!

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for July 2010

After the powerful planetary alignments of June the beginning of July finds us at across road. The alignments of last month created a tremendous force for change with the climax occurring with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th June. The energy created an opportunity for us to begin recognising where our life is out of balance and the chance to begin reforming our ways of living.


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