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Navajo > And On The Seventh Day…

Now, as we have just entered the 7th day, we are constantly hearing about full disclosure of extraterrestrial life. The world-wide web and the internet, in fact, only just prepared our baby minds for the upcoming galactic communications that are imminent. Spiralling wildly out of control now, we will need to dance our way into the 9th and final level of creation: the Universal Era.

Cheryl Richardson

While going through some old computer files last week, I found an email I sent to a friend – a woman who needed love and compassion while struggling with a tough situation. Today I’m sending it to you…

Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Change

What is change really? It is simply something different in your life. And, no matter how much energy you give to how you think something will go, it is going to play out to its own directions, no matter how much you try to control it. Changes help to get you past a routine in your life that has become just that, routine. 

Ann Albers

As you examine your lives, realize that each and every action has merit. Each and every word you utter can be uttered with love and consciousness, or uttered carelessly. Like the leaves drift on the wind to land in places the tree may never see, so too your words, deeds, and actions will land in various ways that you cannot imagine. Send beauty out into the world dear friends. Send love.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

In Science of Mind we often hear the phrase that thoughts are things. I believe that more powerful than the thought itself is the belief you hold about the thought or words you speak. Holmes refers to this as the "fire in the belly." Your conviction and belief powers your word to become true and manifest in form.

Lynda Hill

November's Scorpio new Moon, falling on November 6, is one of communications, connections, making new contacts and renewing contacts with people from the past. The Sabian Symbol is Scorpio 14: Telephone Linesmen At Work Installing New Connections.

Kelly M. Beard

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of trial and suffering
can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared,
ambition inspired, and success achieved.

- Helen Keller -

Hillis Pugh

The world was created in oneness, a single entity, biosphere containing all life to aide in harmony and evolution. When the Earth was born, It was in natural harmony and oneness of Its own; one land mass and body of water; until universal counter energies intervened and the Earth, Itself decided to separate the land mass. This was a sacrifice made to experience a different form of harmony, within Itself. The Earth is as much as alive as we are.

Michelle Coutant

Michelle Coutant > A Meditation: The Oneness Of All Creation

In these magnificent times of great change, always remember that we are here with you. Those of the higher realms are here with you in every Now Moment. We have never left you. It is the illusion of the third dimensional frequency that leads you to believe that you are alone. In each Now Moment, when you stray from the love of your Sacred Heart, breathe deeply and return your consciousness into your Sacred Heart. Return to this love, beloved ones. It is here in your heart that you find your deepest connection to your God Self.

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch > The Importance of Separation

As I'm sure you must know, most human beings imagine themselves to be separate from God. Out of this idea, humans imagine themselves to be separate from each other as well. Yet no human is separate from God, since God is Everything That Is. Therefore humans are not, and cannot be, separate from each other.


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