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Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, we wish to continue your lessons regarding the ascension process. It is important for you understand that your physical vessel was encoded for the return to the higher vibrational, more rarified realms of Light from the inception of your earthly embodiment experiences. Also, as humanity evolves, growing in wisdom and becoming more aware of the science and the intricacies of ascension, there have been many adjustments to the process over the past several hundred years.

David Brown

Kryon (South Africa) > Flow into the New World

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be back here in the Marina da Gama. There is much love and much change in the air; many, many different energies approaching and the energies of Mars and Venus become closer and closer bringing love and the aggressive energy to shake out what stops you loving. There is a whole new world ahead and your energies must be clear.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This past year for all of you has been a year of clearing, of cleansing, of healing, and of letting go.  It has been a year of coming full circle into your heart, into your truth, and into the hidden corridors of your mind and of your brain.  It has been a year when finally many things have been exposed to you that have always been in front of your eyes, but that you have refused to look at. 

Cheryl Richardson

I don't know about you, but I'm happy to say goodbye to 2008. Although it's been a year of tremendous growth and positive change, I'm ready for a fresh, new beginning where I can deepen my practice of extreme self care and establish a renewed sense of optimisim and hope for our collective future.

Celia Fenn
Well here we are, in the quiet days after Christmas, and there I was lying on the bed listening to the roaring sounds in my head and wondering what was going on this time! When I asked, I was shown a crystalline shape that was spinning very fast, and when I asked for more information, the following channel came through from Archangel Michael, so I am sharing it here with you in case you are also wondering what is happening.
Jennifer Hoffman
Everything on the earth plane and in the world of spirit is yours. It is yours by divine right and is always available to you. It is not the nature of the Creator to deny, all abundance is a wellspring that you can draw from at any time. Are you aware of this wellspring?
Pepper Lewis

I believe that I have weathered many an emotional storm 'on a wing and a prayer' and I credit my spiritual awakening for a well-balanced disposition regarding life's ups and downs.

Elleke Rocks

The Archive of the Universe > The tune of crystal care

Giving ourselves the crystal care we need

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Happy New You!

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As you approach the final days of 2008 look back, not with sighs of relief that a challenging year is over, but rather with a gentle celebration of gratitude. Each and every day is a blessing. No matter what trials or difficulties you have endured, they have forged you and strengthened you in your awareness of God.

Mirri Rocks

The Archive of the Universe > Worldpeace: We are one and I love you!

In these days I experienced a deeper truth inside myself. I feel that I like LOVE a lot. That I love to honor the truth of myself and of others. It’s important to speak your truth and to share your experiences and your energy. I also feel deep inside my soul that it doesn’t matter anymore if something resonates or not. It’s about the love. We don’t have to live in a vibration that totally resonates with ours. In a way we are seeking the feeling of home, outside ourselves I feel.


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