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Esther and Jerry Hicks

Jerry: In the area of government, who do you feel, among us, is the best qualifed to set the standards, terms, and conditions of life for the rest of us?

Lynette Leckie-Clark

Kuthumi School of Wisdom > The Season of Balance

My friends, it is I Kuthumi who comes to speak to you once more. I bring to you the Emerald Ray of the heart. To cleanse, heal and also to invigorate you. It is time to move forward in your life. To release all threads, which the ego holds so desperately, release the past. It has no place in your emotional body. Move forward in the prism of Light and Planet time.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Creating Balance

Our ascension path is both ending and beginning as we move from polarity to balance. We accomplish this work in two different avenues, by seeking reconnection to Source and closure with the energies we have come to complete. We do both by trying to find balance between what we feel emotionally and what we know spiritually, balancing our memories of the past and their application in the present.

Kelly M. Beard

"In Initiations, spending a significant period of time under difficult conditions is part of the dismemberment that severs one from ease and complacency.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Within the human being is a seed of hope a divine blueprint that has promised never to leave. A seed that stays planted no matter how bad the weather and storms of life may be. So many people have worked so hard only to see their dreams laid to rest in a barren thirsty soil.

Neale Donald Walsch
Throw Caution To The Wind!

Can you no longer make a simple observation?

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Keys to the New World: Forgiveness and Love

Beloved one, let Me show you the world in which you are meant to live in which every leaf on every tree is limed in gold, where great rays of golden Light are always shining from the Heavens and bathing you in warmth and waves of Love.

Cheryl Richardson

Yesterday I participated in a fundraising golf tournament with my mom and dad, some of my brothers and sisters, and my husband, Michael. It was a beautiful, late summer day with bright sunshine, a gentle breeze, and plenty of excited players. Although I'm not a golfer, I too, was excited to spend the day outside in nature with my family. That said, I wasn't excited to golf.

Shanta Gabriel

The Earth is hanging in Balance waiting to see how the people will show up for her.  A call is going out to those who care about the environment.  A way is being found to turn the tide toward healing and a wave of new energy is being sent to the planet to encourage people to step forward and make a difference.  This wave of unprecedented power is from the Angelic Dimensions and s

Michelle Coutant

Michelle Coutant > You Are More Powerful Than You Know

There are those of the shadows, who have conspired over eons of time to place you in a position of darkness, of fear, of disempowerment through control, and the taking of your personal power.  They have succeeded in the past, controlling collective consciousness, by placing humanity in a “herd state”.  The time has come for humanity, to simply say no to these actions, to simply reject fear, disempowerment, and all that no longer servers the highest good.  It is simply a matter of choosing to partake only of that which brings you love, joy, harmony and empowerment.


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