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Rebecca Couch

Greetings, beloveds.  It is always a pleasure to be with you in this way. We join you in the light of consciousness; we join you in the presence of love, for that is all there is. Love is all that you are. It is important to remember this above all else. So there is always the state of forgiveness as it is as ever-present as love.

Lynette Leckie-Clark

I greet you once more in love, unity and Oneness of al that is, and that which has been. As I come forward to you now, I bring with me the Will of God the Creator, and His Blessing of Light to you.

Jennifer Hoffman
2008 is nearly over and what a challenging year it has been. Looking back through the past twelve months I can now see the clearing and transformations that occurred, how the shifts and portals have been working, where the new energies have been focused and how all of the pieces played together to bring us to this moment.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2959 New Year of Fulfillment

This is it, beloveds, this is the Year of Change. Not just change. Year of New Beginnings. Year of Unsurpassed Dreams and Their Fulfillment. This is the year that Heaven and Earth meet. They blend. They more clearly become one. This is the year you have been waiting for, and now it is at hand.

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > 2009: The Year in advance

We will call 2009 a bridge year; a year of transition.

We speak to you on a regular and ongoing basis about change. Change is something that is always present within your experience. It is part of your purpose, but 2009 will very likely represent to you as you look back on it later, as again, a bridge-a transition.

Christina Lunden
This time of year is always powerful. It is that way because of our expectations. Don't you expect something to change or happen just because one year is ending and another one beginning? It really is just another day but because of our collective thoughts, we make this a very powerful time.
Lauren C. Gorgo
We are the Council of Light here to exonerate you from your missions of divine service. Praytell.
Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > The Winter Solstice: Bringing in the Light

This channel is from the night of the winter solstice (the summer solstice for my friends in the southern hemisphere!).  This was also the beginning of Chanukah.  The Goddess spoke of bringing light into the darkest day of the year; the light from the candles of Chanukah and the Christ light.  I could feel the energies of Abraham, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men and all involved in the birth of Christ so strongly!

Harold W. Becker

In every moment and with each breath we take we have choice.  We can witness the beauty, grandness and perfection that always surround us, or we can identify with a perception that somehow things are not as they should be.  Either way, we get to make the distinction personally. Such is the amazing power each of us wields. 

Celia Fenn
I am sure that most of you felt the wollop of Light that surged through the Collective Consciousness on the week-end. I know that I am still buzzing with the energy. I spent most of Sunday just being very quiet and very still and working to integrate the powerful Light.


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