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Mirri Rocks

The Archive of the Universe > Molecules DNA and Freedom - Signs

Our body is the portal to everything inside and outside ourselves. Everything is connected with each other, everything is in essence the same. It carries the imprint of the alien-codes, that creates time and space. Like a memory storage device. We are ancient beings that contain all knowledge of the universe in our DNA.

Doreen Virtue

This week, in response to my prayers, I received visions and messages about the mechanics of how our reoccurring thoughts manifest into reality. This is so exciting, because the angels showed both the energetic basis AND the solution for reoccurring negative patterns!

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for July 2010

After the powerful planetary alignments of June the beginning of July finds us at across road. The alignments of last month created a tremendous force for change with the climax occurring with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th June. The energy created an opportunity for us to begin recognising where our life is out of balance and the chance to begin reforming our ways of living.

Judith Coates

Beloved one, once upon a time, before there was time, there was and is and forever will be outside of time an Isness, a consciousness, if you will, an Intelligence that will be forever beyond time. It exists now, as you understand time, and it will exist forever, as you understand time, because time is limited. You feel that in your daily lives. You feel the limitations of time.

Hillis Pugh

Recently I wrote about relationships, and how we must have a relationship with ourself. To create a healthy relationship with ourself, we must look at our purpose(s) and passion(s). All we do and are revolves around them, both consciously and unconsciously. When a goal, job, or any action or thought feels forced, it is not in alignment with purpose. When there is a natural flow to all we do, when it feels effortless, then we are in alignment with our purpose.

Nancy Leilah Ward

For a few weeks before and after the Solstice on June 21, I felt a “thickness” in the energy. It was as if we had flowed up to the ceiling and were all crowded together waiting for the portalway to open. Now I feel it has opened and we’ve been slowly moving through it – so as not to get the spiritual “bends.” We are creating as we go along – there is absolutely no one, whether a psychic or even the beings that some of us channel – that knows how this journey is going to play out.

Michelle Coutant

Michelle Coutant > You Are Limitless, Access The Wisdom Of The Cosmos

We, of the higher realms await you, as you bridge the gap between the lower vibrations which you have been steeped in, and the higher vibrations which are being showered upon your planet, your solar system, and your galaxy. It takes time, in the linear third dimension, and the fourth dimension, to incorporate this light and the higher vibrations. The gap grows more narrow, less pronounced as those of you, with great determination, do the work that is needed for you to bridge this gap.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

The Creator has gifted you within this moment in NOW with an etheric crystal rose that will be placed in your Heart Chakra with your permission. Close your eyes and if you sense it appropriate, allow this Messenger to place this etheric crystal rose within your Heart Chakra. It carries a beautiful LOVE frequency from HOME that will serve as a reminder that you are not this human form but a brilliant Being of Light far more powerful than you currently remember possible.

Christina Lunden

Mother Earth is fully involved in the birthing process now.  If we look at the seismic graphs of where she is moving the most, it is in the Pacific basin, called The Ring of Fire.  We can expect that to continue for quite a while, with new land eventually showing up in the Pacific Ocean.  South America’s west coast and North America’s California need to be prepared through the end of this year for major movement as well.  While these shifts are seemingly random at times they all are purposeful in bringing in the new world.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The following is the fourth and final message that we received, during our latest journey to the Maya lands, in March 2010. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with little editing. We do this for a very important reason.


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