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Neale Donald Walsch

There are many ways to meditate, and it was a wonderful discovery when I learned this. One of the most powerful forms of meditation for me is what I have called Stopping Meditation. The reason this is so powerful for me is that it can be done anywhere, and it takes very little time. Therefore, it is perfect for busy people "on the go."

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Tiny Treats: The secret to a good life

I’m just getting back (late last night) from a trip to Italy with Michael.  It was our first real vacation since his illness and we had an amazing time.  I need to digest the experience, so, while I do, I thought I’d share a little wisdom from our Facebook community.  Before I left, I invited people to offer their favorite little treats – the simple things that make life enjoyable on a daily basis.  We had lots of great ideas.  Take a look at some of them and add something new to your daily repertoire this week!  

Karen Downing

Karen Downing > The Illusion Of Control

Who is really in control of your life? Until you understand the answer to this question, you will not be able to go past a certain point on your spiritual growth. Control is actually a conditioned belief, a belief that humanity holds that authoritative figures must be the ones to dictate laws, moral code and behaviors of another. But, when this is taking place, then a soul is not truly the master of their own life.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > The Energies of August

July went by so quickly that I look back on the last 31 days and wonder what happened. Where did the time go? In many ways last month appeared to be less challenging than May and June but was it really? Or are we now so accustomed to the roller coaster that we can anticipate the wild ride and don't get so excited about it? I think this is partly true and August brings a whole new set of energies for us to consider.

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > The Exponential Power of your Choices

From the tiniest one-celled organism in the seas to the multi-faceted creations of Divine Light, the spark of unity exists within. This driving force in the human being causes a desire for union, misused and misunderstood from the beginning. Now being translated to a desire for global unity consciousness, this impulse for union acts as an inter-dimensional shift occurring on many levels at one time.

Emmanuel Dagher

Hi my extraordinary friend! Has feeling unmotivated these past few months been a common theme in your life? Many of us have probably not felt like our self at all lately! If you have been experiencing this, not to worry as it has merely been a physical manifestation of the major energetic processing we've been experiencing on the cellular level from all the astrological alignments and solar energy waves we have been receiving pretty much on a daily basis!

Talyaa Liera

In this month, time again seems to speed up. The seeds you have been sowing will find fruit in the harvest beginning this month – in other words, the inner work, external projects, and anything else begun earlier this year (and even back into late 2009) begins to bear fruit in some tangible way starting this month.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Just as the Star Elders predicted, we are in a huge integration period initiated by grand alignments, eclipses, the solstice and the accelerating energies of the Maya calendars. The cycles are quickening and intensifying at a multiplying rate of speed. Many people feel exhausted, and we need to sleep more and do less. Many of us are having little health scares in various forms. We are feeling emotional for no apparent reason. Our bodies are under great pressure to assimilate the energy pulses from tsunami size waves of heightened frequencies of light.

Kara Schallock

During this time of Ascension, the Earth is bringing about incredible change. Whenever there is an opportunity for incredible change many, many energies will gather for the sake of being there, simply wanting to experience being in a vicinity of change. The nature of this change is magnetically drawing back all previously involved energies to participate in the liberation of the control of humans.

Kelly M. Beard

This month is ALL ABOUT YOU ... the NEW you!! Release all that is no longer "truth" for you - on all levels. Begin the process of integrating these amazing new aspects you've recently discovered about your Self and HONOR who you have worked so hard to become!!


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