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Lauren C. Gorgo

With the dawning of a new age comes great anticipation, requiring exceptional patience and measured restraint.


Selacia > The Heart of Humanity Speaks

Some say humanity is now living in its 11th hour, the last moment when change is thought possible. Examples are all around you of other species nearly or already extinct. Beneath the oceans and under modern day cities, also, are clues about ancient human civilizations which vanished relatively quickly due to either abrupt changes in weather patterns or human-caused misapplication of natural laws.
Celia Fenn
I woke up this morning right into the Solar Eclipse. Unexpectedly. I had no idea it would be visible in southern Africa...I kinda missed that one. So I woke up and I looked out the window and I thought two things....why is my head buzzing and why is it so dim out there when there are no clouds anywhere. Then, I went outside and realized I was right in the middle of the eclipse, and the buzzing in my head was a tingling in the pituitary gland that was not that unpleasant. So I had a first class experience of the Eclipse!
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The New Moon Solar Eclipse which will take place January 25-26, 2009, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which will take place February 9, 2009, and the two weeks in between these celestial events, are providing a unique window of opportunity through which the Light of God will flow to greatly empower whatever we focus our at
Cheryl Richardson

I've just returned from spending the weekend at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, where I had the pleasure of teaching with Dr. Joan Borysenko, author of several books including her most recent, "Saying Yes to Change," and Dr. Jonathan Ellerby, author of the new book, "Return to the Sacred." We held four gatherings throughout the weekend that focused on self care and spiritual well-being.

Rebecca Couch

Hello beautiful ones, It is always a pleasure to be with you in this way.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2982 Let Go of Lists of Errors

Where did that anxiety you feel in your stomach come from? You were going along just fine, and then suddenly you began to feel fraught with anxiety about what you said or what you wrote or what you did, about how you could have done it differently, better, how you could have spoken up or not spoken at all, how you may have over-asserted yourself or not asserted yourself enough.

Elleke Rocks
You feel a breeze, gently you turn around. Suddenly time stands still. You see a human angel. A wonderful glow is surrounding her, her eyes goes right into you heart. You cannot do anything else than smile, you feel warm. A few seconds you both stand still. Then she walks further with the wind, and you continue your journey. A moment of deep contact has occurred.
Celia Fenn

Well, that may seem like quite a shopping list of topics for today's log, but that is just the way things have come up. We are moving towards the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse on Monday the 26th. As I mentioned in the last log, we are experiencing some really deep and profound changes on a level that we do not really understand. This is because we have moved from the cycle of "re-balancing" and into a cycle of "evolution.

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > The Emerging New Reality

We have made great progress the past few days, all, as always, in divine and perfect order. Moving into this new space, and this new reality, creates certain steps and phases that must take place, as all transitions do.


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