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Jennifer Hoffman
Our journey into wholeness is a challenge on many levels because we have lived so long with the energy of separation, from our Self and our Source, that we believe that in order to integrate Spirit we must release something else. The only thing we have to release, though, is our belief in the imperfection of the mind and body and to learn to become integrated humans.
Cheryl Richardson

In honor of Memorial Day and those in the military, I've decided to rerun a newsletter about a man I deeply respect and admire who has supported members of the military and their families for years. His name is Andrew Carroll and I wrote this after a meeting with Andy a few years ago...

Rebecca Couch
Beloved ones, there is so much to do and yet there is only one thing that is important in it: that you remain in your sacred heart centered on love. Sounds easy, but it doesn't have to become your  life’s effort when it is just your choice in every moment that creates the unified outcome. And so it seems, especially when you least expect it, this is the answer.
Karen Bishop

While almost fully removed from our old realities in so many ways, feeling homeless is perhaps now our only option, even if we may not know why. Perhaps wandering around with no clear sense of “home” quite yet, we might not know where we belong, or even what we will be doing next…even though at some level we know very well that something very new is on the very near horizon.


Selacia > A Look at the Future

In a number of metaphysical circles, there is the idea that humanity's future is predestined.  According to this view, the human race and the planet are certain to ascend into higher consciousness in a predetermined way.  The process of creation, however, is not one of predetermination.  Humanity's future is not rigidly laid out. So what is happening? 

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2942 God Carries Us

When something is hard for you to do, call on Me. Allow Me to be by your elbow. Allow Me to help. Please know you are never alone. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, I am with you. I am with you in every sense of the word. I am here. I am here. I am here.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Center of the Sun > Abundance is on the way to you

Abundance is on the way to you. It has been written and activated into the ethers and the creative force of the universe. If you listen, you can feel the energy of abundance, prosperity and resources are returning. A corner has been turned. You can feel this as a lightening in your heart. Something, some burden has been lifted from your shoulders.
Celia Fenn
I have posted visual material for the Brazilian gatherings, so I thought I would share with you some images of the work we did in Buenos Aires in Argentina. I also did a Diamond Light gathering in Montevideo in Uruguay, but unfortunately I do not have any visuals from that event although the energy was very powerful.

Our Buenos Aires event was held at Espacio Mandala in San Isidro.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > A Grateful Heart

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Allow yourselves to stop, breathe, and appreciate life. It is all too easy to focus on what is not working, what needs to be done, and what bothers you, and ye, there is so much around you to be grateful for.

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

My beautiful dog, Staci, a shepherd mix, that I've had for 13 years, got a terrible infection in her leg last week. I rushed her to the vet and she was diagnosed with cancerous tumor that caused it.


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