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Talyaa Liera

We wish to comment on the recent oil spill occurring in the Gulf of Mexico. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic or obvious, the fallout and end result of this spill is anticipated to be both more far-reaching than presently imagined and unclear as to scope for many years to come. Both the magnitude of this spill and the ongoing responses and effects are presently underestimated by the majority of the scientific community. This is, in a way, understandable, as the event is unprecedented in human history — previous spills did not occur in heavily populated areas, and the Gulf is a central oceanic pivot point, essentially affecting a vastly larger section of the planet’s total oceans than the area of the Gulf itself.

Brenda Hoffman

You have been reading about the changes that occurred in the recent energy bursts and are yet to occur in 2010. Is your life that much different from last week? Or do you continue to wait for those AHA sensations to direct you to your next piece of chaos? We wish to discuss your need for excitement, for danger. Perhaps you have not yet acknowledged to yourself that you are addicted to trauma and chaos.

Jennifer Hoffman

Like many of you, I have felt the energies of Saturday's eclipse building for several weeks. And they have been challenging at best, including physical and emotional symptoms that have left me exhausted, drained and confused. At times I feel like I am exploring a cave deep underground, wondering what treasures I'm going to find and at each turn, finding yet another tunnel that leads me in a new direction that is farther, it feels, from where I want to be. And my only light is a strobe light, which reveals only part of what I need to see. With this eclipse a lot of energies were released but now what?

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As each person walks forward in their life, there is a set of energetic time prints, that they announce to the world.  As earth walks forward into newly formed dunes of progression it will seem and feel as if one is left completely alone. No one beside them, to hold them, to help them, to assist them or ‘sew it seams’.  The energies of the Angels on high come to lift you into a place where you can not fall or falter. The restless flight ends as the angels on high escort you into a safe harbor

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Desire

Let Me fill you, beloved one, with this radiant Love that you might recognize yourself in this. As you feel this Love as the center of your being, then with your heart you understand that this is what you are made of. You understand that the persona that you experience in this world of ego is just the thinnest veneer, truly a skin that creates for you a space in which to interact with the rest of the Love that we share.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Center of the Sun > The Three Concepts ~ A Message from Jeshua

Among many of my teachings, three concepts have more importance today than ever before. The first concept is "As above, so below." The second is "What I have done, you can do also …. and greater things." And the third and most important concept is "The Kingdom of Heaven is within."

Celia Fenn

Yes indeed, this is a grand whammy! A very powerful moment in time....Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn with a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > The Angel of Freedom Awaits your Invitation

The impulse for true freedom is within every living heart. It is a gift from the Divine Source that births all innate impulse and expression. Just as the strength of the wave breaking on a beach carries with it the mighty force of the vast ocean behind it, the impulse for true freedom within each being carries the greater power of the Divine Source of all Nature.

Pepper Lewis

Dear Readers: This is the second segment of an ongoing series. If you are unfamiliar with the first part I hope will take the time to find it and read it. To recap, this is a detailed account of a dialog between a young woman of extra-terrestrial origin and myself, with assistance from Gaia. She was born here on Earth, the daughter of two ET parents. When she turned five (based upon earth chronology), her parents arranged for her to visit her home world. She lived upon her ancestral world for the equivalent of twelve years, although less than one earth year had elapsed. She is a grown woman now, able to exist upon two worlds with relatively minor adjustments, and with vital and purposeful messages to offer both worlds.

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Realize you are in relationship here with your Mother Earth and she is, at this time, very much in need of your love and prayers. Her heart has been pierced for centuries by the hatred and judgment amongst her children and now she has been lanced and her lifeblood is rushing into your oceans. Like any mother, she will remain strong if she knows her children love and need her.


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