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Steve Rother
From Steve: In this message the group gave us a current overview from three different perspectives. They looked at current events in relationship to the Earth's changing role, the sun's changes and how that will affect everyone. On the cosmic level they mentioned an event that is taking place now that they say fits into the larger picture quite well. They talked about the particles from what we call solar storms to the seeds of the universe.
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Collectively you enter a new grade of the school of creative financing standing at a point in-between what you once believed to be possible and what you now see in the world. Hold tightly to the spiritual lifeline that dangles from the high cliffs as you try over and over again to propel up the side of what seems to be an insurmountable slick surface. All techniques you have been taught in the past do not seem to adhere to the molecules of this new world that writes its own rules
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > True Abundance

As you enter this year, you have the opportunity to truly step through a new opening in the veil of time. This opening is calling to you now, lifting and attuning your heart. It brings with it the memories of Home and of our tender and intimate Love, the communion of life that we share eternally.
Shelly Dressel

Nama sika; venia benya  I AM the one, I AM the whole ~ I greet you my beloved family! I reach out to each one and embrace you as you come into this space in which we gather. Welcome to a new year upon your earth, 2009, a master number.  A master year will unfold for each one of you and for the collective consciousness of the entire world.  As I am looking forward at the myriad potentials that are within and around each one of you and that are within and around everything happening upon the earth, I feel excitement.

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > Released!

We're in the midst of some interesting energies unusual combination that we may perhaps, not be used to. In times past when we encountered waves of light, we may have experienced a strong sense that it was indeed here, with miracles abounding, surges felt in our physical bodies, or even waves of overload and tension.
Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

It's funny how we can create scenarios in our mind. We envision the way we think things will turn out. The problem is, life sometimes has totally different things in store for us then we expected! We can make all the plans we want and sometimes our lives go exactly the way we envision, but in all reality life tends to get messy.

Doreen Virtue

Indigo Children are often perfectionists, and they can be very hard on themselves. They beat themselves up for every perceived infraction. One of the reasons why they become aggressively defensive when you scold them is that they're already painfully aware that they've made a mistake.

Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne W. Dyer > Having It All

It is a simple procedure to calculate the number of seeds in an apple. But who among us can ever say how many apples are in a seed? No one-and the reason is that the answer is infinite. Endless! That is what the abundance principle is all about: endlessness.

Carrie Hart

Quado > The Time for Isolation is Past

The truth does not honor your desire for lack of change.  That is honored by fear, not truth.  The truth, the rightness within you that urges you to step out into the unknown, requires much courage and much faith.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2911 The Garden of Knowing

What urge is it within you that craves to know the answer to everything? Beloveds, knowledge has its limits. As soon as you know something, it is all sewn up. You have sewed it up. You have made a complete circle and enclosed it. When you keep the circle completed, you keep other possibilities out.


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