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Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

It is good to stop protesting and “fighting” things or issues. If something in the world is wrong then do something in your own world that is right. Work to support your cause out of love and righteousness. For example, if you are in support of Gay rights, stop being angry at those that do not.


Selacia > Creating New Paradigm Relationships

Now is the time of new beginnings. You have the opportunity in 2010 for greater potency, more loving relationships, and more connection to your purpose and path of light. In this very month of February, and in the time leading up to the annual Wesak of May, there is an accelerated momentum of positive energy. In February, also, there is often an emphasis on love and relationships, providing a useful catalyst to the creation of new paradigm relationships.

Hillis Pugh

I previously wrote about the power of creation. We have the ability to manifest our goals, desires, purposes and passions. Along with this power comes the responsibility to wield it properly. We must take responsibility of our own creations, our manifestations and our gifts. God, the Creator, the Universe takes responsibility for His creations, us, His children. We are His responsibility. He provides and nurtures us daily, everything from the air we breathe to the building materials for our home to live, sleep and eat in.

Karen Bishop

The high/low, up/down pattern with the energies continues, as we move forward with creating the new reality one piece at a time. Now, we are creating and moving energy at some very deep levels, as we have made great progress enabling us to begin new phases in setting up a very new reality. Last Thursday, February 4th, we had yet another shift, and although these shifts feel very unpleasant when they occur, they are none-the-less creating their original intentions…

Lauren C. Gorgo

Lets face it...based on societal standards (and even our own standards at times)...we are freaks. And not just because we live our lives according to some invisible promise of a better world, but because we have have been hibernating like hermits for what seems like eternity...holed up like badgers, watching dozens of seasons go by so we could disconnect from every possible 3d dimensional reality matrix steeped in fear & limitation.

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

So how do we create Heaven on Earth dear friends? It’s simple, if you’ve got sh*t in your heart, body or soul, dump it.

Jennifer Hoffman

If our path has unlimited choices, why do we seem to move from one choice to another, seeing only one option before us and too often it is just as bad as the situation we are currently in? Of course there are no bad choices or options, but when we are in dire straits and the light at the end of the tunnel is very dim, we can feel pretty hopeless.

Elleke Rocks

The Archive of the Universe > The tune of sharing yourself

For everyone who is going through a hard period, or feels just like me and Joshua a bit sad or depressed I have made this "blow the blues away" list with things we can do to make the best of it.

Cheryl Richardson

This week I completed a new card deck called "My Daily Affirmations" that will be available at the end of the summer. It's a deck that inspires you to work with affirmations every day that support meaningful relationships, prosperity, vibrant health, creating a soulful environment, and much more. To finish the deck, I used a tried-and-true process that works. (It's great for overcoming procrastination). Whether you need to complete your taxes, a college application, or writing a book, here are six steps that will help you to succeed

Lisa Renee

Energetic Synthesis > The Rite of Passage

We are moving through a three month cycle as a result of the massive influx of frequency introduced into our Planet’s energy field last November. Whenever we go through a major planetary shift (such as this one) you will notice that there is a pattern of energy assimilation that we all undergo at some level.


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