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Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As your mother earth stretches, creaks, and groans, know too that you are starting to feel the growing pains associated with movement after a long period of dormancy. The movement, dear friends, is in your heart. As you approach your celebrations of the holidays - celebrations that mark the miracle of light coming into the world - know that God's light is awakening in a greater way within each and every one of your own hearts.

Celia Fenn

Starchild Global > The Pause between Acts and Crafting Reality

At this time, as we move through this incredible time of Shift and Change, it may seem to many of us that everything is standing still and nothing is actually moving forward. This is because the changes are being experienced primarily on the Inner Levels and within the Geometric Grids and Matrixes that are the structures of that which we call "Reality". We are moving inexorably into that New Earth Reality and that new set of Grids called the "Sacred Rose" that will express and reflect the immense power of Divine Twin Flame Love within this new Multi-dimensional reality into which we are now transitioning.
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > The End of Judgment

Heaven on earth is ours to create at this time, as we have been processing energy, clearing old paradigms and are now ready to accept new ways of being. One of our rewards is the end of polarity, the energy of either/or or better/worse.
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > How We Move Beyond Judgment

Beloved ones, give Me your heart, for only I can truly hold it, only I can protect it, can honor it as holy and can show you the truth of your indelible spirit that moves beyond the limits of the little world and human beings. Let Me show you your own true nature that you might understand that this world can't touch you when you are Mine. When you find your Home in Me, you become the magnetic sun, the blazing presence of My endless Love in the world of human beings, drawing into your life and your relationship the symbols of this radiant splendor and all that the world can offer you, as a reflection of your heart.
Doreen Virtue

The Archangel Michael can help you and your family to enjoy a safe and peaceful holiday season. As the angel of Courage and Protection, Michael whisks away fear and its effects in every area of your life. He ensures healthy family interactions, guards you while traveling, and helps to bring peace and security to your heart and mind.

Carrie Hart

Quado > I am Here and I Shine

Be and express who you truly are.  There are several wonderful advantages to letting the world see your shine, your glow. The first is health.  You have inside you a tuning fork that vibrates to your true note.  And when you are trying to sing someone else's note, your body vibration is out of key and can find no ease, no peace or grace.  Sing your note, and your body begins to vibrate in beautiful harmony with your true being.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2905 The Truth of Who You Are

Being not attached to the world means not being attached to sleep, not being attached to food, not being attached to procedures. It is as if you have thought certainty is safe, and so you hold on to certainty when the fact is there is none in the relative world.

Nancy Leilah Ward

Sometimes, when this vibe report looks like it's going to come out "late," I realize that I'm waiting for more information to come through, and it's all in Divine Timing. In the last week it's been difficult to focus on what needs to be done in "outer" life.

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > Our New Roles and The New Children

The new connections to a higher level of reality and being are slowly but surely being implemented for us now. This process was a very long one, which involved nearly the entire year of 2008! It seemed that 2008, the year of new beginnings, involved aligning to the new, as well as dis-connecting from the old, and it took a lot out of many of us.

Robert Theiss

Ancient Wings > Living Inside Your Passions

As we blend our presence with our partner, we invite each of you to embrace this moment as another opportunity to experience how it feels when you allow life to serve you. Life loves to serve itself! If you are willing to claim this as being your truth, your life will be showered by a newfound joy and passion.


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