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Hillis Pugh

We know power of healing and strength is builds over time. With time this knowledge is gained to understand such a great gift of healing. Yes we all get hurt at one point or another, physically, mentally and emotionally. The natural progression of healing takes place after any form of injury. The real healing begins when we take notice of the healing process.

Lauren C. Gorgo
Dimensional Departure
Before I move on to my last and final energy update, I would first like to quell any lingering fears around my hypothesized dimensional departure. For all my new readers out there, and in response to those of you who wrote to me confused, shocked and worried that I will be "vanishing into the ethers" as one funny gal so eloquently scripted...I apologize for the jolt and I will explain in a bit more detail what is transpiring.
Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

I am a very easygoing person and can be very adaptable. If there is a way that I can make someone else's life easier or help them out in any way I will always do so.

Kate Spreckley

The Solstice of June 2009 will create a doorway through which we may enter into a full state of conscious living.  The activation of this doorway shall awaken a new awareness of self and will support us in revealing our true nature thus healing the illusion of separation that we have created.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Everything in the Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles livingness called Quanta (or Quarks). All Quanta has the same stellar content and DNA.  These particles are so small they have eluded physicists for centuries.  The Quanta are constantly in a state of flux.  Continually changing with chameleon like properties to suit the thought of whom ever is observing them.

Steve Rother

Lightworker > Families of Light

From Steve: One point I have noticed is that people have many different reactions to the word family. I was blessed to have an incredible supportive biological family but many have quite a different history. In this channel the group takes a look at family and what they say is ahead as “we humans” evolve. They said we will form Families of Light. They also said this may be one areas experiencing stretches during this time. Family issues may come up. I can hear you holding your breath. . . Relax, this too shall pass.

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > Put Your Seat Belts On!

This past Thursday (June 11), as I prepared for bed, my star companion showed up with a message.

Cheryl Richardson

Thanks very much for the feedback about last week's bird story. It's wonderful to know that there are so many nature lovers in our community. Many of you wrote to say that you can, in fact, touch a bird or a nest that may be in distress, without alienating the mother.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2944 The Onset of Miracles

Be done with boundaries. What do you need them for? They keep you bound. Be a free man, not indentured to old thoughts.

Whenever you hear yourself thinking, "I can't do that, nobody can do that, it's impossible," think again.

Whenever you hear yourself saying, "I'm not good at that" or "That's not who I am," change your words.

Jennifer Hoffman

It is your intention for healing, closure and clearing that allows you to release energies you no longer need. This is confirmation that you are raising your vibrations and are willing to move forward on your path and it allows you to be aware of the veil that separates you from your divinity, in the form of energies you no longer resonate with.


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