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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3451 The Joy of Creating

When you are creative, you feel good. The reason is that there is flow from you to the Universe. As you are creative, you get yourself out of yourself and into the Universe. Flowing from you, creativity stirs the Universe. Your joy in creativity does this. The measure is not of what you create. The measure is not of the perfection of what you create. The measure is in your giving, for that is what creativity is.

Lauren C. Gorgo

Just a mini-update to check in with anybody who may be feeling like June is no better, or possibly much worse than, May....As mentioned in the last energy update, June is a major gateway amalgamation of both new and old it can feel pretty tumultuous with regard to extremes.  I am hearing that the entire month will be like this...especially with the eclipse period approaching...sort of toggling between feeling all "new-earthy" and completely awful.

Jennifer Hoffman

I am a do-it-yourself person, so the furniture I buy usually comes in a box with instructions. After opening the box and removing the many pieces of wood and hardware, I wonder how it will all fit together so it looks like the photo on the box and works as intended. If I am lucky, the instructions are helpful and with the right amount of time, commitment, perseverance and tools, all of the various pieces do fit together (and there are no leftovers) and I have a new piece of furniture. This is how we create life from potential.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > The Daily Choice to Shift to the Heart

Beloved ones, the radiant glorious pulsing sphere -- the vortex of living Love that is your precious heart -- is one with the Love I Am. My heart is now expressed in this moment forever in billions of ways and each one of these ways is the glory that is each of you. That glory, that Love is the Love That I Am. So the Love is one and the same that lives here as you, that breathes in this breath, that acknowledges the pulse of Creation with every pulse of the heart that is within you. The song of this Love is sung perfectly, beloved ones, in you.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Non-Judgement

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Do not judge a book by its cover dear ones, and never judge the soul you see in front of you based on his or her circumstances, appearance, or demeanor. For you never truly know a person unless you have walked in their shoes, or listened to their life's story.

Eckhart Tolle

Question: When you know a certain person or situation is likely to trigger your Painbody, is it better to avoid them altogether or is it helpful to the development of Consciousness to stay with them and observe your Painbodies?

Leonard Jacobson

Question: I once woke up in the middle of the night and understood all. I was all. I knew like I have never known before or since, that everyone in my life was an aspect of me. There was only I.  My mind was totally quiet and yet I knew. It lasted but a couple of hours. How can I be in this state always? Is this what being present is or enlightened? Does this happen when the mind is totally quiet for a long period of time?

Celia Fenn

In the month of June we are entering into a series of major Planetary alignments that will be very powerful and will probably bring huge changes to the Earth and the way that we live on her. Get ready for some more "Pressure Cooker" experiences as Evolution kicks in to lift us from the Old into the New!


Navajo > Our Old World is Rapidly Dying

My only daughter, Isabella Camille, died of dysentery when she was two years old. She died in my arms. Actually she spent the last moments of her life in my arms breathing her way to another dimension. My aunt, a very religious woman, upon hearing of these circumstances, held me in her arms and whispered that this ways God’s gift to me. A gift?

Lee Harris

One of my favorite songs by the Canadian artist Jane Siberry is called ‘Love is Everything’. During the 15 years I have known the song, I have found it both melodically and tonally beautiful as well as healing. Plus, I always loved the title. Recently however, I paid more attention to the lyrics and realized that she is singing about leaving a relationship where she no longer feels the love between the two people sharing their journey.


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