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Lauren C. Gorgo

If you are wondering what has been going on in the ethers the last three weeks, you are definitely not alone.

Alexandra and Dan

Joy and Clarity > Sub-Personalities 101: Who Is ‘Not Good Enough’?

How many times have you asked yourself, "When will I receive the goodness I deserve, especially after all the good I have done for others?" Too often to remember, is what most of you would say, and this would be essentially correct.
Cathy Olsen

Cathy Olsen > The Cosmic Nudge

You are indeed being pushed, prodded as it were in this transformational time on your planet. We nudge you into action. For you have made an agreement to participate largely in the birthing of the expanded human species and the planet herself. You have been encoded with frequencies of light which are now being stimulated, causing you to rouse from the slumberous realms of this earthly existence.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Energize Yourself

When you think and talk about how tired you are, how exhausted and overwhelmed you feel, you are making it even more true. Today, when you hit that low-energy point, instead of declaring it, stop and energize yourself instead.

Say to yourself, "I am full of energy.  I am clear and focused.  I am a powerhouse of energy."

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2898 Honor Your Heart

From the center of your heart, there is a spiral of love that reverberates and winds itself around the Universe. Your heart is the Center of the World of Love. Your heart is the center of you, and it is the center of everything.

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > The Wisdom of Shadow

As the energy of the 11:11 Stargate flows within and without, our minds begin to awaken to the change and evolution that is occurring within our consciousness.  The energy is moving directly into our physical bodies activating our DNA and creating sudden awakenings, after which our reality is never the same.  As our consciousness expands we are able to create clarity, healing and balance within ourselves and thus ignite the spark of Divine Life that is hidden deep within our Soul.
Jennifer Hoffman
2008 has been a year of closure, balance, connecting to our power and releasing many old paradigms. 2009 will be a much different kind of year, one that will bring many surprises, among them changes in the kind of work that we do, new opportunities to participate in the changing corporate model and new ways to bring spirit to our work.
Cheryl Richardson

It's the time of year when I celebrate my birthday (Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpios!) by practicing a ritual that I've used for more than fifteen years. I've shared it with you before, and since it reflects a powerful way to create your life with intention, I thought I'd share it again this year. Here's what I do:

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch > The Looking Trap

It is amazing how many people are caught in the trap of being deeply concerned with how things are looking to others. Keeping Up Appearances has become, for some, an obsession. Many of us will even give up our own happiness (or our chance at it) in order to keep "looking good" in the eyes of others. This is beyond sad. It is tragic.
Steve Rother

Lightworker > Afraid of the Dark - Fear and Darkness

From Steve: We are on the plane heading back home after a trip to our second home Holland. We spent two very wonderful and busy weeks with the family there. It was very emotional for both Barbara and I. All of these trainings are emotional but this was the Metaphysicians Ordination and we bonded very closely with this beautiful group of dedicated Lightworkers.


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