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Lauren C. Gorgo

In the last energy update I mentioned that July 26th was a powerhouse of a portal and that we are approaching the end of the end.  Today, the unseens are adding that the whole week is a powerhouse...that we are journeying through a very important (translation: challenging) week and that if we are aware of what is transpiring, the journey to the other side will be much easier to travel.

Brenda Hoffman

Many of you are beginning to feel different – as if the weight of the world is no longer on your shoulders – as if there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. Again, we say, “YES.” Now we are fully aware that not all of you have yet crossed over to joy and peace – you may yet have a few hurdles. But more and more of you are feeling the peace we have long discussed.


Selacia > Anchoring the Higher Frequencies

This message came from The Council of 12 on July 10, the date of the global "Healing of the Waters" meditation channeling. They were speaking to the group attending, but also to light workers everywhere who seek to create a more light-filled world. Right now is a very pivotal time for all, and in the coming months, The Council of 12 will be addressing and facilitating healing remedies at our worldwide channeling events. - Selacia 7/25/10

Lorna Byrne

Life can be very tough at times for all of us. But don’t ever think that God or the Angels have deserted you. They are beside you all the time. When a child falls and cuts its knee, an Angel will break its fall. The Angel can’t interfere to prevent the child falling because God has given us freewill and Angels won’t overstep that, but an Angel can and does break its fall. Without an Angel there the fall would be much more serious.

Owen Waters

Fear is the great separator of mind from spirit. While you fear, you are unable to trust your divine origin. It follows that people who pressure you to fear things in life want to keep you away from the power of your inner connection so that they may gain some kind of power over you.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Have You Done Enough?

Your many lifetimes prepare you for the journey of reconnection and you wish for this final stage of your spiritual path to occur. In each lifetime you are unaware of the vast amount of learning, healing and growth that you have accomplished since your first entry into the earth plane and third dimension. You feel that you come with no knowledge, learning or understanding and yet it is all available to you once you release your fear of your own power and accept that within you is a core of divine light, despite the darkness and fear you may feel.

Cheryl Richardson

I’ve just finished moderating a 6-week web retreat with Geneen Roth, author of Women Food and God.  I accepted Geneen’s invitation because I loved her book, respect her as a teacher, and wanted to learn more about food as a doorway to a deeper relationship with myself.  I’m so glad I did.  The course was eye opening, mind shifting, and provocative in all the right ways.  Here are just a few of the lessons I learned from the experience.  I hope they speak to you.

Mirri Rocks

There are so many levels of energy, so many dimensions where we tap into everyday. We don't even have to choose what enters our core reality.  It just happens in playing. It happens when we connect with our soul. So we can get real here. And surrender to the experience of our soul,  of our manifestation here on planet earth and in other dimensions and realities.

Elleke Rocks

I hear so many people around me who are in "relationshifts". They are at a crosspoint in their relationship with their partner. Things need to change, cause they have changed. And they wonder: “Can I divorce my partner? What about the children? Can I do this to my children? I want to stay with my partner for my children.”

Nancy Leilah Ward

There’s been a constriction of energy causing tightness in the flow which many have been feeling, especially in the area of finance. Fear and worry has been pulling at us in this regard, but have you also noticed an element of not caring? As if we have a buffer zone of indifference around ourselves.


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