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Hillis Pugh

I'm sure we all have experienced a miracle in our life at one point or another. The question is, what exactly is a miracle? A miracle is energies manifested from the heart's desire. This can occur in any way or form. We work to create the desired vision and feed it with love and joy from our own soul. This can be achieved through prayer or meditation. In essence we are moving and bending spiritual energy in and around us to manifest into the physical.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3544 Wanting to Go Back to Sleep

Look at one leaf or petal in your garden, and know I AM God. One leaf or petal is enough. And yet you have a whole Universe to look at and to know I AM God. Look at the palm of your hand, and know the magnificence of what I have created. Look at the rug under your feet, manmade from the landscape of My gifts to the world. How can you not be enveloped in love and see in love when you consider what I have bestowed upon you?

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > The Power of Understanding

Spiritual consciousness comes a lot easier when you understand spiritual principles and can, therefore, tune into the spiritual realms of consciousness. Over the last century, the world has experienced a challenge of faith in the Creator and subsequently in religions which have not adapted to the new awareness. Telescopes have expanded our perception of the size of the universe into something so vast that we are challenged to understand how humans on tiny planet Earth can have any significance in such a grand scheme of things.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > In the Flow of Lightbody Energy

This channel with the Goddess came as somewhat of the first anniversary from the time the Lightbody energy began to contact us.  We all have light bodies within and around us that work to support who we are.  The actual lightbody energy that comes through as a consciousness is different.  This is a very high vibrational energy that is now available to us in our daily lives.  This is a part of the crystalline vibration.  It is also what will take us to the next phase within our lives. 
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Rebirth or Rebound?

So often we leave one situation only to find ourselves in another one that is exactly the same. Why do we do that? Because we try to fix what we see as our failures by fixing the other person or setting up a similar scenario, hoping that we will do things differently the second time around. But sometimes the second time becomes a third, fourth and so on and we find ourselves in perpetual rebound. What we are trying to do is complete a cycle so we can be re-born but that cannot be accomplished unless we shift our own energy.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Conduits of Creation and Releasing Limitation

Beloved ones, as we make this turn I have much to share with you, for I wish to plant in your hearts and in your consciousness the vision of Love that you are holding now for the world, that you might feel this vibration and that you might become its truth standing here in the world as radiant hearts for God.  What I Am asking of you, creating with you, is the ability to live the truth of Love, to hold this vibration, this resonance that we have created together.... while becoming fully engaged in the exciting field of life.

Lisa Renee

Energetic Synthesis > Shockwave

This newsletter series returns after an absence from the last month of July, of which created some public confusion and of which I would like to clarify now. Writing these newsletters takes a lot of my personal energy and focus, and that space was simply not made available to me in the last weeks. Recently my planetary service commitments have radically increased which means prioritizing my health and sanity must take precedence. I am devoted and deeply committed to my service mission, yet it is crystal clear that the drain on my person and the organization known as Energetic Synthesis cannot continue to fulfill its tasks in the same way as in the past.

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

I've always been extremely fascinated with the concept of time travel. I have often times dreamed of going back in time to visit myself at various stages of my life. I always envision that I would come as the person I am now, to a younger or older version of myself, and imparting the wisdom and knowledge I have gained. I daydream that I would visit these periods in my life where I was at a low point and felt that there was no hope or solution in sight. I would comfort myself and let her know all the amazing things in store for her.

Brenda Hoffman

Let us address an issue we have discussed previously – your fear of your powers and thereby, the New Age. We have told you that the New Age is not about following or even caring about the dictates of others. You have devoted this life and eons of previous lives to learning how to disregard your inner voice in favor of someone who seems to have or be what you want.

Eckhart Tolle

Question:  How do I maintain a sense of presence when I’m in the company of another person?  How do I bring presence into conversation?


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