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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2836 Breathe

There is not a moment wasted. All the moments you think you waste are okay. They provide ballast for you. They are spacers. They are called for. You cannot be going full-steam every moment. You are entitled to some idle time. You are entitled to time in between. You are entitled to breathe. Perhaps no one ever told you that before. Breathe, My children, breathe.

Shala Mata

Shala Mata > Integration Waves

August has been a profound “transformational” month.  We surfed the waves of the 8:8:8 along with the celestial alignments that amplified the transmission of 5th dimensional “harmonic light.”  Much has been written on what the evolutionary potential this holographic circular light is, and how it will continue to open.  There is always a build-up of energy and anticipation as the linear date and time come near.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Align to Your Higher Purpose

Today is a day to align yourself, to have your mind, heart, emotional center and body fully aligned with each other and to your higher purpose in this life. 

Jennifer Hoffman

When we live through our spiritual authority many opportunities to balance our energies, heal lifetimes of karma and transform our reality are available to us. One of those is the opportunity to live through the truth, to know ourselves from our spiritual truth, to realize our mission in the world, understand our gifts and talents

David Brown

Kryon (South Africa) > The Dark side of the Moon

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be with you all this very night in Marina da Gama. There is much love in the air as much as there is trouble in the air. The energies have been very difficult over the last few months if not the last eighteen months. This difficult shift of energy is slowly but surely coming to an end and you will begin to find relief by the end of August.

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > Polaris September 2008

This month brings with it an aura of anticipation; change has been in the air for some time, and now we will begin to see what shape that change will begin to take.

On a personal level, this month brings with it an increased desire for introspection.

Cheryl Richardson

Saying goodbye. It's something we all do at various times in our lives. Some of us do it consciously and intentionally, while some of us avoid it like the plague. This week, as the summer comes to an end and kids go back to school (or off to college for the first time), I wanted to rebroadcast a newsletter from last year when Michael and I were leaving our home of twelve years.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Question: Is it possible to collectively merge with others in the physical?

Abe: When you individually come into vibrational alignment with who YOU really are, now you have become that collective consciousness, and so now as you are connected in that way, and now pursuing your life in physical form with others who have also done that, then what you are talking about is exactly the case.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2830 You Are Ready Now

You fear that by knowing the depth and extent of My love for you, you will evaporate. You fear that knowing all My love for you will make you disappear. From your point of view, you are on to something. You wonder how you can possibly absorb all the love I have for you and not be knocked over and simply disintegrate.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > You Are Loved


My dear friends, we love you so very much. Celebrate your existence dear friends, for to be alive upon your planet earth is a blessing. So many souls desire this experience and adventure. Where other than on your dear planet do you have the opportunity to learn so much! Earth is truly the greatest school in the universe, admittedly also one of the toughest schools, but the one in which you can learn the greatest faith, the deepest love, the most profound clarity about the diversity and wonder of God.



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