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Brenda Hoffman

We wish for you to know that joy is not regulated to those big AHAS you now look for to proclaim to yourself and others that you are moving into or have moved into the New Age. The joy of the New Age is not about streamers and glitter. It is a sense of well-being, an absence of chaos if you will.

Cheryl Richardson

Today has been a much-needed lazy day. My calendar was clear. I was commitment-free. And I decided to simply be spontaneous – only do what I felt like doing in the moment.

Jennifer Hoffman

In our process of awakening to our true selves, which is that which expresses our divinity and power, we become aware of our unused potential. These are the things we could have done, the person we could have become and the life we could have had. And it makes us feel sad and depressed. Looking at our past from the present moment we see all of our missteps, our fear and our misguided actions. Can we get those moments back? What happens to our unused potential?

Lynette Leckie-Clark

Lynette Leckie-Clark > The Epiphany of Self

You may feel you are losing control in your life. I ask you "losing control of what?" You see what you fear you are loosing control of is what you have created. Perhaps also you have created the structure of your life from the beliefs of others. Beliefs taught to you as a child from your parents and teachers. So you may begin to understand why I ask you - "loosing control of what?"

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello friends, Thank you for the positive response to last week’s post entitled, “Dead New Agers tell no tales.” This is the continuation of that post. As the material sunk in and I spoke to several wise friends about it, more areas of discussion and exploration arose.

Michelle Coutant

This dear soul has asked for a description of ascension seats and their functionality. The following will assist you in understanding ascension seats and their purpose. Ascensions seats have been created to help you raise your consciousness and your vibrations to the level of fifth dimension awareness and beyond. This is a process which is accomplished through many visits to the ascension seats. Each time you visit an ascension seat you will incorporate wisdom and the vibrational essence which is unique to that ascension seat.

Pamela Kribbe

I am Mary, mother of Jeshua.  I am here to reach out to you and bring to you the female aspect of the Christ energy. It is direly needed for most of you right now.  You are going through a deep process of transformation. There’s a large group of lightworkers on Earth right now and they have partly awakened, partly remembered who they are.  In fact one can distinguish between three groups of lightworkers, or three stages in which they may find themselves in this transformation process.

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > July 2010: Divergence

We spoke last month about a divergence in energy — internal vs. external — which continues on in the present month, deepening and becoming more plainly evident. Last September there was a significant nexus or choice point made which resulted in some noticeable change for many of you.

Celia Fenn

Since the Grand Cross Alignment of June, you have been in a "window of opportunity" where you are given the chance to use the powerful incoming Diamond Light Energy to illuminate any patterns of illusion and deception that remain in your life. As you release these old patterns on deep levels of your being, you create space and release energy for more creative possibilities in your present and future.

Elleke Rocks

“We are with you when you open your eye, your other yet closed. We are with you when you take your first conscious breath of the day. We are the angels you have been asking for. When you had your nightmares, and couldn't resist falling into fear. We heard you every step of the way.


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