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Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Your Hair's on Fire, That's Why Your Ears Are Burning

As we are being propelled into more soul growth and even more challenging lessons, it is obvious that we are longer alone in our suffering. Everyone is experiencing 'karma in the face' syndrome and when we know there is an easier path for them, we can be tempted to help them avoid the drama. But it seems that all we can do is look and watch as they drive themselves over a cliff. No matter what we tell them, they just keep on going, smiling and waving us away from their business. Can we help them? Do we need to? What happens to them if they continue along their path?

Kelly M. Beard

This month we get several opportunities to connect to a deep and powerful healing, for ourselves and our planet. We can heal our past, present and future by grounding our intent at this time. This month, we do a lot of sorting and sifting, organizing and clearing that which no longer serves. The first rule of the Universe is ORDER.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Go Inside

My dear friends, we love you so very much.So many of you, dear friends are experiencing the same pressures and releases as your Mother earth. Be gentle with yourselves. It may seem at times as if there are several of you living inside one body and vying for the control of one mind. There is a YOU that is the real you. This is the part of you that believes in God's love, knows yourself as a powerful creator, and wants to be kind and loving to yourself and others.

Talyaa Liera

This month brings a sense of making a decision. Choice. Black, or white? Here, or there? Should I stay or should I go? For many, what begins the month is the feeling that something must be done. That action is necessary in order to create the next step or enter the next phase. That everything will remain as it is unless something is done to stop the status quo or to move into what comes next.

Cathy Olsen

Cathy Olsen > The Choicepoint

We would have you know and understand at this time that it is important to practice self sustainment and containment using the practices that you have developed for such. Mastery of your thoughts and emotional reactions at this time and in the times to come will deliver you to the shores of reality that you have desired since before your birth onto this planet. It is time now more than ever before to practice becoming the neutral observer, aligning with your Godcore and holding faith in the wisdom of the Divine Plan.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Working with the Column of Lightbody Energy

During this channel, the Goddess peaks of how we can work with the column of light by looking in from the outside.  In addition you may shift in and out of it as needed as you are in your place of creation.  The column comes to us in a linear manner because that is what we are used to and is easy to understand.  In reality it is nonlinear which makes it quite easy to shift through dimensions and space with ease. You can work your life as it is right now, look to your past and shift energy and then create what you want through greater awareness. 

Lauren C. Gorgo

A few days ago I was laying on my bed watching some resistance in me rise while thinking about the many years I spent staring at the same spot on my bedroom ceiling...wondering which day and when I would be able to actively participate in my life again. Not to the point of doing what I used to to... because obviously so much has changed for all of us... but to finally be able to put into action the last decade of learning and expansion through the never-ending process of cleaning out our insides. (literally & figuratively)

Dana Mrkich

I saw the movie Inception last week. I loved it because it so fantastically reminded me of the increasingly blurry lines between our current reality and dream reality. In the movie Leonardo Di Caprio plays the role of a ‘dream architect’ whose job it is to ‘insert’ an idea into a person’s subconscious, with the goal being the person is influenced to do something in his waking life that he otherwise wouldn’t have. The ‘dream architect’ can insert - or steal - ideas by creating and entering a shared dreamspace.

Hillis Pugh

When we experience the lack of elf worth, depression sets in. The lack of feeling worthy is a process occurring of a period of time and is unnoticed, unless you perform regular self awareness checks. These checks help maintain a sense of self and place in evolution. Our self worth is not ego, it the knowledge to know we are good enough.

Kelly M. Beard

We must not, in trying to think about
how we can make a big difference,
ignore the small daily differences
we CAN make which,
over time, add up to big differences
that we often cannot foresee.

Virgo: Healing Requires Faith
Pisces: Unity Requires Order


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