Destino Roggema-Fuller was born in the old colonial capital of Belize City, British Honduras.  Arriving to the drum beats of September 10, 1969  Battle of St. Georges Caye carnival parades, she made an entrance with two front teeth and menstruating.  The midwife declared her to be a seer thus sealing her fate and future.  Although the Creole culture was not nearly as rich as the Maya and Garifuna tribes in spiritual matters- they certainly had their superstitions and Destino’s birth was marked as something special by the family.

She subsequently grew up in the deserts of Nevada amidst the silent background of the Piaute, Moapa and Shoshone Native Americans.  Always drawn to their presence and power, this was to lay the framework for her later obsession with their way of life.  From moccasins and turquoise to tobacco and sweat lodges, Destino has since trained with a Lakota medicine woman and dabbled in Mayan Shamanism for over 14 years of her current life.

Psychic readings, energy work with artifact stones, shamanic clearings dealing with ancestral issues & sexual abuse and/or spiritual herbal baths and prayers are the basis of her lifework.

She can be contacted through theses sites or emailed at

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