The Vital Importance of Inner Alignment

Many people in society today work at jobs they don’t like, and find themselves with little or no time for activities that increase the quality of their lives. Such people are being kept out of alignment with their inner selves.

Traditionally, society has pressured people into conformity. Peer pressure to conform to an immediate social group begins at school because, from an early age, people are taught that they should conform to outside standards.

In England, the phrase “know your place” is used as a put-down to someone who has started to become outstanding in some way. In Australia, the traditional phrase is “cut down the tall poppies.” In Japan, it is “The nail that sticks up shall be pounded down.”

However, this pressure towards conformity has been lessening in recent decades, and it will continue to lessen as people realize that there is strength in diversity. Diversity is natural. Conformity is unnatural. In the universe, every snowflake, every person, and even every proton is unique. Together, the sum of the parts makes up a perfect universe of infinite diversity.

Diversity is designed into the universe because the universe exists in order that Infinite Being, the All That Is, may gain an infinite variety of experiences. In the case of human beings as expressions of the one source, we have freewill so that we can makes choices. Making choices, and experiencing the results of those choices, is what human life is all about.

Inner alignment means becoming more of your true self. Your inner being is your true self, and by developing your inner potential, you express more and more of your true self.

In heart-centered, New Reality consciousness, mutual support is shared between people. That means that being different is good, developing personal skills is good, and exploring your own potential is good. Deep within, everyone is equal. However, in your unique form of expression in the outer world, you are different to everyone else. Not better or worse, not more-than or less-than; just different, because diversity is natural and is honored through mutual respect.

The New Reality of heart-centered consciousness is being built on this Earth, one person at a time. New Reality consciousness is a supportive and empowered state of consciousness, rather than the Old Reality consciousness of separation and fear.

When a person manifests their own unique, inner being, they become aligned in the way that a laser beam is aligned, rather than being scattered by external should’s and should-not’s. A beam of laser light is powerful because it is coherent, not scattered in different directions. Your outer consciousness becomes more powerful when it is aligned with your inner being, not scattered in different directions.

When many people in society become aligned in their own personal power, the whole becomes far more influential than the sum of the parts. In fact, it becomes exponentially more powerful.

When enough pioneers choose New Reality consciousness, there will come a day when their powerfully aligned influence will reach a critical mass. Then, it will transform the remainder of society and, suddenly, everyone will “get it.” Society, as a whole, will then realize that heart-centered consciousness is the way forward into creating its bright, new future.

You can speed up the day when The Shift to the New Reality happens and, in the meantime, make your life – and the world – a more peaceful and fulfilling place by practicing the Love and Light technique.



Rayofhelios 2nd May 2017 12:24 pm

I'll have to come back to this because I stopped reading after I read, "Diversity is natural. Conformity is unnatural." This is too narrow a generalization about human beings to be helpful.

Human Beings still operate in an "Animal" body...primate body to be specific. And though we have a spirit that is connected to "Source," the Primate Body is too limited in perception to reach full awareness of exactly how far that extends.

In the mean time, the Primate in us is a social creature, and it has survived by "Cooperation." What is that? "Conforming" to a standard way of being that assures survival. It "IS" NATURAL to conform.

This concept is only one half. The other half is as you said, "Diversity is natural." And while that is TRUE, it is ALSO TRUE that CONFORMITY is natural, TOO! Both exist together just as Evil exists and co-mingles with LOVE within the same person...the collective; within a small or large group of people. Chaos and Harmoney depend upon each other in nature, for they contribute one to the other intrinsically.

WE master both in order to consciously create


Rayofhelios 3rd May 2017 10:35 pm

OK...I went back and read some of the rest. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope that my last comment didn't sound too much like a censure. I didn't think much about "Who" your intentions were aimed, and I always assume (make and ass out of "U" and me...which is never nice) teachers want to reach as many people as they can.

My first comment was from my own current paradigm which is: If it exists then it's valid (Natural). One sure step to block a lot of people from learning something new is to invalidate what they currently believe, know or perceive a "Truth" about. In fact, some people (Raising my hand) get really pissed off (Triggered...and so..."Triggered" is a word in our language that defines a real valid and natural state that exists...has a purpose to boot) when our reality is nullified by any intention (good or bad) that won't first meet us where we are.

At every level, theres a lot to be learned.

So...sorry about that, Owen. Thank you for being an inspiration. This is good intention at its finest. I learned something here.



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