Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace has a passion to inspire and empower others. She is a life-long intuitive and a modern-day mystic and wayshower; illuminating both the path to Self and the path ahead in order to instil confidence into the hearts and souls of others.

Sarah-Jane works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance. She has created a unique range of forecasts, articles, downloadable in-depth (by sign) forecasts, bespoke written reports and personal consultations designed to inspire and empower you to ride the waves of life with confidence and belief. Her philosophy is to open your mind to the myriad of possibilities before you so that you can create the best possible life and the best possible future. Over the years, Sarah-Jane has built up a large, and extremely varied, loyal base of followers and she regularly works with clients from around the world.

Sarah-Jane is also a transformational life coach, spiritual counsellor, hereditary shaman, astrologer, teacher and writer. She offers a range of inspirational healing techniques and her philosophy is a simple, yet profound, approach invoking healing and transformation on all levels. Always at the core of her work is the desire to heal, inspire and empower. To find out more, please visit her website:

I wish I had the gift of words that you have so I could express to you what you have given to me on so many levels!!! To be so known--the depths of me, the chaos, balance, bliss, journey, challenges, joys, gifts… I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel like I’m supposed to be the way I am rather than there’s something wrong with me (which has been a life-long repeated inner dialogue). Sometimes I cried, sometimes I laughed, and all the while felt the unconditional love pour through your words. I’m awed, inspired, tickled, enlightened and feel re-empowered to pursue with gusto what I’ve intuitively known. You are a dear wonderful gift to me, humanity, higher dimensions, planet, universe, multi-verse, etc., etc., etc. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane!’, Holly, Atlanta, Georgia

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