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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel inspires and motivates artists and communicators, helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.

Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength.” Gabriel (who is female) is the famous angel who told Elizabeth and Mary of the impending births of their sons, John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth, respectively. The Archangel Gabriel also dictated the spiritual text of Islam, The Koran, to Mohammed. As a result, Gabriel became known as the “Messenger” angel. Gabriel’s role continues in the world, helping both parents and human messengers.

In the first role, Gabriel guides hopeful parents toward child conception or through the process of adopting a child. Gabriel gives strength and courage to these parents, and helps moms-to-be stay centered in blissful faith to create the best atmosphere for their baby.

In the second role, the archangel helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication. Call upon Gabriel for help, guidance, and agenting if you’re an actor, artist, author, dancer, journalist, model, musician, reporter, singer, songwriter, teacher, or do anything involving delivering spiritual messages. Gabriel will open doors to help you express your talent in a big way. The archangel also acts as a coach, inspiring and motivating artists and communicators, and helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.

Gabriel has long been known as a powerful and strong archangel, and those who call upon her will find themselves pushed into action that leads to beneficial results. Gabriel is definitely an archangel of action! She says, “I’m here to manage those who speak up and speak out on behalf of societal needs. This process of advocacy is an ancient one, and few things have changed over the course of time, save for some technological advances. In other arenas, though, art and speech have maintained a constant and steady force, lending power to people who desire change and helpfulness. Allow me to open the doors of opportunity for those among you hearing your heart’s call to perform, play, and create on a wider scale.”

Archangel Gabriel helps with:

  • Adopting a child
  • Artists and art-related projects
  • Child conception and fertility
  • Journalism and writing
  • Television and radio work


Before beginning any artistic or communication project, ask Gabriel to guide and oversee your activities by saying aloud or mentally:

“Archangel Gabriel, I ask for your presence as I [describe the project]. Please open my creative channels so that I may be truly inspired. Help me open my mind so that I may give birth to unique ideas. And please help me sustain the energy and motivation to follow through on this inspiration. Thank you, Gabriel.”

(by Doreen Virtue on healyourlife.com)

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