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Archangel Michael

Through many succeeding cycles of time, as Ray after Ray provided The Pathway for the descent of new Spirits, Lord Michael has remained as the Guardian Overlord of the Angelic Host, the Elemental Kingdom and humanity. He shall not fold his Cosmic Wings about him to return home until the final Angelic Being is freed, the last man is redeemed and the last Elemental returned to its perfect state. This is the love of Lord Michael, who like many others, is a Prisoner of Love to the life he serves.

Archangel Michael is referred to as the greatest of all angels in writings throughout the world, including Jewish, Christian and Islamic.

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1 March, 2014Celebrating A Spiritual Reunion3742
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29 July, 2014A Planet and Population in Transition5428
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23 July, 2014Angel Hugs2333
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