The Blue Ray

The Blue Ray

Who Are the Blue Ray?

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. These Star Seeds are the lost ray of the Light Worker that work closely with the consciousness of Gaia and nature.

By being born in unhealthy dysfunctional families their 1st mission in transmuting the damaged genetics in raising the DNA code to light is accomplished, as they are innate transformers and alchemist having the violet fire within their field. The main aura colors of a Blue Ray are variable shades of Blue, ranging from aqua to darker blues, always having traces of violet. This is one of the reasons many Blue Rays are mistaken for indigos, as both have the color spectrum of Blue in their aura.

The Blue Rays are old soul that experience alienation, having emotional or psychological problems, as they know Earth is not their home and feel their family is not their real, true family. They sense they are from the stars. Like the Indigos the Blue Rays are highly gifted with super sensory perception, many have telepathic and telekinesis abilities with communicating and seeing the other realms, nature spirits, angels and extraterrestrials can be very common and natural to them.

One of the greatest difference of a Indigo and Blue Ray is the Indigos are outwardly direct and strong willed in speaking and in their demeanor, as the Blue Rays are the opposite. The Blue Rays have had difficulty throughout their entire lives in communicating and speaking up. This cause them to withdrew inwardly though always knowing their higher truth. Most Blue Rays have learning disabilities and had challenges relating and being in the world.

They can be walk-ins, being born as a Blue Ray or merge with their Blue Ray essence later in life. When the Blue Rays 1st mission of healing their family genetics is mostly accomplished, their true soul’s calling creates a powerful dynamic shift to awaken them to pursue a higher destiny and purpose. Their higher purpose always involves being a powerful catalyst for elevating the collective consciousness bringing love, light and healing to the world.

Whether they are male or female, all Blue Rays have the embodiment ray of Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Divine Feminine Essence so they may assist in balancing the energies of the planet.

The Blue Ray Transmissions

The Blue Ray Transmissions are channeled spiritual information and energetic downloads that are over lighted by Shekinah, the Mother frequency, and is the highest aspect of the soul group consciousness of all Blue Rays. The soul group consciousness includes Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Hathor, Keepers of the Blue Flame, Lords of the Blue Flame from Sirius, Legions of the Blue Lightning Angels, the Christ Ray, the Christed Sophia, Angels of the Will of God and Sacred Sound.

The Blue Ray Transmission come through as high frequency energetic downloads revealing the Ancient Sacred Technologies that activate the Divine Original Blueprint, the Christ Body and God DNA. These Transmissions are designed to awaken and assist the enlightenment, evolution and empowerment of the ultra sensitive empath, Star Seed and Light Bearer.

For more information on the traits and characteristics of a Blue Ray go to “ Are You From the Blue Ray?” at and


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