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The Council of 12

The Council of 12 is a group of nonphysical Masters who work with Selacia. These nonphysical beings partner with Selacia, who is a longtime channel for their loving wisdom and healing energies. Their profound insights and teachings are provided through Selacia in her private session work, public teachings, and a growing collection of writings. These Masters in the spiritual hierarchy are working with humanity and the Earth at this pivotal time of change, helping to facilitate the great shift in consciousness. A part of their role is to awaken people to their true Divine nature, and to accelerate spiritual transformation.

Selacia has worked with The Council of 12 throughout this lifetime, and since the 1990s has channeled their messages for individuals and groups. In addition, each month Selacia channels a Council of 12 message that addresses personal and planetary changes. Each one is very topical to the times, providing insights about how to view what is occurring from the highest perspective. The inspirational messages include “big picture” information, but also very practical suggestions of how to navigate during the uncertain times. These messages are published as the newsletter, Messages from The Council of 12. Each one is encoded with the high vibrational healing energies of The Council.

The Council of 12, a rotating group of light beings, works energetically with those who attend Selacia’s workshops and evenings of channeling. Their energetic assistance helps to open people to more clarity, wholeness, and wellness. As part of those workshops, The Council of 12 provides spiritual fuel and gentle nudges to help people reconnect with their higher soul-connected path.
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8 January, 20132013 - Great Promise for a More Loving Humanity4176
5 January, 2013Predictions for 20138060
17 September, 2012Solutions for a Conflicted World3509
8 September, 2012Prepare for the Equinox Energy Gateway6817
5 June, 2012Connect with Your Inner Divine Feminine 3737
29 May, 2012Prepare for the Next Wave of Energy 6134
16 May, 2012Return of the Divine Feminine5589
20 April, 2012Wesak - Its Importance in 2012 5658
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