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The Group

The loving energy simply known as the Group began to inspire Steve Rother since 1996. They offer information for self empowerment and techniques for awakening those powers already within you. They are here to help those choosing to move into their joy and create their version of Heaven right here on Earth. They love to laugh and I provide them with lots of opportunities!

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15 October, 2014The Grand Reset 3429
15 August, 2014No More Right or Wrong 3225
15 July, 2014The Golden Key ~ The Balance of Power3657
15 June, 2014Waves of Advancement ~ Owning Your Mastery through Responsibility 3647
15 April, 2014Update on the "Late" Great Planet Earth 7373
15 March, 2014New Abundance ~ Towards a Third Wave Economy 6566
18 February, 2014Just Bee ~ A Higher Vision1044
19 January, 2014A Time of Stillness ~ The Sun’s Polarity Change3977
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Re: No More Right or Wrong kitegirlcoach20 August, 2014 - 20:15
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Re: No More Right or Wrong Mik20 August, 2014 - 14:12