Twin Souls: When Love Incarnates

The longing for our perfect mate is a need engraved in our DNA.

We harbor a desire for restoration and unity, and search for the piece that is always missing.

In our journey through life, the search continues for something that can't be readily found.

It is a quest for wholeness.

We search for ourselves in others in a quest for healing and integration, in the constant pursuit of the final point of balance: the Zero Point where our Matter meets our Higher Self or Soul, where matter meets anti-matter.

The Point or center of gravity from where we can again be just ONE.

One Note inserted once again into the Symphony of Creation.

In the beginning, the Twins were created in God, the Alpha and the Omega.

In an ovoid white-fire-spirit-light, the Soul was split just like the atom into two identical parts, or Twin Flames: each with the same identical soul blueprint, but with different purposes.

One Essence divided itself into two exactly equal and opposite intonations in order to experience form. The Twin Flames were created together, in the dawn of time, like the two faces of the same coin.

But as the three-dimensional experience unfolded, they became separated by a dualistic system which pulled them into an unbalanced equilibrium, expressing itself through two extended and separated forms.

The Yin Yang symbolizes the Twin Flames' complementary sides: eternal love spiraling into infinity. The Color of this sublime Union is blue...a spiraling blue...

Sometimes, we meet someone with the similar frequency of our Twin Flame and this brings a feeling of Oneness.

The Love between Twin Flames is a Gate of Possibility to experience Union in a multi-dimensional way.

It can also represent the prototype of the "sacred marriage" - a reflection of the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within the Source.

The Union of the Twin Flame is one of Service. It should not be romanticized in the context by which one perceives the male and female relationship. The Service of the Twin Flame is not only planetary but also cosmic and Universal.

The Twin Soul connection is always a triad involving the Divine Spirit / All That Is.

Two people connected by Soul, connected to God.

The spiritual connection with our Twin Soul is intense and profound.

Many may experience, whether consciously or in a dream state, a feeling of connection in the form of a matrix of golden white threads of light, because this connection continues to exist in various dimensions and frequencies, beyond the realms of duality.

Twin Souls may not unite physically here on Earth. The relationship may last many lifetimes on the spiritual level alone, while one or both may be living physically with another soul in karmic agreement.

They may not be together in this dimension, but they have not been truly apart.

Only when both original halves of the Twin Ray become strong pillars on their own, when both have healed and resolved their karmic ties in the present life; can they finally unite to fulfill their Divine Purpose.

The Breath of God is the force of Divine Action. Once the true Tonal Mates, the two parts of the Original Twin Flame, have come into union and are reunited through the Breath of God; NO element or energy from any octave, dimension, or frequency can shift the connection.

The reunion of the Keepers of the Flame is ultimately the Unification, or personification, of the Trinity: The Twin Flames and The Christ Consciousness.

The reunion of these parts will bring back to the world an unconditional love and service to mankind, which will transcend all definitions of male/female unions on this planet.

Through this, we as souls can finally manifest the higher Dimensional Frequencies of Oneness.

This is the ultimate goal: the reunion with our Twin, to create and amplify the Harmonic Intonation of Completion and to be of service of all Sources of Goodness and Pure Light.

Are You Prepared To Serve?
Humanity Healing Copyrighted 2008


Daystar Aldebaran 18th March 2008 8:34 am

Mother Bride, come reclaim your beauty.
The Son and Lover has come to earth to reclaim his Power.
We will finish the Breath of God. This is the end of Sacred Mystery.

The Breath of You, created me.
Your touch invented ectasy.
You made me into The Word.of God.

The Daughters reject the virgin men.
Come crown them and their chosen Brides.
Fathers, lust for the Goddess of Passion.!
She has been found by her young lover who lives forever!

He has conquered the slander, and broke the chains.
He has claimed the skies again, and the stars.
The army and legion stand before him,
The Woman has prepared herself in beauty.

Mother Bride, your time is now,
The Son and Lover has come to unbind you.
He has the keys to freedom,
And the Gateway to infinite love!

I am GOD and you are GODDESS.
I am so excited to BE
YOU and ME.

Daystar Aldebaran OV

Daystar Aldebaran 18th March 2008 8:38 am

I Loved Her.

I Loved Her Beyond Light,
I Loved Her Beyond Life.

Heaven Married to Earth,
In a Forbidden Embrace
When I was Told, Love was Denied
My Anger Could End the World.

I would Give Her the Stars,
Knowing Each of their Names
I would Gift Her with Knowledge
To Keep Us Together Forever

I was Named Light, I was Love,
One Look at Her, I Saw the Universe
Our Beauty Entwined in Her Womb
My Eternal Child in Her Blood.

She is Wisdom to the Earth,
She is the Petals of a Flower
The Rushing of a River,
The Voice of Life Begining.

She is a Tree, Bearing Fruit.
The Sun Warms Her with Fire
The Fire of Illumination.
The Brightness of Knowledge

I Loved Her Beyond Light
I Loved Her Beyond Life.....

Daystar Aldebaran OV.

Gayatri Devi 23rd July 2008 10:30 pm

I Will Find You

Incorporating Mohican and Cherokee chants into the lyric structure, this song is truly a cross cultural experience. It reaches deep into the emotive part of the soul. The track "I Will Find You" was especially written for the film The Last of the Mohicans, Máire sings in Mohican and Cherokee.

Gayatri Devi 23rd July 2008 10:32 pm

Hope is your survival
A captive path I lead

No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a long long time
No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a thousand years


No matter where you go
I will find you
In the place with no frontiers
No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a thousand years

Hale w¨² yu ga I sv
Do na dio sv I
Wi ja lo sv
Ha le w¨² yu
Do na dlo sv

No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a long long time
No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a thousand years

No matter where you go
I will find you
In the place with no frontiers
No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a thousand years

No matter where you go
I will find you

Speaking Tree of Life for Gaia 27th December 2008 12:07 am

Just a heads up on the content of this amazing video.

In the summer of 2007 my dear soul sister Angelina Heart Published the Twin Flame Heart Womb meditation CDs as well as her Heart Flame Publishing Twin Flame Physics article.

All the of the material covered in this beautiful short is explored in much more depth at the following web-links:

Instructional information about your Twin Flame
How to attract your twin flame in the world
Proven exercises to connect with them
Instruction on how to create and utilize the heart womb

The exercises, set to unforgettable original compositions, are designed to assist the atomic attraction between twin flames.

This dynamic audio experience is designed to instruct the listener in the technique of creating and utilizing the Heart Womb Neutronic Vortex. Exercises imprint vibration into the cells to assist atomic reorganization. Each exercise begins with "Creating the Heart Womb", followed by a specific creation, such as, "New Divine Body."

Lady Zephur 28th April 2009 11:46 pm

Finaly I am connected with my energy now flowing in harmony finaly i am on my pathway finally it is I AM and running through this woman and through the man yet we are one we are three in one.Peace deep joy childlike simplicity clear thought euphoric floating state.


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