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Karen Bishop
Part I

I have been away in North Carolina for the past week or so, connecting with my new twin grandbabies who were born very suddenly on June 12th and still in intensive care, so it has been a bit longer than usual in between energy alerts.

Karen Bishop
"Below is a list of new ways of being that usually arrive when we begin to reside in a new and higher vibrating reality. Many of these greatly surprised me as they were so much simpler and better than I could have ever imagined. The old rules and ways we were told of the higher realms were derived from
Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch > The Process of Ascension

Dear Neale…I have been reading a lot about the "Ascension" process lately and I am a bit confused. First of all, I don't believe that you've written anything about this process in any of your books. Does this mean that it really isn't going to happen to us humans? The thing that bothers me most about what I've read is that it is often

Karen Bishop

Whats up on Planet Earth > The Ascension of September 11th

Karen Bishop
The energies of the higher realms are pushing us still, and can be felt in a variety of ways. Like a hand escorting us to higher ground, higher experiences, and still very new spaces, at times we may feel as though an energetic cord is dragging us along, keeping us on track and making sure we are where we were always meant to be.

Shala Mata

Shala Mata > Ancient Codes of Ascension

The softer energy October offered was a nice interlude to catch our breath and gather perspective. November will gain in momentum what October offered as respite. Over the past few years we have experienced the last two months of the year as being particularly powerful and rife with opportunity.

Karen Bishop

January has brought in some interesting energies……up, down, sideways and backwards with interesting directions and purposes. Sadness, exhilaration, shock, confusion, movement and fear are but some of the emotions being created by this forward thrust into the New.