Messages about energy

Jennifer Hoffman

I have been very supportive of someone in my life who has an addiction. I care for him and have compassion for his journey.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Energy Gifts Are of Earth Forever

Thousands of words have been written and spoken about the miracle of the next few days’ “Lion’s Gate” energy burst. Many relay that you will manifest all you wish. That you will be healed. That you will move into joy.

Jennifer Hoffman

I recently ended a twenty year friendship with someone because I can no longer handle her criticism, her sarcasm and negativity. She makes these comments about everyone, including me.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Be The Energy for an Ascending Earth

The energy of the third dimension is emotion, which you know as ‘feeling’ and this is also the energy of the earth. The earth is a collection of emotional energy that is expressed as volcanoes, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and thunder, beauty, stillness and chaos. 

Lee Carroll

Kryon > The Recalibration of Self - Part 1

This Kryon's message is one of three, and this one again concentrates on the fallacy of dark energy being "alive.

Emmanuel Dagher

Peace and Blessings my friend, It’s such an honor for me to connect with you in this way again. Wow, are we in some extraordinary times or what? There is simply no holding back the love that’s pouring into our planet at this time. 

Jamye Price

We’ve passed the half way mark of 2013. In general it has not been the easiest of years. The first half of the year was about releasing and refinement. The things that weren’t in balance with the new influx of Light on 12/21/12 were coming up for release at a rapid pace.

Jennifer Hoffman

As we begin this new month we also begin the second half of 2013. Rather than asking ‘What’s next’, a better question is ‘What’s left?’, as in what’s left to learn, understand, release, recalibrate, adjust and clear because it feels like that is all we have been doing since January and even long before that.

Sarah Varcas

Sarah Varcas > July 2013: Astro-Energy Overview

This month we are challenged to resolve early life issues in order to embrace our present and redesign our future to new specifications. The planetary focus is not on specific spectres from our childhood that haunt us per se, but upon the unconscious responses and reactions we learned at a young age, which continue to operate even now.

Jennifer Hoffman

How are you doing after last week? It was definitely challenging, a watershed moment in the ascension process. We opened a long-dormant portal to 5D energy on Friday, May 3, just in time for this week's 2nd eclipse in our current cycle of three. I think the rest of the month is going to be pretty interesting on a global scale.

Neale Donald Walsch

In discussing The Holy Experience in this Weekly Bulletin we have explored many approaches, including, most recently, the aspect of life that I have called “non-awareness.” 

Jennifer Hoffman

I’m in a point of my life where I have to decide wisely as I don’t want to repeat the poor choices I have made in the past. On the career front, I have two job offers and want to choose the best one. My relationship is stuck and I need to decide what I want to do next. Although I feel confident that I will make the best choices, I know that I am putting a lot of pressure on myself regarding this.

Jennifer Hoffman

I am ending a romantic relationship that I know has been multi-dimensional and in which I have felt unhappy and unfulfilled for quite some time. My boyfriend started the release process by doing things that clearly let me know he wanted out but I had been feeling our connection slipping away before then. He has admitted that we need to go our separate ways and I have released him energetically.

Jim Self

Jim Self > Throwing Energy

Many years ago, when I first began my conversations with the archangels and ascended masters, Master Kuthumi said to me: “To enter and remain in the fifth dimension you must master every thought, every emotion, and every action. Every moment.” Cautiously, and with great respect (and without grimacing or rolling my eyes), I replied, “Well, it looks like I won’t be entering the fifth dimension anytime soon.” Kuthumi smiled and said, “We shall see.”

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > 2013 - Navigating the River of New Life

We are giving you a new mantra for 2013 ~ It’s only Energy! Use it as you will. Know that overwhelming feelings will become the norm within you and all around you.