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Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Happy New Year!

know we celebrated the new year on January 1 but this week marks the true new year, with the Equinox, the Sun moving into the sign of Aries and nature’s birthing of a new season. It has always seemed strange to me that we celebrate new year in the winter (in the northern hemisphere), a time when we are hibernating, slowed down energetically, it’s cold outside and we all want to stay indoors. Spring is a time of preparation, clearing, making room for new growth and opportunities, and preparing for new beginnings.

Kara Schallock

Most of us are still integrating the last Gateway of the Autumnal Equinox. Yet tomorrow, October 11, is the 10th Gateway. Let me say that each Gateway upgrades us energetically and it is up to us to rise to its potential by living and making choices that raise our consciousness. Raising our consciousness is the key to living the potential of each Gateway, besides taking an active part by walking through the Gateway while in transmission/meditation.

Celia Fenn

Beloved New Earth celebrate this Point of Balance in the Journey of Timeship Earth through the Cosmos.....we invite you to join us in this Meditation. First, find a quiet place to sit and light a candle to represent the Flame of Spirit. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply until you feel a sense of inner Peace.

Ailia Mira

Deep undercurrents are merging. Yesterday while outside, I saw a solar code repeatedly descending from the sun while relaxing outdoors with my dogs. It was y-shaped, and reminded me of two streams merging. I feel the mirroring aspects of ourselves and the non-local coming into greater, uninhibited connection and flow. I felt Helios speak to me--the sentience of the sun, for the first time. I realize the role Helios plays is like mine--a transmitter for the Great Central Sun--our Sun is a channel as well, opening to greater and greater life force too.

Celia Fenn

As we move towards what I think of as our "date with destiny"on the 11/11/11, I have been finding that words are not flowing as easily as in the past. It is almost like I have developed an aversion to the clever "mind bytes" and sage advice that is so common these days. Advice on how to live, what to think, how to make money and what to say....and yet....the desire is to go deeper and deeper.....deeper into the very truth of Who we Are and what we Feel in our Heart and Soul.

Jennifer Hoffman

It's hard to believe that it's September and we are entering a new energetic phase as we approach the end of 2011. Since the Spring Equinox in March we've experienced so many changes and have endured big energy downloads, high solar activity, record heat and rain, floods, earthquakes - all while we approach the end of the Mayan calendar (which actually ends on October 28, 2011) and 2012, a time many think heralds the end of the world (it doesn't). The Equinox is the earth's reminder that balance is part of the natural cycles of life and it's time to integrate our growth and align ourselves with what we have learned.

Talyaa Liera

As we approach the Equinox, not only do the days and nights become closer to being in balance, one the same as the other, but as a global human collective there is also a striving for balance as well. You will see this in your personal experience as you attempt to create connection between your inner world and the external one, or as you attempt to reconcile any two seemingly disparate elements of your life


Selacia > Sitting in the Middle of Change

You sit right now in the middle of change. It's all around you and it's within you too. You can't escape it.  Some changes you welcome but many you resist or simply don't like. As you approach the equinox next week, take a few moments to investigate your current feelings about change. Note the things that are causing you difficulty.

Kara Schallock

Since the last Gateway, the 8th Gateway of August 11 (to remind yourself, you can read the Ascension Note of August 10, 2011), upgraded our 3rd Eye and Pineal Chakras, along with the activation crystals located at the sides of our head, we have been receiving more symbols and geometric shapes, the “Language of Light.” With the 9th Gateway on the Equinox, September 23rd, we will begin to more clearly decode the sacred geometry and symbols.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

If you haven't noticed, life has amplified, and intensified since the equinox this past March. I know we felt a huge shift on March 19th while we were in Egypt. I know you are feeling it too. But what is IT that we are really feeling anyway? If we had ever doubted that the shift of the ages was an actual reality, this is becoming a time where it is very clear to us. We are definitely in the pressure cooker that triggers a shift of an age!

Kara Schallock

Especially since the Spring Equinox, we have experienced a huge leap forward, which has brought much more Light into us, along with the revealing of dark energies. The dark has come in the form of old energies/illusions, dark people, and the release of much chaos. It is not to say that “dark” is a judgment; it simply is old energies that are flying around, like pesky flies, for they have nothing to attach to. 

Kara Schallock

I am amazed at how many big changes people are going through now, especially since the Equinox. Yes, we really have hit a whole new plateau of the New Consciousness. There is more clarity, where there was little before. The veils are gone and so all we have to do is ask for clarity on a particular situation, and the energy of it opens up and spills on us like a waterfall of free-flowing Grace.

Shelly Dressel

This channel actually came through on the day of the spring/ fall equinox which allowed us to experience the energies in a particularly strong manner. The day prior to the equinox had a full moon that was called by some as a ‘super moon’ because it was bigger and closer than the moon usually is to the earth. Therefore, as this channel was coming through the energies were very intense!

Celia Fenn

I have been trying to write something for most of this month, but every time I sit dowm to write I feel as though something is saying no, stop, not that way. The Changes in the last few weeks have been so immense and so profound that it seems hardly appropriate to go on doing things in the same old way. Something new is birthing, some new consciousness and some new way of Being...

Alexandra and Dan

The March Equinox this year is about transformation. It's about your emergence – and the emergence of an increasing number of individuals – from conditions of conflict and suffering, and into experiences of enlightened living. It's about awakenings that are accumulating in sufficient number to uplift the collective values of humanity and affect sweeping changes in the way you live as a global community.