Messages about healing

Jennifer Hoffman

As we begin this new month we also begin the second half of 2013. Rather than asking ‘What’s next’, a better question is ‘What’s left?’, as in what’s left to learn, understand, release, recalibrate, adjust and clear because it feels like that is all we have been doing since January and even long before that.


Selacia > Divine Changemakers Heal the World

Feeling more moody than usual lately? Perhaps you're wondering if it's just the world getting crazier, or if your tolerance level for nonsense has been exceeded. 

Jennifer Hoffman

I have been noticing an energy type among some young Indigos, the generation born since around 1980 and I call it the “Prince and Princess energy.”

Sarah Varcas

Today Chiron in Pisces, Mars in Gemini and the North Node in Scorpio join forces until 25th. Chiron leads the way in this one, which is particularly significant as it has only just turned retrograde (see yesterday’s post for info about that).

Sarah Varcas

Chiron is widely known to correspond with the notion of the Wounded Healer. In its archetypal energy we meet that part of us which seems forever in pain, and yet which simultaneously enables us to reach out to others in their suffering.

Jennifer Hoffman

You have written that our belief system blocks us from accessing the unlimited nature of the Universe. Are there other things, such as entities, external forces or energies block us too? 

Sarah Varcas

The start of this week sees the heavens dominated by a T Square formed by the Moon, Venus and Mercury in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It indicates the potential for powerful emotions, so we may want to go easy on ourselves and each other!

Jennifer Hoffman

Those of you who have Indigo children know how hard it can be to get them to take action in their lives. And their tendency to get frustrated, anxious, and depressed causes you to worry about them when you see them sliding into a downward spiral because they aren’t meeting their goals or feel stuck.

Kara Schallock

Kara Schallock > New Moon/Solar Eclipse of May 9/10

How you can work with this particular Eclipse is to be aware of how you feel about your self-worth. Do you love and respect yourself? Are there old values or beliefs that hold you back? Are there gifts you do not express out of fear or insecurity of expressing them?

Jennifer Hoffman

I had been dating ‘Sam’ for three years and while our relationship had its problems, we got along most of the time. But I wasn’t happy because he wasn’t affectionate with me and was inconsiderate of my feelings so I ended it a year ago. 

Brenda Hoffman

Even though the theme this week is physical adjustment, the energies will impact you all a bit differently. Perhaps you remember that the most common transition is to explore your spiritual being, then your emotional and finally your physical segments.

Pamela Kribbe

Life in a body, male or female, is an interplay between your soul and that of the Earth. Honor your beautiful body, the body I have given to you. It is an expression of female or male energy, so feel the beauty of that. Observe it from within.

Jennifer Hoffman

Now that I have released many of my old friends and my new soul family is not yet in place, I wonder how I’m going to find a life partner.

Sarah-Jane Grace

Chasing Wholeness, does that bring us closer to it or simply act as a constant reminder that we do not feel it?

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Q&A: Why Do People Have to Suffer?

Dear Jennifer:  I was wondering if you have any insight/advice on coping with seeing someone you love dying?