Messages about illness

Pamela Kribbe

This going back and forth between light and dark is characteristic of being human. It is also the purpose of earthly life to get to know and respect these opposites which occur both in yourself and in the world.

Dr. Judith Orloff

Empathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own. Many patients have come to me labeled “agoraphobic” with panic disorders, chronic depression, fatigue, pain, or mysterious ailments that respond only partially to medications or psychotherapy.

Jennifer Hoffman

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I have managed to live my life thanks to the assistance of family and friends and public funds.

Alexandra and Dan

Joy and Clarity > What Is My Illness Telling Me

Dear Saint-Germain, I would like to ask about the appearance of cancer in my breast and lymph nodes. What do I need to know about this, or do, in order to allow my perfect healing as soon as possible? What is my cancer telling me? Thank you for helping me with this question. Thank you very much. (Question parahrased)

Beloved One,