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Celia Fenn

The New Earth Rising: The Fifth-dimensional New Earth and Co-operation and Sharing as a form of Planetary Governance.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

88, 888 or 88:88 - As Above So Below and Within - This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all pervious limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred, seen and unseen, humanity’s future is unveiled as it is seen in a full spectrum of possibility that has not existed before this time.  As each person walks forward in their life, there is a set of

Shala Mata

Shala Mata > Our Form Is Formless

Dear Light Family,

The Lunar Eclipse on Feb 20, 2008 brought a tremendous energy wave to the planet, a deeper connection, and an opportunity to fully embrace our “soul life mission.”  The effects of the energy wave will be felt deeply as we move into the early weeks of March.  The old saying that March arrives  “like a lion and leaves  “like a lamb” will ring very true this month. 

Celia Fenn

Starchild Global > Earthlog: Total Lunar Eclipse in Virgo

This morning I managed to get myself out of bed at about 5.00am to see the Lunar Eclipse. So here is the image I took. It's not the best one you will see of the Eclipse, but I took it myself from my garden, with an ordinary digital camera:

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Choose Your Party

Beloved fellow travelers in the light,
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
As the eclipses of 2008 begin their slow sinewy dance around us we are asked to enter places of good fortune that have accrued thru time. Accruings that have long ago divided and multiplied.
Celia Fenn
Yesterday was a very special day, as we experiened the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse. The New Energy Codes are being implemented on the Planet!
Kate Spreckley

July has been a very powerful and transformational time for us all and this theme of transformation will continue throughout August and into September.

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Take It to Heart

Blessings, fellow Children of the Light!

Know that you are boundless and eternal, ever expansive and full of everything that is divine ~ for you are just that. Divine! How important it is to remember this each day, each moment.