Messages about relationships

Shanta Gabriel

In the midst of strong and powerful currents of energy we are all experiencing, Balance has become one of the more sought-after experiences.

Becky Walsh

Becky Walsh > Get Clear, Get Honest and Get Authentic

Our happiness is often created by what we make events mean. I positive person can turn even a difficult event into something to be thankful for and a negative person will put a negative spin even on good events.

Tony Samara

A lot of the depression, the sadness and the confusion that reigns today and the way people are lost is because we have put the environment in a second place or not even in a second place, to everything else.

Alexandra and Dan

Joy and Clarity > Your Family Design

Family relationships are the most complex and intricate of all your relationships. Yes, even more than your romantic relationships. Why is this so?

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Alone & Lonely with Dreams and Visions of Love

During the course of the past several weeks I have helped some clients learn to align with new relationships and others make their final disconnections from the relationships they are in. While one person is celebrating new love, another is glad that they have finally found the courage to divorce.

Dr. Judith Orloff

Dr. Judith Orloff > Are You a Relationship Empath?

In this article you will find details describing what a relationship empath is and strategies on how to cope and not absorb the stress or symptoms of your mate.

Jennifer Hoffman

I am now divorced, after going through a three year process in which my ex-husband fought me every step of the way. Not because he wanted to stay married, I believe it was just to be as difficult as possible.

Jennifer Hoffman

One year ago I left my parents’ home and moved to a new area so I could start living my own life. It is a change I have contemplated for many years, to escape from my father’s emotional abuse.

Jennifer Hoffman

There are painful situations in my life that keep repeating themselves and after reading your blog for a year, I know that it is something I am creating.

Cheryl Richardson

I wasn't planning on writing a blog about Father's Day today.  But I changed my mind after watching a music video by Peter Gabriel about his father.

Alexandra and Dan

Joy and Clarity > Family Relationships and Your Past

You are born into a family. Like most everyone, you spend your life with the people that are your family... Whether they are your birth parents, or adoptive parents (caregivers) and siblings, you have a family that you call your own.

Dr. Judith Orloff

Dr. Judith Orloff > Surrender to the Miracle of Love

What should you look for in a soul mate? How can you know you’ve met yours? To avoid missing out on these relationships, you must let go of unrealistic expectations.

Jennifer Hoffman

My Mother’s Day was spent visiting my very angry daughter in jail. From the moment I adopted her at birth, I have loved, nurtured, and provided for her.

Jennifer Hoffman

Mother’s Day was celebrated in the US this weekend and it is a day that affects us in many ways, depending on how we feel about our mother/child relationship. 

Jennifer Hoffman

I am in love with a man who says he loves me, and we have made long-term plans that include marriage. Months ago he said he bought an engagement ring for me but I have yet to see it.