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Ann Albers

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Never in your life are you without purpose. While there is great value in "seeking your purpose" know that your real purpose here on earth is to see love, be love, and express the love that sources you in each breath.

Jennifer Hoffman

I was helping a client prepare for an important business meeting and he said ‘I feel ready, now I just have to sell myself to them.’ That brought up another discussion of why he felt that he had to convince them of his value and worthiness, and sell them on what he had to offer.

Jennifer Hoffman

I love to shop on eBay and my buying strategy is to place an initial and a maximum bid and wait to see whether I obtain the item. My maximum bid represents what the item is worth to me and how much I am willing to pay for it. If I lose the bidding, the item went for more than I was willing to pay. Recently, I did not win an item that I wanted and noticed that the final price was actually far more than the person bidding against me would have paid retail.

Brenda Hoffman

Let us address what has happened and what is about to happen. Even though you might not yet consciously be aware of the shifts, you have shifted your cellular structure dramatically in the past six months. The end result of that shifting can only be a shift of your life perceptions. Perhaps you were raised in a community in which values and morals were strongly adhered to.