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James writes under the penname of Tyberonn. A name suited to the work.

Though gentle in his demeanor, he is a complex visionary with an intense interest and communication with earth energies and metaphysics.There is more to him than meets they eye, and with a 6'5", 275 pound frame, a lot meets the eye! He is a conser-vationist and humanist. He is employed in management of a global energy corporation,collects mineral specimens and travels extensively.

Tyb has lived and worked overseas for more than 23 years in various capacities including stints as a field geologist and engineer. An ex-military officer and business major, his training in geology came with his employment in the petroleum sector in the mid 1970's. He became an expatriate in 1977. He describes himself as a " citizen of the world, whose nationality is goodwill". He is a conservationist, a member of the Sierra Club and supporter of Green Peace . Jim is devoted to changing the energy industry from the inside, and is involved in all aspects of environmental protection, waste reduction, and supports sourcing of solar and renewable energies. He has lived in Canada, Brasil, Gabon West Africa, Congo, Venezuela, France, Scotland, England, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and India.

Tyberonn is an avid 'rockhound', and has filled his home with mineral specimens personally collected in the varied landscapes of the dozens of countries he has visited. His collecting grew to include gemstones while living in Brasil, where he studied gemology and eventually the metaphysical properties of stones and minerals. This further evolved into a level of spiritual communion with the landscape geology and an intuitive understanding of geo-earth energies.

His awareness of earth energies began at a very early age, in the crystal fields, mountains and lakes of his native Arkansas, and has remained his passion. He has in recent years studied earth energies through the culture & knowledge of the indigenous peoples and has completed four five-day vision quests in the mountains of Arizona and Mexico in the Lakota tradition. He has been a student of the living energies of the Motherearth and all her telluric sacred sites for over three decades.

Jim holds a deep spirituality and connection to his Christian upbringing, which was simply expanded with his understanding of the deeper nature of God and the cycle of reincarnation and unity of all beings, all nations and all religions.


from Author & Channel Steve Rother

A few months ago a very special gentleman named James attended one of our seminars. Over the next two days we felt an immediate connection with this gentle giant. He had asked to bring into the room some of his crystals and proceeded to fill the room with he most wonderful energy stones. The second day, in channel, the Group told a chapter of the story of Amor. This is a story about Atlantis and Mu. The main character in this channel was a man who ran the energy grids in the Emerald City of Atlantis. He was in charge of what we know to be crystalline power generation, and in applying this energy in the Temple of Rejuvenation. This required a very specialized knowledge of crystal energy. He too was a gentle giant and was one of the few people who really understood how the Atlantean 'poser' system worked. He was a person who worked at harmoniously blending technology and nature to provide the power-grid we needed to live in that long forgotten Atlantean era.

His name was Tyberonn.

When 'The Group' opened the channel to questions, James asked about the 'true nature and purposes' of quartz crystals. The Group responded, "There is great humor on this side dear one, for although you cannot see through the veil, your knowledge of crystal energy is vast, for you are the soul, Tyberonn, to whom we referred in the channel as maintaining the cystalline energy-grid."

In talking with James we found that he indeed had an unusual background. At one point in his life he lived in Brazil where the currency was very unstable. As with everyone who lived there he was required by the local government to take a portion of his salary in the local currency. He quickly found that in order to keep his money was to invest this local money in gemstones. As he became educated in this area he quickly discovered his love for gems and the crystals of the Earth. He even considers himself to be a gemstone pharmacist. (It is interesting that James is originally from Arkansas, lived in Brazil. All three areas are incredible crystal energy sites.)

Although working in Corporate management he actually became employed to do the work of a geological engineer, which took him around the world and into his passion. He has a very deep understanding of the Earth herself and his knowledge of minerals, gems and crystals in all forms is very advanced.
His company requires him to travel a lot. He is home anywhere on the globe, not just in big cities but in spiritual places all over the world. He 'pockets' time in his travels to hike and visit rugged powerful landscapes, pristine valleys and sacred temples. He claims they effect him deeply and shares his experiences of the 'Living Earth', and of the telluric energies that compose our planet.

From this experience he has gained wonderful insight and perceptions into the subtle mechanics of the energies and vortexes of our planet. He lights up when he talks about the Hot Spots he visits and how they are changing. This is the reason we have asked this gentle giant to present this section. Here he will share with you his understandings of our planet from an energy perspective.

Recently, we met Jim at a conference in Mount Shasta. This was a very special completion. This man truly is my brother. The "Group", whom i channel reaffirmed he was the indeed the Tyberonn of which they spoke in Atlantis, and he is entering his knowledge and 'passion'. His love and knowledge of earth energies and sacred sites is quite amazing, and unfolding with wonder.

" James has moved forward with writing and sharing his experiences and travels. He writes under the pen-name Tyberonn, and that is appropriate.We are proud to present Earth-Keeper ~ Energy Activation of the New Planet Earth, as a shared feature at "

Steve Rother


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