Acknowledge Your Wisdom

Each of you is wise beyond your knowing and you have all of the knowledge of the Universe at your disposal. This knowledge does not exist in books and cannot be learned in schools. It is the wisdom that comes through connecting with your spiritual self, a deep understanding of the connections between the spiritual and material worlds and the wisdom that you have brought with you at this time to walk the path that you have chosen and to do the work that you have come here to do. You do not need masters to teach you this, you simply need to awaken to that which you already know.

You do not experience anything new in any lifetime. Each time you return to this plane you bring your lessons with you. And until you learn what you need to, you repeat them. When you connect with your inner wisdom you have the clarity to see each lesson for what it is and understand its purpose in your life. Then you are free of it. Your wisdom comes from lifetimes of experiences and is a valuable tool as it can provide you with the clarity to recognize the lesson, know its purpose and discover the learning. You do this when you acknowledge your wisdom.

There is the belief that wisdom is gained through with many years of study and education. That may be true of material wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is yours by divine right and is available when you accept that you have it. When you acknowledge your wisdom you have access to all of the knowing and learning that you have accumulated across your lifetimes. And you can use it to understand what your soul has come to experience and make that learning process easier. It does not matter how much or how little material education you possess, spiritual wisdom provides you with the knowing to create heaven on earth.

There is no measure of spiritual wisdom because it is infinite. You connect to it by simply acknowledging that it is yours. And then all of what you have learned is available to you. When you acknowledge your wisdom you gain clarity, so that life is no longer a mystery. You are able to understand the karma between you and those around you, understand the flow of energy from thought to manifestation and know your soul's purpose. No matter how much or how little material education you have, you are infinitely wise in all ways. At every moment, you have all of the wisdom you need to create peace, joy and abundance in your life. Connect with that wisdom by acknowledging it and you will enjoy peace beyond understanding and experience heaven on earth.


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