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Are you ready to make your dreams a reality? You know that it is all an illusion, in fact all of life is an illusion that is nothing more than an energetic manifestation at a specific vibration. There is nothing in the third dimension that is real, except your perception of it. There is nothing in the third dimension that is permanent, unless you hold an energetic space for the continued manifestation of that reality. Hope for a better future is the starting point that must be followed by activation of this as a new paradigm for the next moment. Dream a new dream for your world and activate it with your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Activation is more than physical movement, although from your human perspective you see activity as something you do with your physical body. Activation, without appropriate energetic adjustments, merely moves energy in the same direction. It is easy to want to take action to activate your dreams but to move into them with grace and ease, the other levels of activation should be implemented and this will dramatically and very quickly shift your reality. These are times of instant manifestation but to activate that energy in the desired direction, allow activation to flow from your inner self to your outer reality.

There are many levels of activation, beginning with acknowledgement, then moving into acceptance, alignment and action. Acknowledge the truth of your current reality, own its creation, take responsibility for your use of power. This allows you to accept, without judgment, the energetic space you are in at this moment. See where you are aligned, what truths you have allowed yourself to hold, what energies you have been creating with, through your beliefs and thoughts, that created this reality. Then with conscious and deliberate intention, activate your new paradigm to create the energetic space for its reality and take action in the direction you are guided to follow.

When you allow action to be your first step in activation you are not aligned energetically with what you want to manifest and it cannot be different from what you already know as your reality. Beliefs and thoughts move energy and are either unconsciously setting the energy for your intention or consciously aligned with it. Activate your dreams by following the activation process and by keeping your awareness of your dreams and aligning yourself with the energies needed to manifest them, you will create the energetic space that allows them to become your reality.



LauriLumby 28th February 2012 9:43 am

Dear Jennifer,
amen amen amen. I have been watching as the dreams, visions, hopes and desires that have been shown and revealed to me over the past several years are finally being made real. And part of the reason is that I am finally stepping into the manifestation of these dreams. And one enormous tool that I have utilized in the fulfillment of these dreams is the Hebrew mantra "Amen." Invoking "Amen" is like saying, "I know that the Divine is working to make this true, real, manifest and that I am agreeing to be the vessel through which this is being made real." AMEN!

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries


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