Ascension and Truth

Ascension is first and foremost the willingness to accept new truths, about ourselves, our potential and possibilities, about humanity — who we are, individually and collectively, about the world, and our universe. It is a step out into new realities which requires that we open our hearts and minds to the possibility that our world is far different than we can know and that we are far different than we can imagine within the context of our current truths. It is our belief that ascension is something that happens to us, instead of something that we actively participate in and is part of our truth transformation, which prevents us from realizing that truth is part of the process and so is our willingness to expand, accept, and embrace new truths.

Ascension is not a sudden leap into a new reality but a steady progression that is the byproduct of different shifts in perception and awareness. We embrace new truths when our current reality cannot fulfill a new truth we want to align with and integrate. For example, a new truth that we deserve to be happy invites a shift when our current life situation cannot expand to accommodate new levels of happiness. Or, we now believe that we deserve a job better working conditions, more pay, and to feel appreciated and our current job won’t provide that. Our new truths invite ascension into new realities.

But it’s not always that easy, as we know. The upside of ascension is accompanied by a downside. Instead of being linear, in a straight line, ascension is spherical, like a ball, and it expands to envelope every aspect of our reality. Expanding our reality to accommodate new truths also challenges everything in them to integrate with those truths.

And that is where ascension becomes a choice between truths. So a new truth in one area challenges all truths we hold in everything. And some of our truths are sacred cows, things which we never question or believe are always true in every circumstance. And when existing cherished relationships or situations can only remain intact if we do not expand our willing to embrace new truths, our ascension choice because much more difficult.

The extent of our desire for ascension determines our willingness to release the old truths that stand in the way of new ones. But if we are not sure, then we will struggle between the two and may find reasons to not allow new truths to become true for us. Expanding into new truths will change our lives in ways that we may not be ready to align with, so we’ll take our time, delay the process, procrastinate, block our growth, limit our options, just so we don’t have to choose between our old reality and a new one we are not ready for; between an old truth and a new one.

Eventually, though, we get to a place where we must choose a truth path, ascending into new truths will be our only option, and if we are ready to do that, we will. If we are not, we will try to delay the process as long as we can. This is also true of everyone – they cannot accept a new truth until they are absolutely ready to release the old one. And they won’t see the ‘truth’ of a truth until they can align with, integrate, and embrace it, no matter how true it may be. This is one thing we may struggle with, when we look for like-spirited people and instead connect with rejection, criticism, and judgment. It is not personal, it’s about our truth that someone cannot align with.

Just shine your own light, set your own truth, and don’t worry about what other people do or say. Everyone has their soul mission roles in this process, even the deniers. And in the end it is the truth that will both set us free in some cases, and reinforce the prison walls in others. We all walk the path that is right and best for us and if a new truth sets us free from a limiting reality, then we will ascend into one that is aligned with our truth.


Toni 12th January 2017 11:11 pm

Truth is liquid… what may be true one day may not always be true the next. It’s what keeps us expanding or ascending as you say. Yes ascension is spherical…the pure geometric path is akin to the Fibonacci or Golden Spiral. When truth becomes stuck we create circles instead of spirals.

Truth contributes big time to the equation of ones vibrational frequency and therefore reality.

:thumbs: Jennifer

Rayofhelios 15th January 2017 12:02 pm

VERY beautifully stated, Uriel.

Let me bring forward the essential premise of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' work on Death and Grief which I've ascribed to in my career. When we are faced with a new truth, there is a powerful process implemented that is very similar to death, and by proxy, Grief of loss: We go through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Like what was stated here, these do not come through a linear process, no. They shift shift shift shift back and forth until we finally reach some relative degree of acceptance.

Acceptance, unfortunately, still doesn't excuse us from the responsibility of choice...we still must choose the truth of our personal existence as experienced through a hard won life perspective (gained by many truths...and consequences lived).

And what we choose about a new truth or old one is the accompanying consequence.

And so courage and faith are requisite to stay in the old or step forward into the new. Both are possible, and that makes both valid.

I say...if courage and faith were's all good, right?


QSUSA 18th January 2017 4:06 pm

Thank U for this Message.
I needed the Reminder, that I am a cocreator uv my Experiences.


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