Ascension, Tipping Points, and Energy Downloads

Since February 2004 I have been writing the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter articles and this week I am doing something different because this week’s topic is complex so a visual discussion with props is easier to understand. We’re in another big energy cycle and this one

  • the tipping point, where we reach the end of our ‘energy road’ and realize that we no longer like or want the reality we have,
  • the turning point where we decide we’re either going to tip over from the tipping point or move forward
  • the transformation, where we transcend into a new paradigm and reality, this is transcension because it is a step by step process, it is not one big leap into a new reality.

We also have to look at CERN activity right now because it is running at peak output due to the energy work we have been doing. Its purpose is to keep 3D intact and to open dense energy portals from the 3D paradigm, there is nothing good about what CERN is doing. But they did not factor our energy work in their process and are trying to overcome it, which they cannot do. It’s all good but it does impact us and our energy and we need to continue to bring in high energy to overcome it.

There are some big misconceptions about how an ascension cycle works and that is impacting our ability to move forward by allowing us to believe that it is a giant leap forward rather than a series of ascension cycles and we are running the ascension marathon rather than a relay race. At some point we need to pass the baton to the next generation of Light Workers while we move into our new, expanded Light Beacons roles. 

Here’s this week’s newsletter message and I hope you find the examples and props useful and helpful. Above all, we need to shine on right now because that is what moves us along our ascension cycle and keeps the 3D/5D integration moving forward.  Shine on! It does get better and easier as we move into our new 5D paradigms that are integrated with 3D, we are not eliminating 3D, that’s an important thing to remember.

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bluedragoness 15th June 2017 1:44 pm

Some of us are not lightworkers but we do heavy clearing work in the denser non-physical realms. A long time ago I was guided to understand that even what CERN does has a higher purpose. It is there were the ones of us who go to the realms where lightworkers do not go into, do the clearing of the heavier timelines in time/space, so there is absolutely no need to worry.

You guys do your job and the ones of us who work on lower realms neutralizing those denser energies coming from those heavier timelines do our job consciously.


Rayofhelios 16th June 2017 3:27 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

nikos.v.3 17th June 2017 9:48 am

Hi Ray... I think you can see everyone as positive... Because the light is in your eyes... I mean you look through your own eyes.

And only? I think.

We call that impeccability ... Owning our eye's light.

hmmmmm....... So here we are on the internet :crazy2



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