Be Satisfied

The energetic vibrations that you attain represent the learning and growth you have achieved through your healing work and willingness to ascend into wholeness through transformation. Each lifetime you set an intention for healing and growth and when you are able to achieve it you are able to move on to higher levels of being. You can be satisfied with the work you have done and proud of your accomplishments as you have achieved great things with each level of growth you attain. Satisfaction is another aspect of gratitude and a gift you give to yourself, acknowledging each step on your journey as complete and an important aspect of your soul mission, because it is. Your state of satisfaction gives closure and acknowledges you have done your best until this moment, as well as opening yourself to the new potentials beyond that point.

You may have the impression that you must always achieve another level of growth, learn new ways, raise your vibrations, and achieve greater growth. While learning and healing are part of your path in this lifetime, you are asked to be in the moment but not to be in a constant state of effort. Part of your learning is to be satisfied with what you have achieved, recognize and appreciate your efforts, take time to appreciate your accomplishments, and be grateful for every detail of your growth. You are not judged by the amount of effort you put into your lessons, what you achieve or how much time each step takes. What you may judge as your most insignificant achievement may be the most important step you have taken in any lifetime.

Even the smallest step towards a higher vibration may represent lifetimes of effort. While you may not recognize each step you have taken in the direction of your growth, you are aware of the different ways that you interact with others, a greater sense of peace and calm and more assurance of your power. These may seem insignificant to you in the face of the more pressing issues in your reality but they represent important steps in your growth and in the evolution of humanity. Be satisfied with what you have achieved until this moment before you create additional work for yourself.  Being satisfied with what you have achieved until this moment creates the perfect foundation for your next cycle to begin in the energy of joy.

Acknowledge your progress with each step of your journey and be satisfied with your accomplishments. There is nothing better than what you have at this moment as it represents the best that you can do. You have much to be proud of and are celebrated in the Universe. Bring that energy to yourself by being satisfied with what you have achieved and do not judge yourself for what you think are insignificant accomplishments. This gives you the strength to move into the next phase of your journey, achieving new levels of growth, new learning and new victories that can bring new levels satisfaction, peace, joy and love. Each step of your journey is an evolution and you can rest, be satisfied with your progress and appreciate the work that you have done, before moving onto the next things.


vk grania 26th October 2016 6:18 am

Hi Jennifer

i so love reading you words, and this one touches me so deep as i have just taken on a new role within my community. I also have noticed that my work has shifted now from healing individuals to major movements of gently leading/creating a new lifestyle/community heart for large groups of people shifting to being removed from one on one to groups of different consistancy. Thank you so very much with love and gratitude

Victoria Bourne


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