Between Two Worlds in the Interdimensional Hallway

The final week of any year is a strange mix of energies as we look forward to the new beginning we hope will be different from the year before. This year, the movement from 2016 to 2017 is very unusual and is a very big deal, which may be why we are so impatient for it to begin. As we transition from one paradigm to the next, because entering into 2017 is a big paradigm shift from 3D to 5D, and we are transitioning into a new energetic paradigm, we have to spend time in the hallway, which is the very uncomfortable place between two worlds. Navigating this interdimensional corridor is uncomfortable but it holds the information we need to ensure that our new beginnings are truly new and they allow us to do some energetic housekeeping because in 2017 it’s all about the energy.

To know the real reason why this new year is so important we have to go back to 2007, which is when this 9 year cycle began. For me, it was the end of my corporate career, as my 6th job layoff happened in July 2007 and I realized that my technology career path was not going to happen in the way I had hoped. Although I had known since 2003 that Archangel Uriel had invited me (it was a rather choice-less invitation) to become the teacher and guide that I am now, I was not ready to do that full time. 2007 was the year I left the corporate world to begin my business full time. I had been in both worlds, corporate and self employment, until that time.  And while I love my work and find it very rewarding, it was a big shift for me, as I let go of the corporate dream I had worked hard at for decades.  What did you begin or end in 2007 that is coming full circle now, so you can take it to the next level?

We also can’t discount the influence of many astrological events that are happening this week, which are quite rare and unusual and involve all of the planetary bodies that are part of our solar system and our energetic system. To have a significant number of the outer planets at the same degree, in complementary signs, and aspecting each other is very unusual, considering the length of their cycles and their long retrogrades. They are support this shift from 3D to 5D, and the clearing work that goes with it so be open to receiving the clearing and you

If you are in that interdimensional hallway, and the movement from 2016 to 2017 is a dimensional shift, and you’re feeling a wide range of emotions, or you have strange bursts of anger or sadness, it is because you’re in a review period now. The hallway between worlds is not empty, it is filled with the energies and experiences of this cycle, from 2007 to 2016, as well as others that we are completing now.  Our energetic past is  calling to us one final time, asking us whether we want to keep it or let it go, bring it with us into our new world or leave it behind in the old. Our decision point is to ask whether it supports our vision and intention for the reality we want or not. And if it doesn’t then the revolving energy door will whisk it away as it ushers in new potentials and possibilities.

We’re in a powerful week and if it feels a little overwhelming, it’s because we’re processing energy from the past 9 years, as well as that of many cycles before it. We are crossing the 4D bridge into a new 5D paradigm and while it’s exciting, it is also a little scary and overwhelming. We have never been here before, ascension is moving into high gear now and while we have wanted this to happen, there is a difference between wanting something to happen and actually being in the middle of it. It’s very much like being pregnant and wanting the baby to be born, then going into hard labor and realizing it’s going to be uncomfortable and messy for a while, before the baby is actually born.

We’re in hard labor now, and that doesn’t necessarily mean work, it means we’re purging the past to release everything that cannot accompany us into the new 5D paradigms. They do not operate at a frequency that tolerates fear, karma, doubt, and density. They are all about empowerment, creation, self awareness, and energetic mastery. For us this is a choice between energetic sovereignty or energetic enslavement. We’re ready for it so let’s make the best of our time in the interdimensional hallway and choose what we know will bring us the most fulfilling, empowering, fun, joyful, and light-filled life in 2017. Use this time to do your final energetic housekeeping to prepare for our new year, new beginnings, and a new paradigm for the spiritual human. We’re nearly there.


Barbs2 29th December 2016 4:18 pm

Thank you for your very timely advice other than the love in my heart I want to leave the rest of that stuff behind and move on.....


Toni 30th December 2016 12:04 am

Ah ha… I was seeing plenty of Hall signs…So that explains it... we are in a hallway. Squishy narrow things these hallways... it's humanity that’s pushing us through them. As they ascend it pushes starseeds higher...Ha, I just remembered… 2007 I did a painting of this… gold essence being pushed up through 3 of these squishy silver hallways before it forms the god or goddess that opens the vortex to Soul.

This next 9 years shall indeed be interesting…

Toni 30th December 2016 5:03 pm

Since I red this yesterday my mind has been spinning with timing and sequence of events. 2007 was the beginning of the wave or push through the 3 hallways* and the feminine goddess didn’t emerge til 2 years later 2009 then there was a 9 month pause before the twin flame then the god emerged 2010.

The past 9 yr cycle was all about pain and painting to clear dna fear. 15 paintings over this 9 year space. It is my feeling that this time it goes round on the flipside of love now I’ve done my dna demons. Time shall tell so they say…so far so wonderful tho.

Thank you for triggering my head trip…that was fun.

Cheers :thumbs:

Toni 30th December 2016 6:00 pm

Oops... :)

* 3 hallways between 3 & 4d, 4 & 5d & 5 & 6d. 6d connects soul via higher self @ 4 & 5d.


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