If You’re Bored You’re Ready for a New Vibe

Boredom is a tug of war between our mind and spirit

Have you been bored lately, feeling out of sorts, unmotivated, and maybe even a little stuck?

Do you have a lot of things to do but don’t feel like doing any of them?

I used to think that being bored meant having nothing to do, so if I had things to do and I was bored, it meant that I was being irresponsible or lazy. But that is not what boredom means. It is a sign that there is an energetic misalignment between the life we are on and new paths, opportunities, and potentials that our soul is trying to open our awareness to.

Boredom is a tug of war between the mind and the spirit, an invitation to find another way to ‘be’, instead of finding something else to do.

Our needs change over time and we feel stuck and frustrated because the energy that is creating the path that we are on is not giving us the results we want. The energy we have used to create our current reality will only fuel that reality. If we want to create something else, we need to use different energy.

We have been taught that boredom is a sign of laziness or lack of motivation but I think that boredom is one way our soul shows us that it’s time to expand and stretch our awareness and let new things become possible for our life. To do that, we have to bring in the energy that will empower a new reality, to break our own rules about who we are, who we can be, what we are capable of, and what we can be aligned with.

When we’re bored we have to resist the temptation to ‘do something‘ and let our boredom clue us into what is no longer satisfying or fulfilling us.

When we’re bored we think that something is wrong with us because we think that busy, productive people are never bored with what they are doing.

But we all get bored with our life circumstances at some point and then try to convince ourselves that we should be happy with whatever is in front of us and make the best of it, no matter how we really feel about it.

The relationship that doesn’t work is, after all, better than no relationship at all.

The job that we dread going to every day is better than being unemployed.

The life routine we have is fulfilling some purpose, even if we get up every day wondering whether this is all there is to life and living.

We have been taught to be grateful for what we have, and wanting something else implies that we are ungrateful. Not only is that not true, it’s unrealistic.  Can you think of anything that would make you consistently happy for the rest of your life, that you would never want to change?  Wanting something else or something different doesn’t make you ungrateful at all, it just means you have outgrown your current reality and its circumstances.

It isn’t a sign of ingratitude, selfishness, incompetence, or even a lack of appreciation to look at our life and decide that we aren’t happy with it, it doesn’t satisfy or fulfill us, or it’s boring. Our next step is  important. Do we decide we could have done better, that everything we have done until this moment is wrong, we don’t have what it takes to make changes, or we have been misguided or misled in chasing a path of fulfillment that wasn’t fulfilling?

Or do we recognize boredom as a sign that we have ‘run out of energy road’ on that path and it’s time to change the direction, meaning, and purpose of our life? Remember that energy powers the path we’re currently  on, and to empower a new path in a fulfilling way, we have to use new energy. Otherwise, we’re trying to create change without changing anything. And recognizing when we’re bored is the first step on that journey because this acknowledges that we’re also ready to open ourselves up to new potentials.

We don’t have to know why we’re bored, it’s enough to acknowledge that we are not happy, which is our next step. When we try to pretend we’re happy when we are really not, we are trying to convince ourselves that we are fulfilled when that is not true. So we’re telling ourselves little white lies and ignoring the truth of what is right in front of us — we don’t like our life. And that’s a good thing to be able to do because once we realize that we aren’t happy, we can take steps to moving towards new, more fulfilling, joyful and joy-filled paths.

Recognizing boredom requires honesty and courage. So take a good look at your life and see what you aren’t happy with. Then make a list of all of those changes you wish would happen or want to make. Don’t be shy and be honest, you have to recognize what you want to change before you can change it. Then, with that list in front of you, ask yourself what you want to change. Be sure to consider whether you are willing to change, are ready for it, and are prepared to do what is necessary to allow it.

Don’t focus on what you think happens to other people, who will approve or not, who wants or likes it, or whether you’ll be understood by anyone in your life because you probably won’t be, and that’s OK.

And, get ready to break some rules that dictate how you live your life and what you are capable of, to step into high vibe, more fulfilling, joyful living, and bring in new energy to make those changes possible.

Here are five signs that you are bored with your life and it’s time to raise your vibes:

1. You dread doing certain things, or maybe everything, because it feels like it’s too much work or you know you won’t like the result.

2. What once made you happy doesn’t bring you as much joy any more, or maybe even no joy at all.

3. You have a hard time forcing yourself to do the things you feel you ‘should’ be doing, even if you keep telling yourself you should do them because they’re important.

4. You find that you are missing appointments, forgetting commitments, arriving late and wanting to leave early, or finding excuses to avoid doing things.

5. You are ready to take off and leave it all behind and even if you know you won’t do that, it’s something you think about.

Maybe you can add a few more things to your own list and that’s OK, boredom is just a sign that the energy you have been using to empower your life just isn’t working for you because you are ready for something different. So acknowledge your boredom with gratitude and set some new goals, create a new purpose for your life, dust off a few dreams, and create a new life vibe to allow the changes you need and want to happen.

To get a new life you have to create a new vibe, a vibration and frequency that will support the changes you want to make. You can’t empower change with the energy you have been using to create the life you have right now and your boredom is a sign that you are ready to explore new avenues for your life path, to live on purpose, in a new purpose, and expand into new potentials and possibilities.

What can you do today to raise your vibe? What’s the smallest change you can make right now? It doesn’t take much so don’t look at trying to make big changes all at once, just make one small change and see whether you like the result. If not, change something else.



Toni 30th November 2016 4:20 pm

Haha, yes… boredom does happen when the passion runs out and there’s nothing new to learn. It happens with relationships, work and life and a new passion is in order.

Personally I’d prefer to be unemployed or dead rather than dread going every day to a job without passion. I’ve jumped off and started again so many times now it’s no longer funny.

Ready for my next experience of love and passion now Spirit. All that was no longer is.

Thanks Jen :thumbs:

nikos.v.3 1st December 2016 4:03 am
nikos.v.3 1st December 2016 2:54 pm

( ...pardon, if this came a little abrupt or intense, wasn't my intention. You get to figure about your (mine at least) intention in this age (of information) ) ...Peace ... ...

nikos.v.3 1st December 2016 2:58 pm

I just don't know -\\\


Eyewitness 1st December 2016 4:58 pm

I certainly am bored with all this poverty and misery, but mostly I'm just so bored with having No choices. I've been homeless 3 times but I'd rather have a job that I hate than go through that again. I have a panic disorder, migraines, major social phobia and some other problems, but I guess some people have nothing more to focus on than being bored with their wonderful life. Ive been alone my whole life.... which means...I've never had a relationship and never will... because of a mix of certain physical and mental problems.. but I guess being bored is a sign that I need to do some soul searching and make some changes. Give me a break. If you're bored, maybe you need to have one of my sick migraines... you know, where you lay on the floor in your own puke and pray to pass out... or die.... then you won't be so bored. Please.... when you channel some amazingly intelligent entity... couldn't we please have them actually say something that has real value to suffering humanity? Please?? Im not looking for hope... Im looking for the keys to healing this body. Thenk yew.



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