Karma, the Basis of E-Motion

As we move into mastery, which is the purpose of our life path, we are faced with resolving our karma, the energetic imprint that we left behind in our previous third dimensional experiences. Despite what we call it or how we feel about it, karma is nothing more than an energetic imprint that we have created in the earth's energetic matrix. Since we created it, we have to resolve it. This is the purpose of life, and it forms the basis of our energetic signature, hence karma can be described as just another form of energy in motion or emotion.

Every karmic experience has a unique energetic signature that we resonate with, along with everyone else who is part of that experience. This is why we attract karmic partners or soul-mates who share this wound, which is a break in our wholeness or the flow of our ability to experience unconditional love, non-judgment, and peace. We willingly accept our karmic healing obligations because we know that our karma affects the world and when we heal our karma we also extend healing to the world, which removes our karmic imprint on the earth's matrix and brings that little piece of it back to wholeness.

But we get caught up in the energy of our karma and find that, instead of resolving it we create more of it because we get stuck in its vibration and can't find our way out. The ego becomes attached to the karma and expresses its lowest vibrations through it. We then become our karma and our lives mirror its energies, creating a cycle of emotion that we judge through how we feel, which perpetuates the cycle. Instead of moving into a higher dimension of being, we become attached to that energy in motion (or emotion) and the cycle continues.

Karma is resolved when we can set a higher energy in motion. This takes time, effort and practice. Karma has a strong presence in our lower heart, which also resonates with our victim status, so we are challenged to step out of our experience of life as a victim of emotion, or a victim of the energies, and create a higher way of being. This is possible for each of us as we move into mastery so we can live through our highest co-creative abilities, which means that we consciously and continuously co-create the outcome and allow the energy to become that. Karma is a life purpose, not a life sentence and it will dictate our energies as long as we feel bound by it. But as soon as we shift our energy we release the energy around karma and it is finished. Then we can set an intention for a new emotion to set new energies in motion for our life.


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