Live From Your Heart

The potential of your life exists within the knowing of your heart and soul. Yet you use your mind to determine what is possible and its limitations prevent the highest potential from being available to you. It takes courage to live from your heart, where the true nature of your dreams exist, as well as the outcomes and miracles that can allow them to happen, because this requires an expanded vision of your life and potential that the mind cannot comprehend or envision for itself and for you.

The limitations of the third dimension are reflected in your life challenges, which are also the separation between divinity and humanity. In a divine world, the heart/mind partnership leads with love; in a human world, the mind leads by itself, with the emotional heart (also ruled by the mind) choosing the present based on the past. Living from the heart means choosing the highest heart aspects, the unconditional love and peace that are your divine birthright. Humanity’s birthright is karma and the potential for love, which is found in the heart through embracing and partnering with your divinity. The ascension path leads to incorporation of the divine when you can live from the heart and choose to express its energies, which exist beyond emotion.

The world does not create peace, love and joy, they are created by your intention for these higher energies in and for the world. The world is a mirror of humanity and cannot reflect more love, peace or joy than each of you allows to exist in and flow from your own heart. Raising the world’s vibrations is the work you have each committed to. There is no single enlightened teacher or master who is responsible for this. You are each other’s teachers and masters, and you shift the world’s energies with every shift in your own vibration.

Choosing to live from the heart requires that you choose a higher aspect of every experience and make a conscious choice for love, surrender, peace, and joy. These energies are all available to you and they exist within each experience but it is a choice you must make willingly and intentionally. When you live from your heart you allow your heart’s unlimited potential to expand your reality beyond the limitations of the mind and venture into what has been unknown to you until that moment. Every moment of darkness has a potential for light; every aspect of fear contains a potential for love, and every bit of sadness, pain, despair and powerlessness has the potential for higher aspects when you choose them. Go within your heart and find the courage to expand its knowing and embrace your highest potential so you can become this in your life and for the world. Heaven on earth is created from following the path of living from your heart and allowing your divinity to expand into your humanity.


COBALT 24th August 2012 9:19 am

"Heaven on earth is created from following the path of living from your heart and allowing your divinity to expand into your humanity.". :smitten:

marc 24th August 2012 11:49 am

'May the heart of Earth flow
To the heart of the heavens
Through my heart
And may my heart be
The heart of every sentient being'

~ the World's oldest prayer



k 24th August 2012 12:32 pm

Thank you Jennifer for this Divinely inspired message. I am given what I need with each step I take. There is destruction and then there comes, with hard work, the repair...but with the process understanding, soul growth and wisdom is gained.

jdchittick 3rd September 2012 9:31 pm

"These energies are all available to you and they exist within each experience but it is a choice you must make willingly and intentionally."

Thanks for this great reminder - we don't have to search or reach for anything - it is already there within the experience. We simply need to choose it.



Ahoooo 29th April 2014 2:45 am

The planet won't develop contentment, enjoy in addition to joy, they are put together by the objective regarding these kind of greater energies in in addition to to the globe. The planet can be a mirror of the human race in addition to are unable to reveal more enjoy, contentment or even joy as compared to you both allows in order to occur in in addition to stream from the unique heart. Increasing the world’s vibrations is the function you might have every single dedicated to. There isn't any solitary illuminated instructor or even grasp that accounts for this kind of. You are every single other’s lecturers in addition to pga masters, so you change the world’s energies together with each change a highly effective vibration.letters of introduction


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