Moving into New Energetic Spaces

As with everything else in the universe, there is a process to moving energy into and out of our energetic spaces, and it isn’t always a graceful and easy process. In fact, sometimes the ‘moving in’ part can be so frustrating and challenging that we can wonder whether we made the right choice by moving energy in the first place. We did, but we don’t simply step from one energetic space to another (which we believe is what happens). Instead, we have to carefully consider which aspects of our ‘old’ energy we’re going to put into our new energetic space, what works, what simply won’t fit, and then make adjustments accordingly. It’s a process that takes time, thought, and a willingness to adopt new perspectives about ourselves, our ‘stuff’, and set new intentions that incorporate the new potentials that we have created for our life with our energy movement to create a new foundation.

Moving energy out of our energetic spaces is relatively easy.  We just decide what we want to keep and what we are ready to let go of, then we pack up what’s left and start the journey to our new space. Then we arrive there and realize that not only do we have to unpack everything we brought with us, we have another set of decisions to make – what will fit in our new space and where to put it, and what simply won’t fit so we have to release it. It’s just like moving into a new home where you have to fit your furniture into the space and get rid of the things that don’t work, fit, or look right. I’m in the process of doing that now with my new home and it has been rather frustrating.

Since we believe that a move into higher dimensions is done with grace and ease, which means that it’s graceful and easy, when it becomes very ungraceful and hard we think that something is wrong with the process, we have made a wrong move or choice, or we’re doing it wrong. None of those is true, ‘moving in’ has its own process.

If you have ever moved house you know that all houses have different layouts and energy, and the things from your old house may not fit into your new house, either into the space or with the energy. Then you have to go through the keep/release cycle again and decide whether you are going to keep them or let them go. That isn’t an easy choice to make when it’s something you value or treasure and have made the effort to bring along with you.

All of our belongings (physical and energetic) are functional, memorable, and useful and when we move into new spaces, physical or energetic, those aspects can change. What was functional in our old space may not be in the new one, what was once memorable may now be a challenging anchor, and what was once useful (like a snow shovel in the Midwest) is no longer useful in a southern beach community. We are ready to move energy when what we have been working with no longer fits or suits us, when we have ‘run out of energy road’ and the current energy cannot power our new intentions. That is when we know it is time for energetic transformation. It’s time to move the energy.

Then, we get to a new energetic space and we have to ‘move in’, and set up our new life from that place. Although we think it’s a lateral process, it isn’t. We have made a big vertical leap in frequency and vibration and that requires that we re-purpose our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ‘stuff’. It helps if we remember our original intention for moving the energy and that provides clarity in the next level of choices about what we’re going to be keeping and what we can now release.

The choice of releasing must be based on energetic fit and not our emotions, although the process can be quite emotional. Remembering our intention will deflect some of the emotional energy, part of which can be based on regret, guilt, and fear. We’re always afraid that we haven’t fully completed a lesson, that we will create additional karma, that everyone needs to be healed, completed, whole, and have closure with us before we can move on, and that if we don’t achieve those things we will have to repeat the lesson. Or we are afraid that we will release something that we will need later on. But we don’t have to fear any of this when we detach from our fears and maintain a higher perspective based on our intention and what will align with it. Then the choice is clear and there is no (or less) regret.

Moving energy is one process, moving into a new energetic space is another, and when we remember that we won’t get surprised by how hard it can be to make this transition. It isn’t a little side step into another frequency; it is a transition into new, multi-dimensional living at a higher frequency and vibration that requires a shift in perspective, clear intentions, a willingness to allow alignment with our intention to happen, and the knowledge that grace and ease is not always graceful and easy. But our efforts will be rewarded with the opening of new potentials and a new energetic space that is fully aligned with our intention for joyful, joy-filled living.



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