November Energy Report 2015

November begins with a beautiful aspect, a conjunction in Virgo between Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. This is the third Venus/Mars conjunction this year and with Jupiter it packs a powerful punch. It’s also opposite Chiron, the wounded healer, so the wounds will be more obvious, but so will the healing they require, if we have the courage to apply it. One of November’s lessons will be to have the courage to move to the next level of transformation, to release the energetic bonds of our healing journey and replace them with the wings of freedom and wholeness. It’s a month for creative convergence, where all of the pieces come together so we can create our new life pathways. We don’t need to know where we are going, we just need to have the desire to start moving forward.

We’ve been on the healing path for so many lifetimes that being scattered, disconnected, and acting as the Martyred Healer has become our way of being. We are so familiar with the pain that it has become an accepted, expected, and anticipated life burden. As Lightworkers we dug the trenches for those we worked with, and then kept them company in their misery. As Light Beacons we light the way but first we have to be ready to put down our crosses, swords, and shields, so we can figure out how fun fits into our journey. When was the last time you had fun?

There is a lot of spiritual energy this month, but before you think this is the sweetness and light spirituality, guess again. This is more like ‘Joan of Arc’, fearlessly leading the troops to victory. The ‘Virgo virgin’ is the sign of mind over matter, of material alchemy using spiritual energy. We can now turn lead into gold. This is pure creative power that can manifest energy into form through the power of its intention.  Do you have intentions for your life? This is a good month to start setting them.

The Virgo focus intensifies on the 12th, when the moon’s node moves into Virgo. The nodes follow a 19 year cycle and they were in Virgo in January 1997, July 1978, and December 1959. Were those significant years for you?  They were for me and for the world too, Princess Diana was killed August 31, 1997, when we also had a powerful eclipse in Virgo. If you look at the planetary positions on that day and those that followed it, many are at the same degree but in different signs. Virgo is also the sign of pure truth, knowledge, awareness, transparency, and clarity. Be ready for secrets to be revealed, there are no more hiding places when the light of truth shines this brightly.

This is spiritual energy on steroids, as we also have Jupiter in Virgo, always the sign of a spiritual awakening, and Neptune in Pisces, its home sign, along with Chiron. They shine light on each other this month, a spiritual tug of war that raises the bar for all of us. How much spirituality and energy can we handle? Once we absorb all we can at the 3D level, we have to raise our vibes, frequency, and awareness to be able to handle more. We have expanded our 3D awareness as much as we can, and in November we can start exploring new dimensions to expand into.

Are you ready for multi-dimensional multi-tasking? This is not a time to abandon the physical world for the spiritual, or vice versa. We need to have our feet firmly grounded in all of our dimensional realities to be ready to hit the ground running in 2016 and we get to start practicing this month. Marathon runners train for months before they race, they don’t step up to the starting line and start running.  We can’t either and our training begins now.

If you’re tired of dealing with the repeats of last summer’s retrogrades, which are finally over now (except Pluto and Neptune), that also shifts in November.  All of the personal planets cover a lot of ground, expect lessons to move quickly, some may finish before you realize that an ending was happening. Mars and Venus stay fairly close, reminding us of the power we embrace when we remember our integrated duality — feminine and masculine, human and divine, material and spiritual. Polarity represents rejection; duality represents integration. Neptune goes direct after the 15th, removing the final veil of disillusion from our path. Wherever we have been ignoring the truth, it will be more than obvious.

The message for this month is that we need to be integrated to converge our power into a single point of expression. Aren’t we more powerful when we are laser focused, rather than being scattered in many different directions? This is not a time for resurrection or rising from the dead (we aren’t dead even though it has felt that way), this is ignition and liftoff, blasting off into new potentials, possibilities, and directions. We aren’t re-purposing our old ways or paths, we are creating something new now. The old has served its purpose, it is time to let bygones go on by.

One important note for this month, though, as much as you may be anxious and impatient for things to change, let yourself flow with the energy. It’s time to try out new things and see how they fit, to experiment with your intentions and practice your manifestation skills. We don’t have to rush and there is no need to try to hurry things along — divine timing is still in effect and we are the driver, not the passenger. Take some time to enjoy your journey, and to change your mind when your outcomes don’t meet your expectations. And remember to put yourself first. Meeting your needs makes you self-ish, not selfish. Read my article on How to be Self-Ish without being Selfish here.

November’s theme is convergence, where the many parts come together to become the whole, so we can feel what it means to be expanded and expansive, by being tightly integrated with our energy and not scattered. It’s a new way of being for us, that can happen without trauma or drama now. We have worked hard for a long time, and now we can let the closure and completion happen as we enjoy the last few weeks of this year’s journey and get ready to move into the next.



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