Partnering with Spirit

As we prepare for the transition into 2012, a year many in the world consider with emotions that range from fear and dread to curiosity and joy, the world as we have known it for eons of existence is ending. This will not be a gradual process, it has been occurring for several years and we are now in its final stages. The security that was once found from foundations of control, relinquishing our power and the dominance of the unbalanced outer energy of the old world are crumbling and we have to quickly put new ones in place. Any lack of synergy or mis-alignment with our divine nature cannot co-exist with the expression of our God light.

We have experienced this in the past as discomfort; now the awareness of this disconnection will result in much stronger reactions because the physical body is being bombarded with the higher frequencies that are part of the earth's new electromagnetic grids. These higher frequencies are rapidly separating us from our fear-based vibrations, thrusting us into a space of no energetic connection until we can decide which vibration we are ready to embody. The space of no energy can create panic as we search for energy to connect with and none of the old ways will work for us. We have to step into these new energies, consciously embrace and integrate them within our being.

We become whole and complete as humans once we incorporate spirit into our being. Without spirit, we are humans without a core, without our light and without the energy necessary to anchor ourselves to our spiritual center that is the foundation for our being, which is to bring heaven to earth. At this time of great transformation every area where spirit is missing, has been denied a place or presence in our life, has been set aside in the name of ego gratification, greed, separation or chaos is being revealed. Chaos has been a driving factor for humanity, to be replaced with harmony and harmony begins with spirit. So often we look to spirit as the final answer; now it must be the first question we ask. As we enter each moment by inviting spirit to join us, we create harmony and balance, learn how to ground ourselves in a higher vibration, we make room for a higher perspective and are open to the energy of miracles.

Your energy work for this week:

Make room for spirit in your life by issuing by creating a conscious invitation. When you get up each day, ask spirit to be your partner in that day. When you are facing a decision, pause and invite spirit to partner in the choice you make. When you feel stuck, ask spirit to show you the lesson of this experience and the next step. When you are afraid or feeling powerless, ask spirit to hold your hand and guide you back to your power. Ask for the blessings of unconditional love in each moment. Make this a daily practice this week and you will find that you easily walk in step with Spirit and find the guidance you seek on each part of your journey.


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Uriel Heals

The Archangel Uriel is here to help humanity through the Shift in Consciousness by interacting with us as we shift into higher dimensions of consciousness. Uriel, one of the seven Archangels that stand at the throne of the Creator, is known as the "Light of God" and governs the Mental Plane.

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