Reframing the Reality

If the news of the past few weeks has made you wonder whether the world has gone mad, we are all thinking that way. We have been bombarded with stories of government misdeeds, corruption, sex slavery rings run by the elite, horrible child abuse, and more that is not just offensive, it is an example of the vile, demented, and despicable behavior that has been ongoing for decades in the invisible world run by those who use their power, money, connections, and positions to protect themselves from prosecution. Why is there so much darkness if there is now so much light?

In the new era of transparency invisibility is no longer possible and when the light shines brightly all becomes visible. While we’re put off by this deviant behavior it is an example of pure 3D in action and being able to see it is proof of what is being displaced by our work with 5D integration.  

While we don’t need to drink the poison to find the cure, we do need to identify the poison so we can know which cure to apply. Light and high vibrations are the cure. And we need to shine on and shine brightly even as we are wondering whether it is even worth it. We have been doing this for so long now, have we made a difference?  We have, that is why so much of 3D is being revealed and shining brightly helps us reframe our reality to create new potentials for the present and future.

The past becomes the mirror for the present only when we do not make any changes, deny its existence, or do not ask the difficult questions and acknowledge inconvenient and even unbelievable truths. While that is hard to do in a world that is run by agencies we can’t trust, governments who are perpetrators rather than protectors, disinformation that abounds within the very organizations who are supposed to be sources of unbiased and honest information, and moneyed, powerful interests who think they live by a different set of rules than anyone else. Do we have any power here? Yes we do, when we collectively reframe our reality to bring in new energies, more light, and a bigger, more high vibe energy container.

Reframing the reality which means to apply a new energy that rejects (not denies) that which does not conform to or align with the reality we want by reframing what we will allow instead of what we are seeing. To do this we use the past as a stepping stone to the new reality and shift what is creating the limitations, blocks, and fear by turning the  control, domination, manipulation, and deceit into sources of empowerment, justice, and freedom.

While we have been conditioned to believe that we are powerless in the world the opposite is true. We are the creators, we are the ones who hold all of the power because we are conductors, portals, and containers for the energy and when we know that we become the omnipotent creators of the reality of the world. In the presence of any light, no matter how small, the darkness retreats. Now imagine the light of billions of people who hold the same energetic intention, for a world that resounds with peace, joy, love, and prosperity for everyone.

When we hold a shared energetic intention the energy flows to our intention. It is only when we are separated, discordant, and judgmental of each other that we are powerless. The world needs our individual and collective light now, as well as our shared intention to reframe the reality into the image we want to see, know, and live. We are individuals on our own path but we share an ascension journey. While a single candle is a point of light in the darkness, millions of candles make the darkness obsolete and that is our mission for this ascension cycle. Can we come together as the family of humanity, shining together as millions of points of light, in these dark times to shift the balance of power? We need to as we live in critical times and our continued belief in the power of the light, standing firm as portals for and of the light, that will bring us through them.

We cannot change or transform or rehabilitate the dark and devious, that is not our job, but we can make it impossible for them to commit their acts, in public or in private, because the world’s energy is bright, clear, honest, and at a frequency and vibration that does not allow for invisibility, for secrecy, or for control and domination agendas to predominate.

Reframing our reality requires that we use our energetic sovereignty in ways that serve us and the world.  

It requires that we give our energetic consent to actions, behaviors, and mindsets that expand the frequency and vibration for the reality we want for ourselves and for all of humanity.

It also requires that we acknowledge the truth of the way things are right now, no matter how unpleasant, unsavory, and difficult they are, so we can know what we are shifting. We don’t have to drink the poison to find the cure but we do have to know that the poison is there so we can apply the cure that neutralizes and destroys the poison.

I know this information makes many of you heartsick and today we are seeing a dark agenda that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The full reality of it is much worse than we could ever imagine. One thing we can take comfort in is the knowledge that the more that is revealed the more light we are extending to the darkest corners of the collective reality we call the earth. We are winning the battle and the war and this is proof of that. Keep those lights shining, no matter what you see or hear or how dark things appear to be. The light always overtakes the darkness and the darkness always gives way to the light. And every dark purpose has a light potential – we need to focus on and expand that potential to make it our reframed reality so that peace, joy, love, and prosperity in the highest frequencies and vibrations, become the strongest energies for the earth and for the family of humanity.



StephanieV 30th March 2017 10:47 am

Dear Jennifer,
It is mid-morning and already I have read two "Breaking News" blurbs and several newspaper articles that upset me to the core and moping around feeling heartsick. Your article is a blessed "Rescue Remedy" which I will print and keep close by for those times when the light appears to be thin and the dark almost overwhelming. Heartfelt thanks.

Cheri 30th March 2017 12:36 pm

Great message Jennifer, thank you!! This is unfolding in all its horrendous ugliness right now because we (lightworkers) have dismantled almost all the negative and dark consciousness grids that have been controlling us for a very long time. Although I have been doing this energetic work actively for the last 4 yrs, I still find it hard to believe the extreme darkness, cruelty, hatred, greed, and self-serving corruption that has been degrading everything in it's path during this last Kali Yuga. But it is over, and the whole universe is restrucuring as layer after layer of this old matrix dissolves into the light. The beauty is that as our consciousness is freed, we can view it without the gut wrenching emotions that were twisted and entwined within it. So shine on beloved family, the light has returned!! Please know that this is true freedom and take heart in the fact that we (earth and her lightworkers) have transcended almost all the misqualified energy. Look at it, let it go, and continue to anchor in the beauty of peace, balance and harmony. All my love and gratitude!!


Cheri 30th March 2017 12:45 pm

Take heart dear Stephanie, please know that we are witnessing the cure unveiling as all the ugly dark secrets can no longer be hidden in the light of Truth bathing the planet right now. Thank you for caring, this is a sign of our beloved consciousness returning. Sending you a light packet filled with love!!


magichappens 30th March 2017 2:41 pm

Dear Jennifer.
Have been reading your posts for some years. Love them. Always so real, grounded and either bring confirmation, understanding or healing - and at times all three. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. This one tho - caused a deeply 'tech-phob' individual to actually log on and make comment. It is soooo important for us all to just keep shining our light and not get sucked in by the craziness out there. Constantly remind ourselves that the Light (=Love) is more powerful than anything else. To quote something that originally came from Spirit Library ( apologies to its originator as cannot remember who said it) - "Love is stronger than hate. Hate is louder than Love because it knows Love is stronger." That is being so clearly demonstrated at present. Light and Love to all. M

magichappens 30th March 2017 2:57 pm

Sorry - a mis-quote: Corrected - "Love is stronger than fear. Fear is louder than Love because is knows Love is stronger." I have passed this on to many people and constantly remind myself of the truth of it. LM

Rayofhelios 1st April 2017 5:43 pm

I love you, Uriel! I am so grateful to see you in others. I'm so gratified that I see in others that which I see in myself...

...that said, exalted spirit in physical human life must, by nature, be affected by that state. And what is it that we DO see of ourselves in this form? What does "the light" reveal to us about the darkness we have created in this form that naturally has ability to perceive both light and darkness, and by our perception, may work within both to CREATE!

What are we creating? Many fine points were made here. All True. Experience in this life have validated all of this. The the most essential Truth read here is that darkness also has a positive purpose.

That may make many recoil into a ferverent denial. Sadly, something we all share as humans (for now) is a "Limited" ability to perceive; limited awareness stuck in space and time...

...and our spirit, not trapped, but is always striving to push the awareness ever further and more deeply into the darkness where our natural light reveals more and more elements to shift into what is light and redemption



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