Stuck In The Light

I hear the words “I feel stuck” from so many clients now as they are finished with one aspect of their healing cycle and want to move into something more fulfilling and joyful. But they cannot seem to take that next step and wonder why. There is a reason for that which involves how we receive light and energy, our ascension mission, and our ability to walk in both worlds, which is why I always stress that this is an integration and not a takeover. If earlier aspects of our ascension path felt like big leaps, in this part we are inching along so we can be 5D energy receivers and share that with the earth and with humanity.

Our focus on our physical body and emotions is partly due to the belief that this is all we are, a physical body that experiences the world through our emotions. But there is more to us than that, just as there is more to our DNA than the 2 strand double helix surrounded by ‘junk DNA’ that science tells us. We are divine beings living in a material world and we are also energy containers and energy receivers. And that is the part of us that is highly active now, which means that forward motion is slowed down so we can receive as much energy as possible and hold that energetic space for everyone.

We’d like to take a  huge leap to the end of the 4D bridge and embrace our 5D being, celebrate that we have accomplished the impossible and move on. But while that would be nice it isn’t part of the process. Each step that we take towards full 5D integration in our own lives requires that we receive that amount of 5D energy to make it possible. Whatever aspects of our 3D being that we transition into 5D integration requires that we
are in both dimensions. For some that is easy, for others it is nearly impossible. So as we’re the energy containers and the light beacons, we are also the ones who can be an example to everyone as to how that integration process works. To do that effectively we cannot be so far away from them energetically that they cannot see us, we need to have a foot in both worlds, to be multi-dimensional ourselves. So we get stuck somewhere along the 4D bridge and inch along so we can show others how it’s done.

We see examples of this all around us in the proliferation of ‘how to’ shows that address topics from cooking to plumbing to rock climbing and everything in between. We know that we cannot force someone to change their minds about 3D and make that leap for them, but we can become their ‘how to’ source for their choice and to do that we have to be somewhere they can see and connect with us, which places us somewhere along the middle of the 4D bridge, halfway (or a little more) to our own ascension and inching along as we receive the 5D energy that empowers our journey and a little extra to share with others.

So if you’re feeling stuck, just inching along or like you’re treading water, use that time to bring in as much high vibe energy as possible and expand where you at now.  Bloom before you go is an article I wrote about my own frustration with this process that resonated with so many of my readers. And in the meantime know that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing right now, and are where you need to be. There is no reason why you cannot be joyful, fulfilled, and prosperous where you are right now so set that as your intention and then when you are ready to move along more quickly towards that 5D destination, you will have expanded the potential of your 5D life even more.



GAF 13th April 2017 11:48 am

Very good message.

Get used to being you and shining your light wherever you are. After you become "ascension-ready" you will continue to remain connected to 3D, still in your 3D carbon-based body, still "veiled" a bit, as you continue to serve your fellow human - in the world and not of it.

Lightworkers, it's time to SERVE. No reason to be all "dready" about it. All you have to do is BE YOU.


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