The Energies of April 2014

I see the potential of the energies of April as similar to cutting into an avocado. Sometimes it’s perfect, as is the one in the photo, which I had with my dinner tonight, other times it’s disappointing and what looked like a perfect avocado from the outside is a mushy, black mess on the inside. This is one of the most powerful months we have had in a very long time, with a cardinal grand cross, two eclipses, a Uranus/Pluto square, an ongoing Jupiter/Pluto T-Square, and several other strong aspects that begin on April 1. Individually, these are extremely powerful energies, putting them all together creates a month that will pack a punch.

We are part of the energetic engine of the Universe, which is in evidence all around us, including within the planets of our solar system. It’s all part of the same whole, which also includes us. It is undeniable that the world is changing, that governments and economic structures are in crisis, the societies we are part of are going through profound pangs of change, we are individually and collectively tired of the ‘old’ ways and searching for new answers to our collective malaise. As my guides have reminded me, ‘Labor prepares the body for birth; getting it ready so the baby can come out.” What we have been feeling so far are the labor pangs, I think that this baby is about ready to be born, and that’s the hard part, or is it?

I believe that we are collectively ready for change, even though we do not know what that change entails. Every aspect we are going to experience in April is a portal for change, or more accurately, for profound transformation. Change can be as simple as putting on a new outfit; transformation is a complete makeover. If you think you’ll experience April’s energy as a change of socks — you might, but I doubt it. Another interesting facet of April’s Cardinal Grand Cross is that it falls on the US chart and Pluto is again in Capricorn, for the first time since 1776, the birth date of the US, which could be experiencing a significant rebirth.

The cardinal signs represent the four elements, fire, water, air, and earth, and they are the cornerstones of nature. Each of them can nourish or destroy. Fire, for example, can destroy a eucalyptus forest in Australia but the eucalyptus seeds need fire for dispersal and after a significant fire, a larger forest is possible. Water can be a gentle, bubbling stream or a raging flood that wipes out everything in its path. Air can be felt in a gentle breeze or a howling wind. Earth is our planet that nourishes us by growing the food we need to eat and the oxygen we need to breathe, but at the other end of the spectrum, it has earthquakes, prairie and desert, drought, blistering heat, and biting cold. The question we are being compelled to ask now, individually and collectively, is where are our lives and our world so far out of balance that profound transformation is needed?

That question can be easily answered because we can see examples of that everywhere. From governments that engage in illegal and secret activities against their own citizens, to banks that destroy economies, media that doesn’t report the news, corporations that write laws for their benefit, a poisoned and toxic food supply, the strong that prey on the weak, and greed that blinds humanity to the simple truths of compassion, trust, and love. We have discovered, in the past few years, that we have let the fox have its run of the chicken house, something we allowed to happen in the belief that it was being done for our benefit and that we would be taken care of. And now we have to take our power back but that comes at a cost, in which we have to choose between convenience or empowerment.

The convenience factor is where we think that a life of grace and ease is available if we give our power away. We have learned that it doesn’t happen that way. Our belief that empowerment requires us to work hard, struggle, take charge and give up the ease and grace, and that is also not true. So what is true? We can have both, empowerment and grace and ease, peace on earth, love for each other, connection, collaboration, and compassion and the only cost to us individually is that we embrace our power and become masters of our own energy. If we want to embrace the transformation that April provides, we must show a willingness to be in our power by embracing, and not resisting change and transformation, getting clear on what doesn’t serve us in the way of our intention for our life, our desire for joy, and being willing to let it all go without knowing what will replace it, only that we will manifest what does serve our highest intentions when we have the courage to embrace them. This requires that we understand the concept of surrender, which doesn’t mean to give up, it means to stop fighting. We aren’t defeated when we surrender, we are the victor because the only person we can fight is ourselves and no victory is possible there.

The winds of changing are howling now and we have been pushed to the edge of the cliff. Whether we fall over it in a bruised, battered, painful mess or spread our wings and soar to new heights is up to us. In fact, we have never been in a more powerful position to create profound, powerful, lasting transformation in our lives, and in the world, than we are right now. The question is, do we have the courage to open the door and allow all of our old power structures to exit, knowing that they will be replaced with something new and wonderful (that we have to create, of course)? Do we say we want change and hope that this just means we buy a new hat to go with our old outfits or we get a total makeover? Out with the old, in with the new is the theme for this month. Are you ready?

Every day in the month of April we are going to be faced with the choice to transform and we can either respond with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. The yes will invite transformation gracefully, the ‘no’ will mean that we will still transform, but less gracefully and with resistance. What are you tired of, want no more of, have been wanting to change, have been hoping would change or, wish would be over? Look and want no more because you will find your answers in April. To best manage the energy of this powerful month, be authentically in your mastery, clear in your intention, empowered by the vision you want for your life and for the world, and take it one step at a time. Life happens from one breath to the next and that’s as fast as we can go. And if you don’t feel that any of this applies to you, don’t get too comfy because the flip side of this energy happens in October 2014. It is a powerful month, full of potential to create anything you want. Energy responds to our will, it is totally non-judgmental and doesn’t care how we use it, or what we use it for. Use it powerfully and have a wonderful  month.


Amal 1st April 2014 6:13 am

Hello, I feel so much drained and tiered all the time fir the last two days. Can it be due to this energy? What can I do to ease it on my body? Thank u

Spirit Library 1st April 2014 6:49 am

Hi Amal,

You may want to read this article for tips on how to navigate these energies

Lorelei63 1st April 2014 8:35 am

Excellent post! Very inspirational, and thanks so much for writing. Ready or not, here we go! Through April, to infinity and beyond! xo

Deeni 1st April 2014 11:11 am

Oh, Brenda, Thank You!

What an amazing message!

I highly recommend the sprouting wings and flying option, the view from here is Breath-taking!

Much Love and Light, to All. : )


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