The Gift of Choices and Choosing

The ascension path is a cycle of choices and choosing, where each choice becomes the foundation for the next cycle. So there can be no wrong choices or wrong way of choosing. Each choice is based on the soul’s desire for integrated wholeness and congruence. Knowing that it is time make a choice is confirmation of your completion in a karmic cycle. And when you embrace your power to choose you give others the gift of freedom to choose their new potentials as well.

The energetic connections that keep you aligned in karmic cycles with your soul groups arise from choices based on the trauma of a karmic experience. These choices are based on guilt, fear, and regret. The life path they create is based on atonement, healing, and obligations to others. As you choose new paths and can make new choices for your reality, you align your energy with your new path and you gift your soul group with the potential to make new choices for themselves. They will make these choices when they can align with a higher frequency and release their karma.

Karmic alignment is disempowered when a new choice is made by a soul group member. As karmic cycles lose their members, they also lose their cohesion and power. Each person who embraces their power and frees themselves from the karma of their past by making a choice for joy, freedom, peace, love, and self awareness, also creates an avenue for their soul group members to choose to leave the karmic path. This is a gift, not an obligation, and each person will choose according to their soul growth needs, alignment, wholeness, and intention.

The temptation to believe that everyone should make the same choice removes the empowerment and the gift that your choice provides. It is the most loving, enlightened, and aware soul that has the courage to step out of a karmic cycle. And that one choice allows the rest of the soul group to know that they can choose beyond their karmic path. But believing that everyone should want the same choice, or want to end their karmic cycles and have completed their healing, is a source of disempowerment for those who cannot be aligned with that as a potential for their own journey.

Focus on your own path and journey now, be aware of the choices that open your new paths of potential, that create karma-free alignment, and that integrate your soul’s intention for wholeness into your reality. Embrace your power to make the choices that are fully aligned with your intention for the presence of the energy of peace, love, and joy in your reality. Then offer your empowered choices as a gift to your soul group and allow them the freedom of their choices as you forge new paths away from karma and the density of destiny into creative manifestation that reflects your power and intention to live in the joy of empowered choice and the freedom of karma-free living. Offer your gift of choosing without regret or expectation and be the inspiration for what is possible when choosing from empowered courage and alignment with your highest potential. 


Angelika Lina 22nd June 2016 7:25 am

I seem to have some odd connection to a colleague - she doesn't seem to keen on me. Yet I can feel energy flowing between us, usually not the happy type of energy either :) I've often read that we can't read peoples mind or their thoughts and that it is an energetic interpretation of the emotional energy. But I could actually hear her words only on one occasion and only for about 5 minutes maybe 10. I could hear her grumbling about upper management and that a decision wasn't fair/right. Quite odd. I guess we're part of the same soul group. It also feels as though in another dimension/reality she had more 'power' over me. When I felt that earlier I changed that interaction, at least in this reality.

We're certainly living in interesting times :)


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