Unconditional Faith

When you are separate from your Source connection you experience the spiritual world as something outside of your reality. With a material focus, you have faith in that which you can see or touch. An integrated focus that includes both the spiritual and material requires faith, knowing that what you cannot see is there and is always available to you. The rewards of faith are the abundance, unconditional love, peace and joy that you desire and seek. To receive the rewards of faith you must have unconditional faith.

Unconditional faith means believing without doubt or fear. Your faith is not based on achieving the results that you desire but simply trusting that the Universe is always working on your behalf. You have no judgments or expectations and are detached from every aspect of any situation. Any time you introduce doubt or fear you stop the unfoldment of a situation so that the true result, that which you desired, is no longer available to you. The process will be suspended until you address and resolve the doubt or fear that interferes with your faith.

With unconditional faith you know that you are always working with the Universe, and it with you. It does not matter what something appears to be, it will become what your level of faith allows it to become. Your faith allows you to believe and to know that all things are possible for you, without exception. It does not matter where you are in this moment, the next one can bring rewards that you could not envision for yourself. Each time you stop having faith in yourself, in the Universe and in its desire to bring you your heart's desire, you create limitations.

Having unconditional faith requires courage in the face of fear and doubt, especially when things appear to be going in the wrong direction. Your faith will be tested by situations where you must be powerful. It will be tested when you must believe that you deserve the abundance that you are receiving. And it will be tested when it appears that all of your support has left you. But your faith will always be rewarded by receiving the abundance that is yours by divine right, the fulfillment of your heart's desires and the unconditional love that is always available to you.



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Uriel Heals

Uriel Heals

The Archangel Uriel is here to help humanity through the Shift in Consciousness by interacting with us as we shift into higher dimensions of consciousness. Uriel, one of the seven Archangels that stand at the throne of the Creator, is known as the "Light of God" and governs the Mental Plane.

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