Uriel's Message February 28, 2005

So many lightworkers today have a longing to 'go home,' to reconnect with their spiritual birthplace, to return to the place where they feel a sense of belonging, acceptance and love. And as the veil that separates the material and spiritual world becomes thinner, as it is during this time of the Shift, many of you will feel that longing to a greater degree. It is a longing that is difficult to resolve because you no longer see the world as you once did. You are now able to recognize the drama and materialism of the third dimension and because you have agreed to Shift your consciousness, can no longer participate in it. So where do you feel comfortable and how do you reconcile the new emotional and spiritual you with the world around you? And when can you go home?

The removal of the veil between the material and the spiritual is one of the purposes of the Shift. Shifting in consciousness is about changing humanity's focus on where it fits in the Universe. For eons, humanity has completed separated itself from the spiritual world and it felt very alone and isolated. From this belief system came the concept of a vengeful and unforgiving God who caused humanity's misery. There was a strong belief in heaven and hell. The lifting of this veil, or the separation between the spiritual and the material, is allowing humanity to reconnect with its spiritual Source. And this means that humanity can finally 'go home.' For it is not in death that you return to your spiritual roots, although that is one way that this happens, it is also possible to do while you live on the Earth plane. It is all a matter of how you view your separation from the Source and find ways to re- establish that connection.

Each of you is important to this process because when even one person lifts their vibrations they create a resonance in the entire third dimension that helps many others to life their vibrations as well. It will not take the effort and commitment of each and every person on the earth to make this happen. It is already happening. Those of you who came here to be lightworkers and to begin this process have created the dynamic and the veil is thinning quite rapidly. So 'home' is available to you right now, even when you feel the most alone and disconnected. The veil only exists in your own consciousness. Indeed, the spiritual world has not moved or changed; it is humanity that is moving closer to the spiritual, not the spiritual that is moving closer to humanity.

Going 'home' is available to you right now, as is finding that peace and sense of belonging that you feel is missing from your lives as you struggle with the third dimension. Know that all you have to do is to remember that you emanated from the Source and it is part of you. See past the veil and allow it to be lifted so that the spiritual world is ever present in your daily lives. Then you will feel the sense of peace and boundless joy and love that is an integral component of your spiritual self. This is an energy that you can connect with at any time, simply by focusing your consciousness on its presence that is always all around you. Suddenly, you will not feel so alone or disconnected and you will be better able to navigate the material world from a spiritual perspective, which is your true place in the Universe.


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The Archangel Uriel is here to help humanity through the Shift in Consciousness by interacting with us as we shift into higher dimensions of consciousness. Uriel, one of the seven Archangels that stand at the throne of the Creator, is known as the "Light of God" and governs the Mental Plane.

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