When Connections Are More Than Connections

The connections we have with people and situations exist on different levels, they are not as simple as we think they are. And we take them for granted until we start separating from them, or vice versa. Then we feel that tug of something else, it’s called attachment, that is not so easy to let go of without unexpected tears or regret or loss. And there’s another level of connection that binds us on an even deeper level, called enmeshment, and those are even harder to let go of, no matter how much we may want to. We can release all of those connections but first we have to know what we’re dealing with and honor the level to which they are part of our emotional and energetic fields. Then we will know how much we will grieve and regret their loss, how far into our own belief system they extend, and how we need to prepare for our eventual separation and closure.

*There is a video that explains this in detail, it’s part of the Raise Your Love Vibes introduction series, visit this link to watch the video

Simple connections are easy to release because we do not have very much of a commitment to them. Do we want broccoli or peas for dinner? It depends on how we feel on that day. If we like both we’ll have them on different days but we won’t miss peas if we have broccoli instead. That’s a simple example and it explains connections well, so why is it so hard to release some of our connections? Because they are not connections, they exist at the level of attachment.

Attachments represent a level of connection that extends into our energy field, so the loss or release of an attachment will be missed and we’ll require some work to close the gap that the loss of our attachment creates. They are something we rely on, which meets a life need, and whose loss leaves a whole we will need to fill. We are attached to our life partners, children, homes, cars, and jobs – all of these meet significant life needs and their loss is felt, sometimes deeply. Some attachments can never be fully replaced, while others take time and healing. If we have become deeply attached to our attachments, we feel their loss at a profound level but then we are moving into the level of enmeshment, the third level of connection.

Enmeshments represent a very deep level of connection where our life is interwoven with someone else’s and we need to unravel the cords that bind us together as part of our release process. Enmeshment occurs when we allow ourselves to become such a big part of someone else’s life, or in a situation, that we have to replace everything they represent when we move out of our shared connection. These releases involve tears, sorrow, regret, sometimes guilt, and often self criticism at having allowed ourselves to do this. They are the most complex and complicated and usually have some level of karmic cycle and soul contract lessons, covering many lifetimes of experience. But like all connections, they can be released, as part of our transformation.

As you are moving through your 3D to 5D transformation, pay special attention to your connections. Are they simple connections or attachments? Are you attached to someone or enmeshed with them? Knowing the difference will help you honor the roles they play in your healing, learning, growth, and transformation so as you release you give them the time, energy, and attention that they need to be release with grace, ease, and closure.


MareGrane 14th March 2016 7:49 pm

Expressing much gratitude for validating my current personal experience. Blessings be with you always,

Blessings of Love & Light in the Universe


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